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Envirovent franchisee appointed as Asthma UK ambassador

Stuart Wright, EnviroVent franchisee for North Yorkshire, has been appointed as an ambassador for Asthma UK, the national charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of those affected by asthma. The role will see the franchise owner, whose daughter is a sufferer, help raise awareness and educate his local community about the condition.

“As a father I can honestly say that there is nothing more frightening then seeing your own child struggling for breath,” said Stuart. “As part of my involvement with Asthma UK, I will be giving talks to local schools and playgroups to teach people what to do when an attack occurs. I believe that it is fundamentally important that anyone coming into regular contact with children who suffer from asthma knows exactly what to do.”

1.1 million children in the UK are affected by asthma, meaning that on average there are two children with asthma in every classroom in Britain.

Stuart will now combine his work with his new role, and believes increasing the availability of information is a key aspect of both positions. Commenting on the importance of air circulation, he said: “In a poorly-ventilated home, an increase in the levels of humidity creates the ideal breeding ground for dust mites, a known trigger of asthma and other respiratory problems. The ‘tell-tale’ signs of poor ventilation are condensation and mould; what’s more, mould spores are also known allergens that can set off asthma and dust allergies.

“If I had known that using the correct ventilation in our home may have prevented my daughter suffering asthma attacks in the first place, I would have jumped at the chance.”

Last year EnviroVent named Asthma UK as their domestic division’s chosen charity for 2011/2012. Since then, EnviroVent’s staff and franchisees have been doing their bit to raise funds through a wide range of activities from zip sliding to marathons. Now, throughout July, the company is digging into its own corporate pocket and donating 5% from the gross sale of PIV products, supplied and fitted by their franchise network, to the charity.

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