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Essential customer services to show InXpress will go the extra mile

We may not think of logistics as a caring industry, but with the global pandemic, essential shipping has been enabling the economy to stay open. To InXpress, the safety of our customers, is as essential as supporting their businesses. Which is why we now offer the InXpress stamp of reassurance.

Throughout the pandemic, essential workers within the logistics industry have helped to ensure the UK and global economy has been able to adapt. As more small and medium sized businesses move online, to retain their loyal customers and find new ones, they have needed reliable and consistent shipping.

At InXpress, our customers are at the heart of our 95 locally run businesses across the UK. We have, as a network, adapted how we support customers, by increasing safety measures. This has led to the development of two new logos to give new and existing customers complete confidence in the level of service they will receive from us, and our shipping partners.

Safely serve

The InXpress stamp of reassurance is to visually confirm that your safety is our primary concern. We work with carriers who follow the latest Government guidelines for the safe collection and delivery of packages. This includes observing the two-metre social distancing rule to keep both you, and our employees safe. When the lockdown is lifted in the UK, we will continue to safely serve you, whether you’re at home, or in the office.

Share and care

We want both our franchisees and customers to thrive, not just survive. Our Share and Care initiative is about sharing useful information with customers, not just within the network. Content which adds value during the pandemic and hopefully helps them to bounce-back stronger, once it is all over.

InXpress franchisees are themselves small business owners. They have been able to identify with their customers, sharing the anxieties, concerns and challenges which the pandemic has brought. By connecting with our customers, showing them we care about them as people, not just their businesses, and by helping to keep them safe, our 380+ global network are at the forefront of the changing economy. With you; by your side.

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