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Ethics is about everything we do!

Ethics is about everything we do!

Most people in franchising will recognise the British Franchise Association as the organisation that accredits ethical franchisors. That might be true in part however, ethics is something that goes far beyond the depths of the accreditation process alone. 

What does the bfa’s accreditation process achieve? 

Whether you have recently been accredited or are due to undergo your reaccreditation, the purpose of the process is the same. Put simply, it checks that a franchisor’s framework, support mechanisms, monitoring and measures, along with network satisfaction and operational performance is aligned with that of a healthy business. The process does not exist as a tick box exercise, it is in place to work in partnership with business format franchise brands to understand requirements and navigate risks together to maintain strong and sustainable franchise brands. 

To a prospect the accreditation does of course provide a level of comfort that you are committed to ethical franchising. This is further cemented by the longevity of the member relationship, prospects like to see a member working closely with the bfa as it provides confidence that a brand is walking the walk of ethics. 

To a franchise brand the process can prove a valuable opportunity to stop, take stock, and measure the business model and its potential. At the bfa we are passionate about franchising and we are passionate about helping you be the best that you can be – after all, collectively, we have a very powerful message of opportunity to share with the world. It is these messages that will help us improve the awareness of ethical business format franchising. 

Sustainability of ethical franchising 

It’s a sad but true fact that in the past businesses have resigned from membership stating no benefit has been seen, yet several years down the line the bfa accreditation process and even bfa logos are still promoted and referenced. We cannot stress enough the importance of being represented, maintaining the bfa relationship is critical to the ongoing commitment to ethical franchising that we collectively achieve through the reaccreditation and upgrade processes. It enables businesses to update documents where needed to remain protected, it enables a joint approach to identify potential challenge areas and work on remedial action, and it ensures the bfa can keep you up to date with industry impacting changes. 

Ethics isn’t just about obtaining a badge and standing in the room, it is about every person in every franchise understanding business format franchising. Understanding that the opportunity for their businesses is in the hands of themselves. We are all in this crazy world of franchising and we all have a story to tell. These stories collectively will help put franchising on the map, and if we are putting franchising on the map, we want the best examples to be represented. Those who see value in being represented, those who care to invest time in making sure their businesses are in a good place, those who take time to ensure their people and themselves are in a good place.  

Ethics beyond a process  

Ethics lives in every business and personal transaction, every spoken word and every un-spoken communication. It is the integrity of teams and the integrity of individuals in those teams. It is in the intentions of every one of us and the actions we take. To be the trusted partner in franchising, is to build and understand the ethics of every one of our members and influence in a non-intrusive way where there is an opportunity to improve. The relationship the bfa holds with its members is so important to understanding a businesses position on ethics, our partnerships help us to know when we might need to provide a level of support to help protect a brand and the wider franchising community. 

If you are a franchisor that would like to talk to us about membership, or you are a member that would like to talk to us about renewing your accreditation please contact us at mailroom@thebfa.org we would love to arrange a call to catch up with you. 

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