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The bfa shares insight into how it helps to contribute to further learning and development for individuals and for businesses
CPD (Continued Professional Development), is the single most important practice to ensure both you as an individual, and the business you work for, thrive.

Just think if the medical profession didn’t move with the times and continued to do it ‘how it’s always been done’. Feeling a bit rough? No worries, some gold old bloodletting will sort that out, and if that doesn’t work, well why not take a swig of Mercury? Or even more recently, if you’re feeling a bit exhausted, why not have a drink with some radium in it?

Of course the hyperbole needs to be put in context, but we all had a grandmother who would boil vegetables until they are mush because ‘that’s the way my mother did it’. Change, is good.

And while, in quite a lot of franchise systems, people might not die if you are stuck in your ways and refuse to review your operations and innovate, your business will suffer.

Practically, knowing how to implement the latest technology, how to work the backend of your website, what kind of video works better for each platform etc., are essential to ensure that work processes are streamlined. Strategically, understanding the latest practices, thoughts, processes and more in your industry will give you the all important competitive edge.

CPD in Franchising

The franchising industry is showing record growth in so many areas that have been covered over the last few months. The bfa firmly believes the most important element to the success of the industry in recent times has been both an increase in awareness of the industry in the public eye, and equally importantly those within franchising being able to adapt and move with the times. The educational resources available at the bfa, we believe, are central to this.

QFP qualification

Getting or working towards a Qualified Franchise Professional qualification enables you to get a holistic view of the industry at large and learning the latest practices. As well as modules including ‘How to Market Your Franchise for Network Growth’, ‘How to Motivate Franchisees’ and others, you also gain points by attending other educational events throughout the year. You are required to continue learning once you gain your QFP, which in turn ensures you are focusing on CPD. You can find out more here.


The forums are designed so that a lot of the topics are discussed in a round table format, enabling you to discuss with fellow franchisors and franchising professionals best practice and debating the biggest and most relevant issues in franchising. Forum information can be found here.

Flagship events With hundreds of attendees, and education always an imperative factor on the agenda, the flagship events held by the bfa are imperative to your professional development. These include the conference and awards, Superbrand, Empowering Women in Business, and the AGM & dance.

Specialist seminars

There are a few seminars dotted throughout the year. They include the legal seminar every year, as well as others themed to whatever the franchising community feels would benefit their business the most. The one just gone tackled PR & content.

And there are more resources available than just those at the bfa. It’s important you do refresher courses in your own field to stay ahead of the game.

If you don’t, you, and your business, will suffer

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