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Director of Business Partnership shares tips on how to choose which franchise to buy

Director of Business Partnership shares tips on how to choose which franchise to buy

Paul Dodgshon is Sales Director of Business Partnership, a unique national franchise network of 21 regional offices connecting business sellers with business buyers. With over 15 years of experience helping businesses sell quickly at maximum value, Paul understands the personal and practicl issues involved in seling a business and Business Partnership provides a professional, personal and confidential service to sellers and buyers alike.

“Buying an existing franchise business can give you the same independence as starting a business, but it will also come with significant benefits. If you choose the right franchise business, it will come with a strong brand, an existing customer base and a growing or steady income. If you are looking to buy a franchise business, there are a few things you will need to consider,” said Paul.

So, how do you choose which franchise is right for you? Paul wants to share his useful guidance, along with five essential points to consider when buying a franchise business:

  1. Is the business doing well? Experienced buyers can sometimes rescue a business that needs restructuring or investment, but in most cases, it is best to buy a business that is doing well.
  2. What is your goal? Being clear about your reasons for becoming a business owner will not only help you to find a business that achieves your goals, but it will also clarify whether it is the right fit for you in terms of interest and experience.
  3. What cashflow is needed? Buying a business needs the cash to make the initial purchase, as well as the cash to see you through the normal cashflow of the business. Spend all your cash on the purchase and you have nothing to support the business whilst you wait for your customers to pay up.
  4. Are there any extra costs? Make sure you know how much you’ll need to spend to keep the business running. You don’t want to encounter any unexpected costs, such as needing to replace old equipment or write off obsolete stock after you’ve invested in a business.
  5. Why is the business for sale? Owners who are selling up to move away, retire, take on a new challenge, or hand the business over to someone better placed to help it grow, will be happy to tell you about their reasons.

“One of the main advantages is that you won’t have to do everything from scratch. The business will already be up and running, so you can build on existing branding and systems rather than having to set everything up. If the business is in a good position when you buy, you’ll generate profit.

“Forecasts are more predictable when the business has been running for a while. You’ll have a better idea of your future income and cash flow, which can make planning and applying for financing a lot easier. You will be able to build on what the previous owner did. Although you can rebrand and change the business, you will need to consider if this will alienate existing customers or be damaging to the brand you’ve bought. So, take your time when introducing changes and communicate them well,” explained Paul.

“You need to check the business has an existing customer base. This will mean you should start getting an income immediately to feed cashflow. You can also continue relationships with employees, suppliers and other key people, which will allow you to focus on running the business rather than having to establish new contacts.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for many sectors and the continuing uncertainty could be particularly damaging for new businesses. Investing in a franchise business that has a stable income could be a better option at this time

The best way to decide what franchise to buy will depend on your hopes for the business, whether there are any suitable businesses for sale, and which option appeals more for you. If you want to run a business without struggling through the difficult start-up years, it’s best to buy an existing franchise business. To find out more about Business Partnership, please visit https://www.business-partnership.com/join-us/

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