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Five tips to banish stress and build a happy workplace

Five tips to banish stress and build a happy workplace
  1. Sleeepzzzzzzz

    Most of the points on this list may seem obvious, but that doesn’t stop you from not doing them! This includes getting the right amount of sleep. A lot of people don’t get enough sleep, or in some cases too much. In order for you to function properly throughout the day and keep productive, it’s essential to start getting that bedroom routine down to a tee. No more screens just minutes before bed, so put away phones, tablets and anything else an hour before bedtime to ensure eight hours of bliss and snore away to your heart’s content.

  2. Banish the biscuit tin

    I know it seems cruel, but it’s time to get rid of all the unhealthy treats that seem to constantly pop up in the office. While it may seem kind of you and your colleagues to buy office chocolates and biscuits, it’s not doing anyone any good. Instead, try bringing in some healthy snacks to share. Replace the biscuit tin with a fruit bowl and you will witness the difference in energy levels and productivity.

  3. Up for a walk?

    So many jobs in modern culture rely on us sitting on our bums all day, which we can’t do much about. So it is up to us to try and sneak in some exercise when we can. Daily lunchtime walks could go a long way in getting in a little exercise and fresh air, which will boost focus and reduce stress. Doing this with a couple of co-workers will make it even better, which leads to the next point.

  4. Work besties

    Forming close relationships with your co-workers allows you to share your thoughts, worries and challenges which will help with your self-esteem. We spend most of our time at work, so it’s important to have people that we can trust and talk to. You can also develop each other’s skills and abilities by learning from each other.

  5. Nobody is perfect

    Give yourself a break if you don’t always follow these tips. Nobody is perfect and you shouldn’t spend every moment of your life trying to be; it will only lead to stress! These suggestions are to help build healthy habits and by making small changes, you will hopefully begin to banish the anxiety and start being a part of a happier work culture.

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