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Four Ways To Spring Clean Your Business

Four Ways To Spring Clean Your Business
  1. A clean inbox

    You might be thinking this is a simple one to start with, but I can guarantee it’s going to be a mountain for some people to climb. There is nothing worse than coming to work on a Monday morning and seeing that you have tonnes of emails, probably due to you not clearing it out for the last couple weeks or months. It is quite likely staff have hundreds and possibly thousands of unread emails. Delete the junk, reply to the outstanding and get some sub folders going. Unsubscribe to annoying newsletters too, and keep the very best ones, such as Franchise Business Intelligence.

  2. Where are the supplies?

    One of the quickest areas in the office to clutter is the supply cupboard. Get the team to collectively clean and organise this, because we all know it’s everyone’s collective mess! Clear out empty boxes and actually put away the folders, paper and notebooks in their designated place. And maybe keep the staples and staplers next to each other…

  3. Clean your desk, and keep it clean

    Just like your house or car, you could have everything in pristine condition, but once the rot starts and you leave some clutter around, the next thing you know, it’s a tip. This also relates to your desk. File away old documents, tidy up loose sheets of paper, collect them and put them with other relevant documentation. Not only will this be therapeutic, it will also increase your productivity and even well-

  4. Paperless is a happier place

    Aren’t you tired of seeing shelves of old folders throughout the office, filled with documents from about five years ago, with no relevance to today? It’s this sort of clutter that needs to be dumped straight into the shredder. Digitising and refraining from printing documents will provide a much cleaner and greener space, and make room for the business in 2019 and beyond!

    However, it’s also important to note that you should declutter your digitised folders too and create a clean desktop with organised and up-to-date folders, and to recognise that sometimes, work needs to be printed. For some jobs, it just does.

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