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Importance of fair trade amongst businesses

Importance of fair trade amongst businesses

Aiden Keegan, CEO of Esquires Coffee UK, explains why purchasing fair trade is more important than ever

“Ethical standards and values are higher than ever in the list of consumer priorities. It is becoming increasingly apparent that there is a demand for sustainable options, with many wanting to know that brands are taking a stand against global issues such as poverty, waste and unfair trade.

World Fair Trade Day, celebrated on May 11th, was organised by the World Fair Trade Organisation to encourage people to choose ethical goods. At Esquires, we believe it is important for businesses to go fair trade and tackle global issues for so many reasons.

Around the world, millions of farmers and workers are fighting for a fair deal – nearly three billion people live on less than two dollars a day. Supported by the Fairtrade Foundation, they are closing the door on exploitation, earning their way out of poverty and transforming their communities.

As one of the first UK global coffee chains to serve only 100% fair trade and organic coffee and tea, Esquires knows how important it is to provide products that are both ethical and sustainable, which do not exploit or harm the planet.

Indeed, the goal of fair trade is to make sure that companies in developed countries pay a fair price to producers in developing countries for their work.

This means not just paying them in the short-term, but also empowering them with raw ingredients, fairer prices, better terms of trading, as well as additional funds which farmers and workers can invest in for any projects they choose to help improve their community. Education, healthcare and environmental sustainability all benefit from fair trade, and workers benefit from improved, humane working conditions.

While products that are fair trade might be more expensive, buying fair trade means that, for a few extra pence, we are contributing to a sustainable future. It means empowering a future generation to continue to produce food and other products, such as our beloved coffee and chocolate, while protecting the environment to meet ever-growing demands.

With its community spirit, Esquires believe in encouraging and making it easy for customers to choose products with purpose that can change lives, starting with sourcing coffee and food that is natural and made responsibly. We hope that many businesses continue to do this, as it’s such an important aspect of our business.”

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