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Pack & Send’s CEO, Mike Ryan tells us how they keep Britain moving admidst Brexit and COVID-19

Pack & Send’s CEO, Mike Ryan tells us how they keep Britain moving admidst Brexit and COVID-19

Shipping FAQs in the current environment

This year has already seen several ups and downs for many businesses. As Brexit began to settle down, the outbreak of COVID-19 introduced a whole new problem and has already seen a few industry giants struggle.

Since Brexit took a back seat, the rest of 2020 started to return to normal. But with the arrival of the Coronavirus, it’s introduced many more questions to the mix and even more uncertainty. Two industries that have been impacted by both issues are the logistics and shipping industries. With the nature of their work meaning liaising within trade laws and conforming to other countries’ policies, businesses operating in this field are having to adapt and react accordingly.

Mike Ryan, UK CEO of global logistics franchise, PACK & SEND, has some reassuring responses to the most common questions coming into their network of service centres. “Customers are often confused by the government’s advice and how that impacts their options to send packages both locally and worldwide.”

The worry of sending packages to EU countries

At the moment, there are no changes to import rules resulting from the Brexit agreement. No matter what has been agreed with the provisional trade deal, it will have no impact on what happens this year. The duties and tariffs will stay the same as they have done up until this point – right up until the UK reaches the end of the transition period on 31st December.

As for the virus, social distancing means celebrating birthdays, weddings and other special events has to be put on hold. For those wishing to still send packages to mark those special occasions, however, you can choose a reliable delivery service, which maintains an impeccable safety record and conforms to the government’s instructions.

The impact of travel bans

Some Europeans will be affected by not being allowed to travel to certain places, but it doesn’t mean your package has to get left behind. If it’s something that’s particularly precious, valuable or time sensitive, there are alternative services to guarantee your package reaches its destination safely. Even those unaffected by the bans will be looking for ways to get their packages sent safely and with as little disruption as possible.

The question of safety

Despite restrictions having been placed on the movement of people across borders in many parts of the world, these do not apply to goods and freight movements so it’s shipping as usual. We are, of course, undertaking all precautionary actions in line with advice given by the World Health Organization, the UK Government and the Chief Medical Officer to protect our customers, our service centre teams and our suppliers including contactless pick-up and delivery plus stringent hygiene and sanitation processes.

The window of opportunity

The opportunity has opened up for arts collectors all over the globe. The UK is the biggest art market in the world and the drop in currency conversion rates brings a great benefit to those looking for their next bargain. People looking for alternative investments to the volatile stock market may consider investing in arts and antiques as a safer haven.

Mike adds: “Ever since the Brexit vote back in 2016, right up until the present day, we’ve seen uncertainty from consumers. For the packaging and delivery sector in particular, it’s crucial for us to debunk any myths around the effects of these disruptions and ensure people are aware of what they can and can’t do. Life simply must go on, no matter where you are in the world. And with self-isolation increasing online purchases, our centres continue to maintain high standards to meet demand.”

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