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Start some regular PR activity for your business.

Start some regular PR activity for your business.

1) Bad news
There’s so much bad news in the media. We’re not suggesting you share all your bad news just because “any publicity is good publicity” – we don’t agree with that! But have you ever seen some bad news and thought “if only they’d used our company, then they wouldn’t have had this happen” or “we could help them fix that”? Next time that you do, get in touch and offer a response or advice on how others could avoid the same mishap. It’s a great way to set yourself as the expert and raise the profile of your brand.

We check the news early every morning to see if there’s anything one of our clients could respond to. If we find something, we get on the phone to speak to the journalist who has written the article or presented the segment and offer our client’s experience.

2) Silence of the lambs
It could be a sponsored silence or a 5k run. However you want to do it, raising money is a great way to raise your profile. Opt for a local charity to gain coverage for a single franchisee business or a national charity if you wanted to plan something for the whole network. We love a win-win scenario and fundraising gives everyone involved a warm, fuzzy feeling.  

Invite the media to your event and tell them how much you’ve raised afterwards.

3) Day of the dead – and other special events
Ever been surprised at the “and finally” stories on the news? Quite often, these are fed from special days and events such as Chocolate Week or the recent Restart a Heart Day. PR agencies like us will pitch a fun idea to programme planner’s weeks in advance to link in with these popular awareness days. 

Do you know all the special days from Halloween onwards that would work for your business? Here are a few to get you started:

•    One to make your skin crawl… National Bug Busting Day on 31st October looks at combatting headlice – great one for hairdressing franchises
•    Once you’ve indulged in the kids’ leftover Halloween goodies, 12th November is the start of Sugar Awareness Week – superb for fitness franchises
•    And one more to get you out and about in the community, just like Halloween but without the bizarre costumes, join in with International Volunteer Day on 5th December – fantastic for everyone!

PR doesn’t have to be scary, but it takes time and people with the right skills to keep your efforts consistent.

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