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The future of marketing?

The future of marketing?

Marketing our businesses has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. However, with new technological advances, and changes in consumer behaviours, the next decade could present even bigger shifts in marketing. Coconut Creatives offer three ways to stay ahead of the game in 2019.

Compared to 10 years ago, marketing has changed. Significantly. For instance, it’s hard to believe Facebook Advertising was only just starting. However, technological advancements can work in your favour for 2019 – and beyond.

The biggest key is BUILDING TRUST. People want to belong to something. They want authentic experiences with brands. In terms of franchise marketing – how can YOU help THEM achieve THEIR goals, and why should they believe you?

Zero moment of truth 10 years ago, when someone was interested in franchising, they spoke to franchisors directly. However, this is no longer the case.

Google describes the process of researching, and general online ‘brand-stalking’ as the zero moment of truth. During this phase, brands have no idea they’re being researched. YOU have no idea how many people, so far this year, have researched your franchise. For this reason, your brand voice needs to be consistent whenever people encounter it.

Three key trends which develop this further in the coming years include: 1. Voice-search marketing 2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 3. Targeted retargeting

Voice-search marketing People believe they no longer have time, so amalgamate activities: listening to a book while driving, listening to a podcast while running, asking Siri/Alexa for information during a conversation.

Voice-search delivers results quickly, and we don’t even have to be in front of a screen! The smart device tells us what we want to know. Try asking, ‘What is franchising’ or ‘What franchise is right for me?’ to see what still needs to be done with voice-search.

Smart devices, currently in 25% UK homes, will soon tailor their results according to personal likes and interests. By making preparation now, you will become a resource smart devices will draw from. How? Through audio files! Start a regular podcast, or create audio versions of key blogs/webpages (there is software available).

Artificial Intelligence Prospects want information when they are ready. Using chatbots is becoming more prevalent, allowing brands to engage with enquirers, even when the office is closed.

Chatbots are responsive – they learn from each conversation, so can learn to differentiate genuine prospects from tyre-kickers. Programme them to recognise the RIGHT TIME to ask, ‘shall I have someone from our team give you a call?’

Targeted retargeting Similarly, retargeting is about to become more intelligent! One of the best marketing tools available is Facebook retargeting. If you’re not using it – ask us about it! The basic premise of retargeting means adding a pixel whenever someone visits your website, then a targeted advert appears on Facebook.

How this is changing, is you can develop a more creative and bespoke process. You can link your adverts to different landing pages, aimed at demographic targets, eg: graduates, mums, older management-level employees. By leading people to unique pages dealing with their concerns and desires, we connect with them better, and response rates improve.

These are just a selection of trends which will see significant progress. By tapping into them now, you take control over your future marketing drive, as well as 2019’s campaigns.

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