Franchise Community Learning

Franchise Forums

These events target focus groups to ensure that collectively we can deal with topics that are impacting franchising in a timely manner. The forums will be facilitated by the BFA and chaired by BFA Champions to ensure inclusivity. A blended approach of both face-to-face and virtual sessions will run to provide everyone with the opportunity to connect in a way that works for them. 

Collaboration Stations

Franchising community sessions that stimulate sharing of challenges, problem solving and innovation. They’re perfect for businesses at any stage, from mature franchise brands, those growing their networks and those in the early stages of their franchising journey.  

BFA Specialist Seminars

These one-day face to face events provide ample educational and networking opportunities on topics critical to franchising. Department leads are advised to attend these sessions as every seminar will provide up to date standards led insights. Hosted by the BFA and delivered by industry experts, these are excellent sessions that will help you to substantiate your wider franchising understanding.

Power Hours

Hosted virtually on the first Thursday of every month by the BFA team, these are informal online sessions where you can bring challenges or insights to share with the wider franchising community. 

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