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Since 2005, Aspray has provided a much-needed service to people when they suffer damage to their home or business premises. A relentless commitment to customer service has enabled Aspray to stand out in the Property Damage Insurance Claims Management sector and led to industry recognised awards being won year after year. 

When you make a claim, the insurance company often appoint a loss adjuster to protect their interests, their role is to scrutinise the circumstances in order to find a reason to pay out as little as possible or even reject the claim. For that reason, it is important to have Aspray fighting your corner.

Aspray’s nationwide network of over 50 franchise partners exclusively represents the policyholder’s best interests, from their role as a loss assessor, helping their customer achieve the settlement they are entitled to, through to project managing the repairs to the property. The service is at no cost to the customer, provided Aspray’s approved contractors complete the repairs.

Franchise Overview

Franchise partners benefit from low overheads, continuous support from our qualified and experienced claims handling team, training in the field, the choice to work from home and the potential to earn a high income.  

Aspray are currently looking for new franchise partners with excellent communication skills, a solution orientated attitude to all tasks and the drive to build a profitable business with a customer centric focus.

The reputation of our business is of paramount importance, this is portrayed in our stringent selection process which applies a variety of selection techniques, from profiling tools which assess your values, work style, competencies, and strengths, to interviews and guided due diligence, all designed to ensure the Aspray franchise is right for you. 

Our commitment to our franchisees was highlighted this year when we achieved the 5-Star franchisee satisfaction award following an anonymous BFA survey taken by our network. The survey also showed that 91% of franchisees surveyed would like to renew their franchise agreement for a second or third term.


Training and continuous development are not just important, they are vital. Knowledge is a huge part of our culture and is key to Aspray holding its position as a leader and strong competitor within the industry.

The head office team are committed to helping franchise partners understand how best to achieve their full potential by equipping them with the tools needed to effectively manage and build a profitable business.

Accredited Induction

The ten-day induction training course has been accredited by the British Damage Management Association (BDMA). Aspray fund those franchisees who want to further enhance their professional competency by gaining a certified qualification from the BDMA.

Ongoing Claim Handling Support

The centralised claims handling team are always on hand to provide practical support with understanding insurance, negotiating, and settling the claim. The team manage the phones 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and are often the customers first point of contact.

The support manager provides one to one training in the field on how to project manage the repairs to the property, this includes identifying and surveying the damage to the property, understanding the required building works and the process for restoring the property.

Sales and Marketing

Aspray have established a large national network of businesses who refer claims for the franchise partners to manage. The head office sales team will visit the region in your early months, with the aim of registering introducers who could offer claims leads to the network.

New franchise partners follow a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy designed to help build their business quickly, by way of a detailed launch action plan. This is supported by “hands-on” training within their territory from a sales development manager.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Franchisee, Joe Mcguigan, is in his eighth year with Aspray and explains, what has now become, a “typical day at the office”. 

7am Networking

In my first week, back in 2013, I attended a networking event and signed up an introducer who manages 3000 buy to let properties for landlords. Eight years on, I am still passionate about networking.

9am Confirm Appointments for the Day

I arrive at the office around 9am. I spend a short amount of time organising my day and confirming any appointments I need to attend. I am fortunate that my business has now grown to a level where I can employ an office administrator, allowing me to focus on the claims process.

10am Visit New Claim Lead and Survey Property Damage  

No two claims are the same and there are many reasons why a property owner may experience damage to their property. My ultimate goal is to help make the life of the customer easier at what can often be an emotional and distressing time.

 11.30am Meeting with a Loss Adjuster  

I spend some time negotiating with the insurer or their loss adjuster. This could be done by a face-to-face meeting at the property or over the phone.

2pm Back to the Office   

In the afternoon, I head back to the office to complete the schedule of works for my new claim, ready to send to the insurer.

4pm Speak with Contractors  

Towards the end of the day, I gain updates from contractors who are working on the claims I am project managing. Initially, it was the building side of the process that worried me, however, speaking to other franchisees made me confident that I would pick it up and I did in no time.

5pm Home Time

I usually finish around 5pm, however, there are occasions where I may need to visit a customer in the evening, should they be unable to book an appointment during the day.

Kylie Crane, Aspray (Northampton)

The role forms into two elements. Firstly, as a Loss Assessor, representing the policyholder against their insurer, including negotiating on their behalf to achieve the best possible claim settlement, assessing the damage to the property, and preparing a full report and schedule of works, detailing all the key stages of the repairs.

The second element involves the project management of the repairs and reinstatement, by organising contractors to complete all necessary building works and keeping everything on track.

When a 3-bedroom home, shown in the above video, was destroyed by fire, I was called in to manage the building's insurance claim and, using vetted contractors, completed the extensive reinstatement works.

This wasn't without its challenges, especially after the discovery of asbestos bitumen flooring leading to further negotiations with the insurer. Not only this, but contamination cleaning had to be carried out several times in order to remove a stubborn smell!
However, the restoration work, which included full back-to-brick strip outs of most of the upstairs rooms and full flooring throughout the property, was completed within 5 and a half months. Another claim well done!

  The absolute best part of my role is seeing the customers reaction when the repair works are complete, and they get to enjoy their property again.


Nathan Merritt, Aspray (Sutton Coldfield)

 In 2020, whilst the world was gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic, I made the decision to find out more about becoming an Aspray franchisee.

I wanted to do something for myself however, the right vehicle to success had never come along. Finding Aspray provided an ideal opportunity to become my own boss, achieve security and make a lot of money.

Having spent time in New Zealand in a similar role after the earthquake of 2016, I knew the insurance claims industry was lucrative and would likely prosper in an economic downturn. This was reaffirmed when I spoke with several Aspray franchisees who shared how they have adapted and thrived amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The current crisis has certainly demonstrated the robustness of the Aspray business model.

Since completing the ten-day accredited induction training in June 2020, I haven’t looked back. I couldn’t ask for a better support system. Everyone at Aspray head office has been fantastic, they are always available on the phone or over email and know exactly how to deal with each type of claim.

From day one my experience has been exciting and challenging. My first claim came 4 days after completing induction training and was for a commercial building suffering flood damage caused by a sewage back up.

 I never would have thought a Monday would be the best day of my week but, in late July 2020, I had one of the best Mondays of my career. Not only did I get a settlement decision agreed on a large claim, meaning I was able to ring the policyholder with the good news; I also received a new fire damage claim from head office, which I visited the same day, aiming to get the claim started so that the family could return to their home without unnecessary delay.

Never did I imagine it would go this well. The experience has been amazing. I love the fact that no day is the same, some days can be fast paced with managing new claims whilst other days are spent at home on the laptop writing up schedules, planning with contractors or networking to grow my business.

I feel extremely excited about the future. Over the next year I am looking forward to building a good networking base and taking my business to the next level.

If you want to take control of your income, manage your own time and help people in their time of need, my advice would be to purchase an Aspray franchise. Career wise this is the best thing I have ever done!

I would make the same decision again without hesitation.”

Colin Felton, Aspray (Liverpool)

For me project management of property damage insurance claims is about honesty, integrity and effective communication skills. My approach is to treat the customers property as if it were my own home, I constantly ask myself ‘would I be happy to accept that in my home?’

Acting on behalf of the policyholder, I aim to take the pain and stress away from the claim by dealing with everything associated with the property damage, this includes speaking to their insurer, thoroughly checking every room for damage, instructing vetted contractors and overseeing the quality of their repairs.

In my first year, I exceeded the business goals I set for myself which gave me the confidence to purchase a second territory, which I am building using the skills I learnt from the initial training and on the job. So far, I haven’t even scratched the surface for claims across the new territory and I’m feeling extremely enthusiastic about the future of my business, which is a great feeling to have.

The training Aspray provided was extremely worthwhile. One of the benefits for me was the opportunity to practice using the computer software package. I lacked confidence in using a laptop because I was used to having admin support.

Support is always there if you need or want it. The claims team have always been fabulous with me, particularly if I have had any technical issues. This is the same with the accounts team who have always been there to help and I can rely on sales or marketing support when requested.

Would I make this investment again knowing what I know now? 100% absolutely!!

My main motivation for purchasing an Aspray franchise was to improve the quality of life for myself and my wife, Sandra. In fact, Sandra has now joined me in the business, helping me with the admin side of things. We seem to have created quite the business double act. 

My wife and I share a passion for sailing and having a successful business has allowed us to spend more time on our yacht. Now that the children have both grown, we can spend the sunny weekends relaxing and doing something we both enjoy, which is ultimately what it’s all about. 

Rashid Ahmed, Aspray (Romford)

As a new franchisee, especially after going through lockdown right at the beginning of the business and having been through what can only be described as unprecedented and testing times. I’m so pleased I came across Aspray and decided to purchase the Aspray franchise. Best business decision I’ve made in years.

After being self-employed for many years I really enjoy the structure and support Aspray provides. I don’t have to think of everything on my own, there is always someone who can help with any problems that come up. All of the head office team can’t do enough to help you.

The training has been first class especially from the field support managers who spent 121 time with me in my territory showing me how to generate work and manage the claim effectively.  

The role itself is personally rewarding because I get to support people when they need it most. It has been wonderful to receive such lovely feedback from my customers at the end of the job, you feel like you have really made a difference.

One of the best thank you’s I’ve had from a customer was a personalised balloon, it’s thank you messages like this that let us know how much our customers appreciate us going the extra mile to ensure the whole claim process is as stress free as possible. How thoughtful!


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