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Company Overview

Aspray is a White-collar franchise operating a proven business model within the financial services industry.

The franchise offers a loss assessing and property reinstatement service representing policyholders at the point they need to make a claim on their insurance because they have damage to their property.

Aspray specialise in managing property damage insurance claims from notification to completion of repairs.  Our market is any business owner or homeowner who has to make a claim on their insurance and we gain business from various sources.

Franchise Overview

James Whittle founded Aspray in 2005 after gaining extensive experience in the franchise industry.

Since then, Aspray has become a national, award winning franchise, operating a tried and tested business model. 2 territories are company owned, allowing the company to continue to develop and improve its customer centric proposition at the “coal face”, with all other live territories being run by franchisees.

For over 13 years, the Aspray franchisees have successfully represented the policyholder (homeowners and business owners) at the point they need to make an insurance claim UK wide.

The Aspray franchise is sold based on territories. Each franchisee has their own area and each territory contains a minimum of 150,000 households and 8,000 businesses, giving franchisees plenty of scope to grow the business, with the hands on support of the head office field sales team, over the five-year franchise term.


The induction training presented by Aspray has been accredited by the British Damage Management Association.

The induction training takes place at the Aspray head office, over a 2 week period. The induction training includes the following modules:

Surveys on damaged properties; meeting loss adjusters; dealing with customers; understanding insurance policies; FSA regulations; software training; contractors/CIS/vetting; Sales and Marketing Training and Support.

A large portion of the training is office-based using simulated exercises via case studies. It is important that new franchisees experience as much practical application as possible during their induction training.

Daily Life of a franchisee

The operation of an Aspray franchise requires different roles to be performed at different times.

Franchisees may find themselves Attending a breakfast networking event, then visiting a customer and assessing and scoping the property damage in the morning, negotiating and speaking with insurance companies by the afternoon, and finishing the day discussing the progress made with the customer with a head office claims handler.

Other days might be spent working from home, making calls, putting schedules of work together, general administration, and speaking to contractors or insurers.


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Barry Thurston

Director of Aspray Luton, Barry Thurston, hosted a very successful launch event for the opening of his new business. Attendees included the Mayor of Luton and local businesspeople, with 73 guests in total and the event also supporting two local charities.

Barry said: “Every single person I invited, I met face to face.” In the build-up to the launch of Aspray Luton, Barry attended lots of networking groups and made sure that everyone was aware of the up-and-coming launch event – “I didn’t shut up about it,” he says.

During the networking groups Barry encouraged some healthy competition by challenging everyone in the room to bring along two or three guests. “Cheeky, but it worked!” said Barry. Barry focused largely on the free networking aspect of the launch event, as most networking events normally come at a cost to the attendees.

Barry wanted to create a sense of excitement around the launch of Aspray Luton, and what other way is there to do that than offering free refreshments; each attendee benefited from a champagne reception with a selection of canapés. What more could you want on a Wednesday night after work?

The excitement didn’t stop there. A lady approached Barry at the launch event, asking whether he could deal with an escape of water claim for her mother. This gave Aspray Luton a kick start to business with a £4,000 claim before his launch event had even finished.

Encouraging attendees to show up to your launch event can be time consuming – Barry personally invited 450 people and followed up with an email every 10 days or so to remind them. Barry explained: “The launch event should really engulf your first few weeks with Aspray,” concentrating on getting those “bums on seats”. Of the 90 people who confirmed their attendance, 73 people attended.

Is cold calling an effective method of inviting?

Barry says: “In a word: no. Around the time of my launch event, my wife’s friend had just been made redundant from a telesales role so I asked if I could make use of her skills for a day to ring round possible attendees. She went through a long list of numbers and not one person turned up on the night.

“My advice to prospective and new franchisees is network, network, network!”

Gary Tunney

An Aspray franchise is not for everyone. We look for credible and instantly likable individuals who have the ability to lead others through negotiation. Our franchisees need to possess the ability to analyse situations calmly and make quick decisions to ensure that our customers feel at ease.

Take a look into a day in the life of a successful Aspray franchisee, Gary Tunney.

07:30 Alarm goes off, time to start the day.

08:15 At home in the office checking my appointments for the day ahead.

09:30 Updated yesterday’s surveys then jumped in the car and headed to my first appointment.

11:00 Arrive at my first appointment to oversee a survey on a customer’s roof with my vetted roofer. The customer authorised me to manage their claim.

13:00 Now to a pre-arranged meeting with a loss adjuster.

14:00 Off to my next survey which is a water damaged property.

15:30 Back home now to make calls and update my customers on their claims.

17:00 Just received a call from an insurance company to hear that one of my claims has been authorised.

22:30 Quick check over tomorrow’s diary to plan the day ahead then time to hit the sack.

“As you can see each day is different, this is certainly not a 9–5 job, in fact sometimes it feels more like a way of life than a job. I enjoy the fact that each day is different are the same. The great thing I find is that you can work until midnight without feeling any resentment and you can have some bit of leisure time without feeling guilty and that’s what being your own boss is all about.”

Clive & Nathalie Hawkesley

Aspray franchisee Clive Hawkesley joined the network in September 2013. Married with three children, Clive heads up Aspray Tunbridge Wells along with his wife Nathalie. Together with the help of Aspray’s head office team, Clive and Nathalie run an extremely successful business.

Clive has applied his skills and experience within the property and building industry into launching his Aspray franchise and since joining the network Clive and Nathalie have hit the ground running. Their business marketing strategy, put together with the help of Aspray’s head of sales and marketing, Andrea Loasby, has identified the importance of ensuring their local community is aware of the Aspray brand and the service they provide.

Moreover, Clive’s business has boomed over recent months due to the bad weather in the south which has resulted in him achieving his first year’s projected turnover in the space of two months. Clive says: “I have never shied away from hard work, but the gratitude of the clients we have helped so far has made the long hours worthwhile and the positive feedback has been just as rewarding as the financial return.”

Aspray franchisees project manage property insurance claims from the start of the claim to the completion of works, liaising with the insurance company directly to ensure the customer receives a fair settlement. Additionally, franchisees will also manage vetted trades people and suppliers to complete any and all property repair works to the highest standard.

Glenn Weatherall

The first interview stage…

The first stage of our interview process is a discovery seminar. Could you be our needle in the haystack?

In order to find the right franchisees, Aspray offer candidate’s the opportunity to take part in an extensive but highly effective due-diligence and research project which can give suitable candidates a “warts and all” overview of what life can be like being an Aspray franchisee.

To explain exactly what we mean, take a look at one of our newest franchisee’s story…
Glenn began his journey searching online for a new venture which would also allow him to relocate to the north of England.

Glenn came across the Aspray franchise website and attended a discovery seminar. Soon after the seminar Glenn was invited to meet the team at Aspray head office and then embark on the research and due-diligence project. Here is what he has said about the experience.

In Glenn’s own words: “The due-diligence project really highlighted to me that I should invest in the Aspray network and establish myself as a high end performer. It proved a useful tool and an invaluable insight into what it takes to be a franchisee. I found it enlightening, enjoyable and challenging.”

Also: “The Aspray franchise offers me this opportunity and ticks all the boxes for me in many aspects such as the income opportunity, the back office and ongoing support.”

Glenn is now the proud owner of an Aspray territory, so why not take the plunge and start your future here, with Aspray. Could you be our perfect match?

Jack Connor

He was an Approved Contractor for an Aspray Franchisee. Now he’s a Successful Aspray Franchisee himself!

“I knew the model, saw the margins and earnings and thought, I could do well at that!” And almost 4 years to the day later, Jack Connor, Aspray franchisee, still thinks he’s made the right decision.

Jack’s Aspray story started nearly 8 years ago when he became an approved contractor for an Aspray franchisee in a neighbouring territory, working as a plasterer and having worked with Aspray for nearly 4 years, Jack knew he had the skills required to operate a successful franchise.

Jack says: “Being friendly and good with people are the main attributes needed to be an Aspray franchisee. The customer has to like you. You need to be able to walk into someone’s house, be well spoken and get the customer to trust you with their claim.”

Jack’s advice to anyone looking at buying a franchise is to: “sit back, look at your own skills and work out what you are best at. Not everyone will have every skill needed but, check that you have got enough of those boxes ticked to get up and running.”

Since joining Aspray, Jack has built a successful franchise.

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