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Company Overview

Autoglym car care products are proudly designed, developed and manufactured in Letchworth ‘the World’s first garden city’. From here our products are filled, packed and used by car enthusiasts, vehicle manufacturers, transport operators and trade businesses who demand the perfect finish on their vehicles. Over 50 years of continuous growth have led to 99% brand awareness and 73% of professionals in the car care industry have used an Autoglym product in the past two years.

Franchise Overview

Autoglym Professional is Autoglym’s premium vehicle care range for the professional valeting and detailing market. Our products have been specially engineered to meet the varying needs and demands of our trade customers.

Throughout the UK and Ireland our extensive network of franchise businesses distribute Autoglym Professional products from their own van based mobile showrooms providing excellent service levels and technical expertise to trade clients the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland. Each franchisee purchases an exclusive geographical territory and develops their business and customer base within this region.

As with any franchise purchase there is an initial capital investment to get the business established. This investment includes your goodwill payment for your business as well as any other operational set up costs – with a minimum start-up cost of £80,000. This investment can vary depending upon the number of sales areas, area size and current business levels within the area.


As an Autoglym franchisee you will receive full support and training from the Autoglym franchise team.

  • Marketing support from the UK’s favourite car care brand
  • Sales and targeting support
  • In-field product training and customer support from our expert technical team
  • Commercial advice on running and building a sustainable, profitable business
  • Business plan development
  • A 5 year financial roadmap to success

These assurances will also be integral if seeking finance to part fund the business. In today’s market usually a minimum of 30% self-funding is required to secure a loan on working capital.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Hear directly from Autoglym’s Head of UK Sales! Nigel talks about his role as Head of UK Sales at Autoglym and what to expect when you become part of the Autoglym family as an Autoglym Franchisee.


Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson is the Autoglym franchise owner at Don Richardson Ltd, which was originally started by his father in 1967. Andy has been involved with Autoglym in one way or another for over 30 years. What has kept him there so long? Ask Andy and he will tell you it is because of the quality of the Autoglym products and the professionalism of the people who work within the business.

The franchise is one of the larger within the Autoglym network with 10 Sales Specialists and a fleet of 10 vehicles which are fitted out according to their function. Some are mobile showrooms, some dedicated delivery vehicles and others for demonstrating products to new customers.

Why so many vehicles? Well with North West of England and North Wales to cover you need to be able to service a large area. The franchise area includes North Staffordshire in the South, Anglesey in the West, South Lake District in the North and across to The Pennines in the East. Of course this incorporates the major conurbations of Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

A firm believer in offering excellent products and service at an excellent price, Andy and the team relish the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the Autoglym range, and showcase the fantastic results and cost savings achieved compared to other chemical suppliers.

Quick Fire Questions:

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
My favourite Autoglym product is Radiant Wax Polish. Because whatever paint type a vehicle has it always leaves a great finish.

What is your favourite car?
My favourite car is the iconic Porsche 911.

What are your hobbies or interests?
Football, golf and travelling. I still play football two to three times a week, I also attend all Man City home games (Pre-lockdown). I enjoy playing golf when time allows. I like to travel as much as I can whilst also running the business!


Branson Poyner

Autoglym Sales Specialist Branson Poyner already had experience working with Autoglym at BMW and Volvo before he decided to establish his own Autoglym franchise in the West Midlands over 20 years ago. Starting with just one van and stock stored into the family garage, he now boasts a team of four Sales Specialists and four mobile showrooms operating from an impressive 3000 sq. ft. warehouse facility.

The Branson Automotive team cover Shropshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands from their Cleobury Mortimer base and are a regular face at the NEC in Birmingham, representing Autoglym from their busy show stand.

Branson says: “Autoglym is a trusted proven household name at the top of the tree in the market place. They produce products both we and our customers can believe in. Autoglym have years of expertise in development and have been at the top of their game for 50 years – the products do exactly what they should do – it’s the Autoglym way, always has been.”

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
If I had to choose a favourite Autoglym product it would be Ultra High Definition Wax. It just gives the ultimate finish, the icing on the cake so to speak.

What is your favourite car?
My favourite car is a Porsche 911.

What are your hobbies or interests?
My hobbies are motorsport and I have raced in many formulas since the 80’s including karts, stock cars, Mascars and Legends – winning the British Championship in 2010. My other passion is football being a keen Aston Villa fan.

Ian Stainton

Based in Devon, Ian Stainton & Co cover East Devon, parts of Somerset and Dorset. Autoglym Sales Specialist Ian has been a member of the Autoglym family since 1999 and like several other franchisees was first introduced to the brand working in a previous business. “I was using the products in my previous commercial cleaning business and knew that as a group of products they were the best quality products per pound you could buy, hence I bought the franchise” he says.

Currently a single mobile showroom operation but with a keen eye on growing his fleet, Ian is fortunate to live and work in some of the prettiest country the UK has to offer. His customers keep him busy so he there is not much time to admire the view as he zips back and forth across the counties.

When asked how he feels about working with Autoglym, Ian says “I love being associated with Autoglym even in a world where most things are driven by price and not quality which can be tricky some days, but quality always shines through.”

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
It has to be Coat it/Polar seal. It comes from a new generation of products that gives a fantastic shine and beading to your vehicle, it’s like magic!

What is your favourite car?
My favourite car (this week) is the Jaguar F-Type.

What are your hobbies or interests?
I love getting involved with local projects. I have served as a member of the parish council. I organise the village firework display and car show where all the proceeds go to local children’s charities.


Josh Groves

Autoglym Sales Specialist Josh Groves has worked with Autoglym since 2004. Learning his craft working alongside another Autoglym franchise owner, Josh took the plunge and established his own area 18 months later. Trading as Heath Products Ltd, the franchise covers Hertfordshire, Essex and a part of Bedfordshire from their Bishops Stortford base. With plenty of distance to cover, the three-person strong team operate two mobile showrooms, both of which are always on duty.

You may think that every day is similar for Josh and his team, but he insists this is not the case – it is variety that spurs him on. “Each day is never the same out on the road in the vans. At the start of the day I want both sales vans looking good and fully stocked. When we meet people through the day I want them to feel confident in us and see this is more than just a job to us.”

That attitude has served Josh well and he still enjoys representing Autoglym to this day. “Autoglym is a premium, trusted product and I believe it is the best in the market.”

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
My favourite Autoglym product is Shampoo Conditioner, I have used it on every car and van I have owned.

What is your favourite car?
As a young boy there was a neighbour just down the road with a car I would always stare at as he drove past. It was a Jensen Interceptor.

What are your hobbies or interests?
My main interest when it’s windy is to go windsurfing, I have always wanted to go to Maui in Hawaii to windsurf but have never made it (yet!). I also enjoy snowboarding in the winter.

Paul Mitchell

Autoglym Sales Specialist Paul Mitchell heads up the team at Premium Autocare. Based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, Premium Autocare cover North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Teesside, Cleveland, Co Durham, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and North Cumbria. The southern arm of their operation is based in Northamptonshire and serves parts of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and parts of Hampshire.

With such a large area to cover, it will come as no surprise that Paul operates a number of vans with support behind the scenes too. The franchise was not always this large though, and it was through hard work and determination that Paul and the team are where they are today. Paul says “I was looking for a small business to buy, grow and really stamp my name on. Autoglym was a perfect fit as it’s the market leading brand in an area of passion for me. Autoglym had a superb product range with plenty of growth opportunity for their Professional range in our area, the franchise just needed a steer in the right direction and fresh eyes. The phenomenal backup and support from Autoglym was also there to see from the outset. I have to say we’ve gone from strength to strength and never looked back; in fact buying an additional area four years ago says it all”. None of the growth would’ve been possible without the phenomenal support and unequivocal hard work of my dedicated team who have looked after and developed their areas so-so well over many years, and it’s those that deserve the credit.

When asked why a potential customer should choose Autoglym Paul replies “If you’re looking for an extensive range of the finest detailing and valeting products on the market with the very best cost-in-use, coupled with the backup and support to match then Autoglym will always be number one; there are two Royal Warrants of Approval to prove it!  You will have your own dedicated Sales Specialist (a one-stop-shop on wheels) who will visit you with their mobile shop offering demonstrations, product advice, tips/techniques and answering any questions, no matter what they are! Our customers, small and large, are not just customers to us but many are now friends; we have a saying “make a customer not a sale” something we’ve been doing for years.”

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
Now that’s not an easy task, there are so many…new “Coat-it” for me though!

What is your favourite car?
Bugatti Chiron. Now come on you, would if you could, wouldn’t you?

What are your hobbies or interests?
Watching my son play rugby, helping coach my daughter’s football team, seeing the world, along with generally spending quality time with my wife and two children.


Philip Marsh

Based in Marlborough, Wiltshire, Philip Marsh & Co cover Bristol, North Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and East Dorset. A proud Marlburian born and bred, Sales Specialist Philip and his right hand man Phil Kearley, head out in their mobile showrooms each day to serve the good people of their district.

Born above his father’s garage business it seemed inevitable that Philip would be associated with the motor industry in some form or another.

Philip’s fathers motor accessory shop

Following school he embarked on a mechanical engineering career with the Ministry of Defence but, after six years, he was drawn back to the family business and joined his father in their motor accessory business, which ran alongside the garage, and it was here in the early 1980’s that Autoglym first became part of his life when they launched their retail product range.

With his father retiring in 1995 it was time to sell the family accessory business and look for a new challenge, and whilst on a family holiday in the Dordogne Philip spotted the new Autoglym franchise opportunity in an English newspaper (which his son had bought for the football scores!).

“I knew the quality and desirability of the Autoglym product range and already had a trading relationship with the company.  Following the sale of our retail business, the opportunity to buy an Autoglym franchise was an easy decision to make.”

That easy decision sees Philip embarking on his 24th year with Autoglym aided by his wife, Deborah, and Phil Kearley – both of whom he met at around 30 years ago.

Phil was originally employed in a managerial position in the accessory shop before moving on to a factoring company but re-joined Philip 8 years ago to help with the business expansion.  The business now operates from a 2500 sq. ft. warehouse and runs two vans covering Wiltshire/Gloucestershire/North Somerset and east Dorset. Their ethos has always been to provide exceptional customer service whilst distributing both Professional & Retail ranges of exceptional products.

While Autoglym takes up the working hours, Philip’s other passion is petrol power. Back in 1980’s Philip built and the entered his first car in the Mini7 Challenge, taking part in four seasons at circuits around the country, before changing discipline to off road events – still specialising in the Mini.  Following on from racing Philip turned his hand to building a Westfield 7 (Lotus 7 look-a-like) which he used on his first spectator visit to the Le Mans 24 Hour race. In the 1990’s motor bikes came along and were used for touring in the UK as well as further trips to Le Mans and several sorties over the Pyrenees from Northern Spain through Andorra to southwest France – sometimes accompanied by fellow members of the Autoglym fraternity.

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
Radiant Wax/Super Resin Polish – when it was launched as a retail product I considered it to be unsurpassed by anything available in the market place and it still holds that position today.

What is your favourite car?
Ford GT40 – which I would also love to build.

Do you have a claim to fame?
Both James Hunt and I entered our first motor race in a Mini at Snetterton and were both (although not to each other) married in Marlborough…


Sam Wray

GBR Autocare was founded by Autoglym Sales Specialists Sam Wray and Rick Gerard, two experienced business owners with a passion for all things automotive and every Autoglym product. Having both used Autoglym separately for over 25 years in both a personal and professional capacity, the opportunity to combine forces and become part of the Autoglym Franchise family arose and it was not to be missed.

Currently operating two mobile showrooms, but with plans to expand in the future, GBR are located in Honiley, Kenilworth. They cover all CV postcodes, plus North Birmingham, Tamworth, Burton upon Trent, Evesham, Pershore and surrounding areas.

Sam firmly believes that Autoglym product quality is second to none. Having used many different valeting products over the years, it became clear that Autoglym’s products provided outstanding results every time. “Autoglym provide highly concentrated products enabling extremely cost effective detergents & cleaning solutions.” says Sam. “The backup service, support, training and product knowledge, which are at our and our customer’s disposal, is unrivalled.

Quick Fire Questions with Sam

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?

Sam: Polar Seal / Coat It

What is your favourite car?

Sam: Classic 80’s Aston Martin Vantage.

What are your hobbies or interests?

Sam: I have always had a passion for cars and motorcycles from an early age; I currently own vehicles with single cylinder, twins, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and a V8. I have owned a V10 and still have the V12 on the bucket list.

Rick & Sam: We share what some may describe as OCD regarding how we look after vehicles. We are both very hands on with maintenance and servicing and can often be found in the workshop restoring or rebuilding anything with an engine. This level of attention to detail and experience enables us to have good working knowledge of the entire Autoglym product range.

Simon White

Based in Cornwall, Simon White & Co, covers both Cornwall and Plymouth.

Simon was an employee of Autoglym until 1988 when he made the leap to Sales Specialist and decided to take on his own franchise. He has one mobile showroom, two people in the business and works alongside his wife.

With many decades of experience, Simon is in a good position to say how he feels about Autoglym. “It is the top product on the market. As well as being cost effective, there is a consistent quality and performance throughout the range. I’m confident in the performance and quality of the products.”

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
UHD Wax and Rapid Ceramic Spray. Both products are easy to use and results are outstanding!

What is your favourite car?
So my dream car was the Jensen Interceptor after watching the TV series the Saint as a youngster, but these days I like the new BMW Z4.

What are your hobbies or interests?
Rugby and motorsport.


Opportunities are currently available in:

  • Territory 1: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Peterborough, Boston, Sleaford, Skegness
  • Territory 2: South Yorkshire, Humberside, Selby, Scunthorpe, Grimsby
  • Territory 3: Dorset
  • Territory 4: Scotland
  • Territory 5: Republic of Ireland
Autoglym wins their sixth Car Dealer Power award for Cleaning Product of the Year
5 November 2021

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