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Company Overview

Betterclean Services have been offering excellent commercial cleaning services to local businesses since 1995. Our network of business owners means we can provide a truly local service with the experience, systems and support of a national company.

We believe in working hard, building strong working relationships with our clients, taking great pride in the quality of our work, we are always looking for innovative ways to provide the service our clients are looking for.

Through excellent customer service and the implementation of modern business systems, Betterclean Services now offers the most comprehensive, consistent and reliable cleaning service in the UK.

Franchise Overview

Betterclean Services is one of the lowest cost Management Franchises on the market with a hugely successful business system built around the provision of commercial cleaning services to local businesses. Dan’s experience as a franchisee has ensured that the Betterclean Services franchise package has been designed with particular focus on the provision of excellent support services for every step of your Betterclean Services business. We provide initial and ongoing training and support across all areas and take an active role in ensuring your success. This support, teamed with Betterclean Services incredible growth potential and earning opportunities, means you can be more successful than you ever imagined.
The introduction of our Business Development Scheme in 2019 means that franchise owners are set off on the best possible start they can want. Our Guarantee to generate a minimum of £150,000 worth of business enquiries in Year 1 means that you don’t need to worry about the sales process in the early stages of business growth because we do the work for you. Through our tried and tested methods, we will get you in front of decision makers who want to buy your services and we will even attend your first appointments with you so you can see first-hand how to sell the service and win the business.

•    Large Exclusive Territory
•    Average net profit margin 20%
•    Potential earnings – £750,000 turnover
•    One of the Lowest MSF in the Industry at 5.75%
•    Guaranteed £150,000 of business enquiries within the first 12 months
•    Investment from just £24,995 +VAT

Here are a few questions and answers that you should be thinking about when looking at a franchise opportunity.

Do I need to have previous industry knowledge?

No, it is not required as we provide all the training you will need.

Do you provide full training?

We do indeed provide you with full training on how to operate and grow your new business.

Do you help kick start my business in any way?

Yes, we provide you with a guaranteed £150,000 worth of enquiries in your first year.


The training we offer covers Operating the Business and Delivering the Services, it’s a very thorough and wide-ranging training programme which will ensure that the Franchise Owner is equipped with essential knowledge, information, facts and comprehension to maximize the opportunities for the business.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Betterclean Services is a management franchise opportunity, so you employ a team to work in the business while you work on the business focusing on high level growth.
We are flexible with this depending on your aspirations and how you plan for your business to operate from day one.

Invest in growth, says entrepreneur Chris Cook

As an experienced marketing professional and owner of a specialist consultancy business, Chris Cook’s decision to invest in a Betterclean Services franchise in 2013 was based on some pretty comprehensive due diligence. Having worked with the Betterclean management team on their marketing campaigns for over two years, Chris felt so confident in the business model he took on two territories in Bristol and Bath.

Given his skillset, it’s no surprise Chris hit the ground running by signing one of the largest contracts the company had ever seen. Despite this auspicious start, it soon became apparent that landing such a huge first client was a double-edged sword – and he quickly had to grow his business infrastructure to keep up.

“Because we landed a big contract straight away, we didn’t really follow the normal Betterclean business model,” says Chris. “I always set out to work on the business and reinvested the returns from the larger contract to help setup my management team, so when it ended we had established a solid base to expand from. We then enjoyed a period of rapid growth and have secured contracts with some incredible brands, which I couldn’t have done without the BCS brand, accreditations and systems.”

Chris now employs nearly 100 staff and a management team that replicates the structure of the parent firm itself – while the original Betterclean management team have always been on hand to help Chris with the strategic side of running his franchise.

“I took the time to structure my management team properly, ensuring the people and systems are in place to enable us to grow to the next level. Dan [franchisor] has been great through this and we have had regular meetings and calls. It’s rewarding to now see it working really well and I am proud of the team and the culture in the business.”

So what advice does this multi-business owner have for others considering the Betterclean Services franchise opportunity?

“Follow the model and secure lots of small and medium sized contracts initially. If you are able to invest in a management team at an early stage then do so, as it helps you to take advantage of opportunities and grow more quickly,” concludes Chris.

Sahadeo Narine

Sahadeo decided on a Betterclean Franchise to give him a great head start!

Sahadeo Narine has been a businessman for over 20 years, involved in livestock production, property rental and retail trade, all family owned and managed with the assistance of his wife, both of whom have an accounting background. “My obvious next choice was my own retail, however, having attended a franchise seminar in the West Midlands and after perusing the BFA website we decided that a franchise will give us a great head start”.

He researched franchises both within and outside the cleaning business, came across Betterclean and contacted Mike. “I was impressed with Mike’s professionalism, he seemed very knowledgeable about the business, answered my calls and returned calls promptly, gave sound advice and was always willing to offer assistance. Dan appears easy going and likeable, they make a great team, I look forward to working with them. I am satisfied with the efforts made by the franchise to ensure that they maintain excellence in their product.

Sahedeo will be opening Betterclean Services Coventry in August 2019.

What attracted you to the franchise -
•    Having looked at other cleaning franchises, I chose Betterclean, as their business model and structure offered me the most flexibility in terms of scale. This allows me to determine the pace at which I develop my business, how fast and how large I want my business to grow. The support in getting startup clients also allows me to have a jumpstart while simultaneously developing and building my clientele.
•    Existing franchisees shared good experiences, this boosted my confidence to invest in Betterclean.

I look forward to the challenge of developing and growing this business. I am particularly excited by the potential in Coventry which won the ‘City of Culture’ for 2021. One of my long-term goals is to expand and own other territories.


After working as Senior Manager in the Telecommunications sector for 14 years running a business that had a £1m turnover and building a portfolio of property development, I felt that I could combine all my skills gained to start my own business.

After researching a number of big name franchises in various sectors, I stumbled upon Betterclean Services in my search.  I was looking for something that was scalable and also flexible in the operational structure. One of the appealing aspects was that the Franchise was a proven model that could be delivered anywhere in the UK. I wanted the expertise to get off to a flying start and Betterclean Services fit the bill.

After meeting Dan and Mike, I felt that I could work with them after they explained all the support and focus that would be available to grow the business. I was impressed by the systems in place and how the opportunity to grow the business to various levels was also appealing. I am very hands on person, so the ability to get involved at grass roots level and really understand all aspects of the business model was a factor that attracted me. I then became Managing Director of Betterclean Services Swindon in March 2018.

I was very used to working most weekends and with a growing family in tow, I wanted a business that gave me a better work life balance. Initially setting up a Territory was going to be hard work at first, but I could see the rewards at the end with various levels of operations in place that would create a sustainable business to give me back family time.

My advice would be research and understand the business before diving in. There are 6 things that I considered before making a decision;
The demand, track record, investment, the competition, training, and what restrictions are imposed by Franchisors. Betterclean Services ticked all the boxes for me and was a really good option.


Papa John’s to a Betterclean Services

Arslan bought a Papa John’s Pizza Franchise in 2012 in partnership with his sister and was running the store in Tunbridge Wells. Since 2015 Arslan was looking to get out of the food industry, he explains his search for a new business opportunity, ‘As I wanted to get out of the store and away from the pizza oven, I started looking for something in the service industry and decided to look for a Franchise in Commercial Cleaning.’

In Arslan’s search for a Commercial Cleaning Company he did his research and although meeting with other Franchise Managers he decided on Betterclean Services. ‘The main reason I was drawn towards Betterclean Services was because their website presentation was very straight forward and all the facts and figures were very clear, which made it easy for me to understand how much I am investing and what return I can get.’ Arslan then became the Franchise Manager of Maidstone in 2018, ‘Mike was one of the main reasons for me to go with Betterclean Services. The support is amazing, I am especially thankful to Mike who is always available to help and guide me.’

After Arslan has spent his whole life in retail, having a weekend off was a luxury, but now he can take time off on the weekends and spend quality time with his family which is very important to him.

Nader Srouji

Nader’s Excited to use his Previous Knowledge of the Past 20 Years in his Betterclean Journey

Nader Srouji, will be opening Betterclean services Milton Keynes in August 2019. Previously he was a Distributor of cleaning chemicals, machines and hygiene solutions to the industrial, commercial and institutional markets.

I was attracted to the Betterclean franchise because of the clarity of the business model offered and the fact that it directly related to my previous work of 20+ years. Operating a service-oriented business stems from my personal enjoyment of interacting with clients aiming to provide them with the first class service they are paying for and deserve.

Dealing with Dan and Mike has been a pleasure, I find them both open minded and business oriented and are equally as eager to grow the Betterclean brand and business in the region.

What I’d like to see from my business in the future is a thriving business that is delivering a first-class service to the customer, as well as further promoting the commercial cleaning business using the cutting-edge technology that is constantly evolving.


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