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Company Overview

Blossom Home Care Franchising Ltd is co-owned and co-directed by the founders of Blossom Home Care Ltd, husband and wife, John and Fiona Leggott.  With John’s business skills and Fiona’s wealth of nursing and social care knowledge and skills they developed a company that created a good client experience by delivering the best standard of high-quality home care. The sort of care they would be happy for their own parents or relatives to experience.

In 2015, the head office in Northallerton was opened and then a second office in Tadcaster opened a couple of years later. From there, John and Fiona had a vision, to roll out their business model nationally so that everyone could experience the exceptional care delivered by Blossom Home Care.  They are offering their expertise and knowhow to franchisees who want to succeed in the domiciliary care industry.

Franchise Overview


Buying a Blossom Home Care Franchise means you’re investing in an established brand, systems and processes and a dedicated and knowledgeable support team. You can build your own business in domiciliary care while benefiting from Blossom’s experience of perfecting the delivery of high-quality home care into this niche market. You’ll also benefit from Blossom’s robust systems and in-depth training programme, be given an exclusive area, constant support from a dedicated franchise support team and the opportunity to develop a profitable and enjoyable business caring for adults in their own homes.

Blossom’s award-winning achievements are thanks to a highly dedicated, professional management team, who all follow the same vision with set values and a common ethos. They share a true understanding of the care sector with their mission to deliver “just bloomin’ good care”. This expertise is part of the Franchise Package; as is all the knowledge and experience that John and Fiona have taken five years to perfect. Furthermore, because the business model has been created for franchising, the Directors have purposely run the offices remotely, without day-to-day

involvement, to ensure the model can roll out successfully. Meaning the system is tried and tested. 

Blossom Home Care Franchising Ltd. will award Franchises in protected territories defined by post-codes. These territories, developed by a professional franchise territory mapping company, are based on the model already established in Northallerton and Tadcaster. Each territory has been mapped based on a population density of 100,000 people over 65, ensuring that each Franchisee has an equal opportunity. These territories are among the largest demographic areas to be offered in the home care franchise industry.



The UKHCA reports that the UK market, for all domiciliary care, is estimated to be worth £4.2 billion. It is thought likely that the demand for home care services will remain robust, increasing in line with population changes. The Lancet reported that the number of people aged 65 plus and classed as ‘high dependency’ will rise by almost 200,000 by 2035. The social care industry is also expected to grow, both in real terms, as the population ages, and as a proportion of the total services delivered due to changes in eligibility criteria for state-funded care and a greater awareness of the role of home care as the preferred alternative to residential care. 


Blossom Home Care Franchising offer ongoing help and support in return for a Management Service Fee. This includes: 

  • In-depth training in owning and running a Blossom Home Care Franchise
  • Access to the know-how and experience of running a business, professional collaboration, help and advice
  • Access to business software
  • Constant R & D
  • Use of the Franchisor’s name and brand
  • Continuing sales and marketing support, including social media/website
  • Regular contact with the Franchisor 
  • The ability to influence policy 
  • Being part of a group of professionals with advice and support readily available
  • Full training and support to enable success. 


Daily Life of a franchisee

We expect our business partners to deliver the ‘bloomin good care’ we are known for in their defined post code areas and to adopt Blossom’s company values and ethos. We are seeking like-minded individuals who will share a person-centred approach to business and care about employees and clients as much as we do. Franchisees will need to be able to demonstrate:

  • A passion for high standards of delivering care 
  • An aptitude for business and an ability to make a success of their franchise business 
  • An ability to replicate the Blossom Home Care concept 
  • The ability to manage the office and lead a team of employees 
  • A desire to run their Franchise in a professional and business-like manner, while being considerate and caring towards employees and clients 
  • The ability to recruit, train and retain staff, market and sell all of the services, MDT working, undertake audits and quality assurance 
  • Good communication skills, being open and honest and the ability to communicate at all levels
  • A desire to be part of something bigger, proud to be part of the team.



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