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Membership History

Provisional Member
Joined 2018

Company Overview

There’s a real buzz around Bodystreet. Our once-a-week 20-minute workout has proven perfect for tens of thousands of clients. Instead of spending hours each week in a gym; Bodystreet clients fit their weekly fitness programme into a once a week workout; giving huge time saving efficiencies and convenience – even the busiest person can keep fit. Working with a dedicated trainer, using specially adapted training programmes, our clients receive direction, training and support to achieve their fitness goals.

Franchise Overview

Bodystreet, originating in Germany, is the world’s leading EMS (electro-muscle stimulation) studio. Since 2007 Bodystreet’s alternative to the big box gym has been inspiring those people short-on-time or short on motivation to get fit from just one twenty-minute workout session per week. Whilst this, to the traditionalist, may sound a little fanciful; nearly 300 studios (Germany, Austria, Italy, USA and UK) and 150,000 training sessions per month means there is real substance to this state-of-the-art fitness concept.

Bodystreet was established 2007, started franchising in 2009 and began international franchising in 2016 – opening in the UK. In 2017 Bodystreet won the prestigious award of Franchisor of the Year in Germany.


Bodystreet’s training programme is designed to give you the very best start in your new business. Three weeks initial training includes a week in head office learning for your in-house team all there is to know about Bodystreet. From the classroom, it is then off to a training studio to receive hands-on training before we complete your initial training in your own studio prior to opening.

Daily Life of a franchisee

As franchisee your role is to manage your studio using the tools and coaching provided to you by Bodystreet. Tasks include motivating your team towards achieving your weekly and monthly targets, delivering client sessions (some franchisees choose not to train clients) and ensuring your Bodystreet studio looks and feels like all Bodystreet studios – a great location that is clean, welcoming and focused completely on the client’s needs.


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Bodystreet launches online training.
31 March 2020
Bodystreet Celebrates with Global Franchise Award Win
13 February 2020

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