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Company Overview

Bright & Beautiful is an established domestic cleaning brand with over 65 franchise owners across the UK. You have found us at just the right time, since our acquisition by Neighbourly in 2017, our brand has become the UKs fastest growing domestic cleaning brand, with our network turnover DOUBLING since then.


Franchise Overview

Bright & Beautiful are looking for franchisees with drive, ambition and skills which lend themselves to our business and, above all else, a positive attitude.  You’ll be someone who takes pride in what you do and who wants to build a business that helps you get the life you want. You need to be a people person with good empathy towards clients and your team. Experience in management, training, sales or marketing would be an asset but not all of these areas are essential.  If you can bring the right attitude, then we offer training in all technical and business skills.


We ensure that all new Bright & Beautiful franchisees are fully prepared to go into business once they’ve completed our 20-week ‘Steps to Success’ programme. This includes pre-launch training tasks, business planning and a 5-day new starter training course at the Bright & Beautiful head office. Here you will explore all aspects of your new business including the systems, software and best practices that will help make your business a success.

In addition to this, all new franchise owners will spend 2 days at our ‘Approved Training Centres’. These are existing franchise branches with a history of excellent customer service, employee satisfaction and, most importantly, business success. Your initial training will continue until you reach key milestones within your business allowing you to have additional support until you are comfortable operating without extra support.

But it doesn’t end there, Bright & Beautiful is committed to the professional development of its franchise owners. That’s why you benefit from a calendar of workshops, conferences and webinars.

Daily Life of a franchisee

We are searching for talented, hard-working individuals to build and direct their team of professional housekeepers and grow a £1million business in their local area. Don’t worry, you will not be doing any cleaning yourself, but driving growth as the business owner with the support of our dedicated Head Office team.

Nicola Bailey

Nicola, who lives in Rawtenstall in Rossendale, originally qualified as an electrical engineer and went into the telecoms industry when she left university, building a successful career managing and negotiating customer contracts and bidding for new business. Like many working mums Nicola really wanted to spend more time with her family (husband Simon and sons Tom, 15 and Sam, 12), but struggled to fit family life around her busy career.

In 2001 Nicola started retraining as an accountant and working as a freelance bookkeeper, before launching her own Bright and Beautiful franchise in October 2011.

1. Why did you decide to go into franchising?
I was already working as a freelance bookkeeper, so enjoyed the flexibility of working for myself, but was looking for something extra to bring in additional revenue. I decided upon a franchise as I wanted the freedom of running my own business but without the risk of starting up completely on my own.

2. Why did you choose Bright and Beautiful in particular?
I chose Bright & Beautiful because I was looking for a franchise with flexibility and minimal start-up costs, in particular I didn’t want to have the overheads of renting premises and carrying large amounts of stock. I researched other cleaning franchises and Bright & Beautiful immediately appealed to me with its fresh modern approach and the brand imaging/colours which reinforce this approach. I was also attracted by the particularly high standards and the objective of delivering a luxury service to relieve the stress in busy people’s lives.

3. What are the advantages to running a cleaning franchise?
One of my main requirements with starting a franchise was to keep start-up costs as low as possible – I didn’t want to go into a retail franchise and have to rent premises and buy loads of stock before I could even start trading. The beauty of a cleaning franchise is that it is a service-based company with minimal overheads and it can be run from home.

A lot of franchise opportunities I looked at involved long hours. Although my children are older they still need time and attention e.g. taking to drama or swimming club in the evenings, plus I have a lot of my own activities in the evenings such as choir, helping with voluntary organisations etc., so the flexible daytime hours which fit around other things was a big attraction to me. We only work weekdays and I try to make sure we can fit around school hours for any of my team members who need to collect their children from school or nursery.

An added bonus of a Bright & Beautiful cleaning franchise is that I get my own house cleaned!

4. Describe your typical working day.
There is no such thing! As I chose the business to work around my existing commitments I run it alongside my freelance bookkeeping so every day is different.

A typical Bright & Beautiful day would involve briefing my team at the beginning of the day as they collect the kit and set off on their allocated jobs for the day. I would then catch up on emails/phone calls, either replying to new enquiries or phoning existing clients to make sure they are completely happy with their service.

Quite often I would then go on a quote visit to a potential new client to scope their requirements. In between times I attend to my admin/finances and make sure the calendar is updated for the following week. A major element of my business is recruitment to ensure I always have sufficient team members trained and ready to fulfil new jobs as additional clients come on board. I also spend time networking and marketing to attract new clients and grow my business.

5. What are your plans for the future?
To grow my business and gain a reputation for Bright & Beautiful in my area as a known provider of consistently reliable, extremely high-quality domestic cleaning/housekeeping services.

6. Has being a woman presented any challenges to running a business?
No, I don’t think so with this business as the model is specifically designed to enable flexible, family-friendly working. I can see in other businesses that might be the case but this franchise is perfect for women wanting to be in business and bring up a family. In the past it may have been difficult for women to be taken seriously when trying to get a business off the ground, particularly if needing to approach a bank for a loan etc., but times have changed and also with this franchise the business model is well-developed and proven, and with the support from head office, getting started was fairly straightforward. In terms of the day-to-day management, most women are used to juggling many balls in the air and running a business not much different – it’s about being organised and focused.

7. How do you fit work around your family life? Do you find that you have a good work/life balance?
I work lots of hours but at times I choose, so I can fit it around the needs of my family. I can work in the day when they are at school, break off for family tea-time etc. and then do more work in the evenings if necessary.

8. Did you have any preconceptions about franchising (i.e. a male dominated industry) before you went into it? Did this put you off in any way?
No not really. I initially looked at franchising as an option for flexible working so I was looking for a female oriented business anyway.

9. How much support do you get from a) your franchisor and b) your partner (if have one) in running your business? Does your partner help with bringing up the children, domestic chores around the house, etc.?
I have had really good help from head office – they are always only a phone call away and very friendly and helpful whatever the question. The business model is thoroughly tried and tested and there is loads of documentation and training support.

We’ve just had an excellent annual conference where we got to meet all the other franchisees and share our experiences as well as feeling we are all part of one big family, with the same ideas and values as we go out there and grow our own businesses.

In terms of my partner, he is very supportive of me developing my business and does what he can to help with jobs around the house, but he has to work away from home a lot recently so I’m managing the business and the home on my own – which is fine – you just have to be very organised!

10.What qualities do you feel are important in order to achieve success as a franchisee?
Determination, self-motivation and self-belief – you have to believe you can do it (and if you start to doubt, the head office team are always there to encourage you and get you back on track).

11) What has been your greatest achievement since taking on a franchise?
I considered this at the annual conference, and it’s that I’ve grown in confidence - in my business and in me as a person. Looking back, things that I found hard initially like doing my first quote, interviewing new staff, taking on my first job/client, I now find easy and enjoy. I’ve also had to stand up at networking meetings and talk about myself and my business which although I still don’t find easy I have got much better at!

Katarina Ocalan

Surrey mum Katarina Ocalan came to the Katarina OcalanUK in 2005 and built a successful career working for an investment bank in London. But now she is swapping banking and finance for cleaning and ironing as she launches her own eco-friendly domestic homecare business in Wallington and surrounding areas.

After working as a switchboard manager for the investment bank, Katarina went on to work as the office and business manager for a maintenance and cleaning company, in charge of over 40 staff.

Building on that expertise and wanting a career that would give her both a new challenge and more flexibility in her working life, Katarina launched her new Bright & Beautiful business to bring a very different domestic housekeeping service to Wallington, Hackbridge, Beddington, Purley, Carshalton, Carshalton Beeches, Belmont and Sutton.

Katarina’s business is using only eco-friendly and non-toxic products and delivering ethical, professional and eco-friendly cleaning, tidying and laundry services. She will also be creating a number of jobs for other women and men who want to have a career but not at the expense of family life.

Katarina said: “I knew from experience there was a real gap in the market for an eco-friendly and ethical professional housekeeping service in Wallington and I want to grow and create family friendly jobs to meet that demand. A million more people are using cleaners today than a decade ago, thanks to our increasingly busy lives, and the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning, washing and ironing in your precious free time.

“Equally important to me is the eco-friendly ethos behind all our housekeeping and management practices, especially at a time when allergies are on the increase. The average home now has over 60 toxic chemicals in it, so we make a point of only using non-toxic and green products to really support the health of our clients, their children and pets”.

Gary Ross

Gary was a senior executive in retail prior to owning his Bright & Beautiful Franchise in Formby.

He says he chose Bright & Beautiful because of its honesty and integrity, also because they are fair and ethical employers of their teams.

When asked what a typical day for him as a franchisee looks like, Gary says: “There isn't one! However the day is my own and finally I now have a life/work balance.”

He’s very much enjoying running his Bright & Beautiful franchise.

Faye McDonough

Why did you decide on a Bright & Beautiful franchise?
Because it would give me the financial stability but more than anything it would give me the time I wanted and needed to be with my children as a single mum, and it did!

How long have you been a franchisee?
3.5 years.

What are your top three favourite things about being a franchisee?
Quoting and telling people about our great business; employing so many people (around 17); and having the support of HQ whilst still being my own boss.

How does it differ to your previous jobs/roles?
Better hours, much more money and the opportunity to do things for myself, stretching my wings and having independence.

How does it affect your family life?
It makes it better as we can do more things financially (like buy my house) and I get to choose my hours,  not many jobs let you do that!

How many people do you employ? How do you find managing people? Have you got plans to increase the number?
Approximately 17. I have a hands-on approach, friendly, understanding and open door policy. I plan to have another three full-time employees by July 2014.

Do you enjoy a better quality of living?
Absolutely! I am now in my own home rather than renting, holidays, treats, new car...

What are your plans for the business for the next three/five years?
I would like to develop my existing team and employ more people, expand mentoring to other businesses (within Bright & Beautiful), expand the range of services – more laundry and ironing, carpet cleaning, and maybe housekeeping with cooking/meal planning;  the opportunities are endless!

How do you find being your own boss?
I love it, it comes with its pressures of course but it is very satisfying!

What are the biggest challenges you have faced as a business owner? How have you overcome them?
Employing so many team members and juggling ‘people’ whilst offering a very hands-on, service-based business to our clients – wanting to keep it all personal for each client.

Do you carry out any cleaning yourself?

Does the environmental angle of the business affect how many clients you have?
In a positive way yes, a lot of client come to us because we are eco-friendly.

What's your split of clients? i.e. working mums/men/age etc?
I have around 200 clients, mainly women that organise the service, I have around 10 single men only, aged approximately between 25 and 55; although I do have some in the 55 to 90 bracket!

Debbie Lee

My franchise is one year old and it has been a journey! Bright & Beautiful HQ have been really supportive, the franchise model is achievable, the support tools and services are effective and the brand is amazing.

It's been an interesting year with ups and downs, certainly not for the feint-hearted but the rewards are there too; I now have a lovely client base, amazing team members and we have fun on a daily basis.

Thanks BB HQ, I look forward to growing the business in year 2!

Claire Pearson

Claire spent 14 years working in marketing communications for a number of finance, technology and education clients, organising events as far afield as Cape Town in South Africa. At the beginning of 2012 she was facing redundancy at the marketing agency she worked for. As a single mum, Claire was struggling to find a job that would enable her to still have a well-paid career and work around her seven-year-old son Blaise. Then she decided to put her organisational talents to good use by launching Bright and Beautiful in Towcester, where she has lived since December 2010.

1. Why did you decide to go into franchising?
I knew redundancy was likely from the marketing agency I worked for, and having spent the past 6 years working from home I knew the traditional office job was not something I would take to again easily. As a single mum of a 7-year-old son I needed to find a way to ensure I could continue to support him financially, but also have time to spend with him. I decided to opt for the franchise route as although I felt I had the necessary enthusiasm and mindset to work for myself, I didn’t necessarily have all the skills and therefore lacked confidence in making it happen by myself. I felt that by buying into a franchise I would benefit from a tried and trusted method.

2. Why did you choose Bright and Beautiful in particular?
I really liked the concept Bright & Beautiful offer to its clients and knew that if I really liked it, others would too. I did look at a few other competitor companies, but this was more to satisfy myself that I had done so. From my initial telephone call to request a prospectus I liked the friendly, open and professional approach. From my meeting with Rachel Ray I knew that I already believed in the company ethos because the company not only cares about helping its franchisees build a rewarding business, it also cares about the environment, its team members, the clients and providing an excellent service, as well as helping charitable causes.

3. What are the advantages to running a cleaning franchise?
The advantages of running a cleaning franchise are building a rewarding business. My team and I really care about our clients’ homes and enjoy the feeling of a job well done and clients being delighted with their clean, ordered and tidy homes.

4. Describe your typical working day.
A typical working day would include an element of marketing, administration, checking in with the team, sales, recruitment and planning. Marketing can include networking meetings, Facebook, targeted leaflets etc.; administration could be bookkeeping and payroll to requesting client feedback; sales would be visiting potential clients and creating and following up quotes.

I would speak to my team regularly or pop in to see them at a client’s home giving me the opportunity to quality-check. Planning would help to identify when new team members would be required, booking in team meetings, where marketing activity should take place and keeping an eye on the business as a whole.

5. What are your plans for the future?
My plans for the future include building a solid client base and to become the best known eco-friendly domestic cleaning company in the area; known for excellent levels of service and standards.

6. Has being a woman presented any challenges to running a business?
I don’t believe being a woman has hindered me or presented any challenges.

7. How do you fit work around your family life? Do you find that you have a good work/life balance?
I am able to run my business during the day whilst my son is at school with only a few calls on my time during the evening. In this way I am still able to take my son to school in the morning and collect him at the end of the school day. I would say this certainly allows me to enjoy a good work/life balance.

8. Did you have any preconceptions about franchising before you went into it? Did this put you off in any way?
I really had no preconceptions about franchising.

9. How much support do you get from a) your franchisor and b) your partner (if have one) in running your business? Does your partner help with bringing up the children, domestic chores around the house, etc.?
I receive a fantastic level of support from Bright & Beautiful as a franchisor. I know I can telephone them with any question or concern, or to help celebrate an achievement. I also know the franchisor is always thinking ahead to help franchisees in building their businesses.

As a single mum I have no real help at home but can always call on my mum if I need help. Friends and family have been very supportive of my decision to go into the franchise and enjoy hearing about its growth.

10. What qualities do you feel are important in order to achieve success as a franchisee?
Predominantly the desire to succeed; however a belief in your service is equally important. I also believe that attention to detail, and caring about your clients, your team and the service you are providing will also help a franchisee achieve success.

11. What has been your greatest achievement since taking on a franchise?
My time as a franchisee has been filled with lots of little achievements since I began; my first quote, my first sale, standing back from the team, growing my client base and the need for a second team, recruiting and training team members. Managing and achieving sustained growth of my business whilst caring for my young son.


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