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Membership History

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Joined 2018

Company Overview

Business Partnership celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019, it is amongst the longest-standing of the handful of national business sales agencies.

Collectively, we have supported sales for SMEs in every sector, ranging in value from a few thousand pounds to many millions. In doing so, we are a key resource to business owners in each of our local communities to achieve their next stage of life, be that retirement, or the ability to invest in a new business opportunity.

Franchise Overview

The role of our Regional Partners is to support business owners, earning fees from business sales & valuations, as well as acquisition and exit planning consultancy. The only BFA full member business brokerage, Business Partnership is also amongst the UKs most proven.

You will join a national group of fellow entrepreneurs, who also enjoy a flexible and rewarding lifestyle. Some are working to build their franchise, having only joined in the last year whilst others have over 20 years experience with the brand. 

All franchisees come to us having had previous careers in business and industry. So we have the accountants, bankers and IFAs you might expect in our fold, but we also have successful business owners who, having exited and sold their own businesses, are now helping others through the same process.

Because all our Regional Partners (franchisees) bring these different careers and experiences with them, we are a collaborative and supportive franchise all willing to share knowledge and expertise.




Where Business Partnership is different is that the board of directors are also franchisees themselves. This means they are aware of the changing needs of clients, adaptations in the market as well as the hands on operations necessary to deliver the service.

You will bring your previous business experience,  we fill the gaps in your knowledge to be a broker with;

  • 10 full days training with senior partners
  • How to value a business
  • Converting prospects
  • How to sell a business
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Key information resources vital to your success


You can’t run a modern business without flexibility and the systems that enable that. Business Partnership provides;

  • Bespoke, cloud based CRM and admin systems for a totally portable office. You just need a reliable broadband connection.
  • 2 brands. Business Partnership and Business Partnership Corporate which target different levels of the market
  • 2 websites to support the brands
  • Marketing launch package
  • Ongoing mentoring

Daily Life of a franchisee

As you would guess, once established, daily tasks revolve around promoting the business sale you have on the market, responding to enquiries and speaking with potential buyers. Nurturing your business network is a vital part of your success so we would expect you to be attending at least one professional event each week.  

Interspersed with these routine tasks will be meetings with clients and their potential buyers, offer negotiations and then the activities which nurture deals through to completion. The latter requiring good working relationships with solicitors and accountnats all working to the same goal.

Below, are some thoughts from current franchisees.

Greg Towers, Regional Partner since 2000

“Once I had taken on the franchise and undergone the initial training, I was out valuing businesses immediately and took my first instruction in my first week of trading. It took me about eight months to get my territory up and running properly and become established in the area.

“My wife Beverley joined me after a couple of years and we are equal partners in the business.

“We sell every type of business, from small retail businesses such as sandwich shops, cafes, gift shops and hair salons etc., right up to larger concerns worth £1 million or more.

“The benefits of being in Business Partnership are the flexibility, excellent income potential and the opportunity to manage your own business without any undue interference.

“I’m sure Business Partnership will be my last business as in five years’ time I’ll have been doing this for well over 20 years and will be thinking about retirement."

John Knight, Regional Partner since 2016

“One of the things that attracted me to the franchise is that several of my fellow regional partners have been doing this for a long time, some for well over fifteen years, so I know that I can easily get advice whenever I need it. There are a lot of franchises out there where the thinking is quite short term and people don’t tend to stay around for very long if things don’t work out but the Business Partnership is a refreshing contrast to that.

“Everything is going to plan for me and my Business Partnership commitments fit neatly with my business consultancy work and I’m based at home, which is another bonus.

“I am left to get on with my work without interference but can call on help if needed. “Likewise, I'm happy to lend support and help to other partners, if I can.

“It really is the best of both worlds, operating independently but within a group of like-minded people under a reputable brand."


Mike Anderson-Brown, Regional Partner since 2011

“What impressed me most about Business Partnership is that they have kept all the good things about a franchise and thrown away the bad things. For example, you have an exclusive territory and operate independently but you always have the support of a national network of Regional Partners. 

“There is an enormous amount of flexibility and you can work at your own pace. I work from home – though I did have an office to start with until my three teenage sons all moved out! – and can fit in the other consultancy work that I do.

“It’s also worth considering that most places have Wi-Fi so you can do the role from anywhere if you have a mobile phone and laptop. During a recent trip to Austria for instance, I could deal with general enquiries and signed up a new client.   

“Being a Partner is utterly fascinating if you love business, making deals and enjoy a challenge, but you need to be patient as sometimes deals can take a few years to complete.      

“Networking is important too as you need to be well connected and build up relationships so that business owners will get to know you and trust you."



We do have a limited number of franchise resales becoming available as our Regional Partners approach retirement. To find out if your preferred territory is available, please get in touch.

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