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Company Overview

Caremark is a well-established home care franchise with a reputable track record of expertise and success in the sector, garnered from more than a decade in the industry.

The population is living longer and many more people wish to remain at home, supported to lead fulfilling, independent lives in their later years. Caremark provides bespoke, high quality care and support to people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities through its network of UK offices.

This is a management franchise with franchisees recruiting their care staff to deliver Caremark’s award winning care and support to clients living in their own homes.

Franchise Overview

Caremark offer an exciting business opportunity to run a successful operation whilst fulfilling a social need to a high standard.

With a network of over 100 offices, Caremark continues to look for talented individuals to complete its network. There are approximately 95 territories remaining and a small number of UK franchise re-sales available.

The Caremark brand continues to expand and there are now offices in Malta and Kerala, Southern India.


Before a franchisee starts their business, they receive expert training through a two week in-house course covering all aspects of the care sector, legislation, the Caremark model as well as the all-important business management training.

Support and on-going business development guidance are provided to franchisees, both before and after business set-up.

The Caremark culture is one of support and encouragement from day one and continues throughout every stage of your business development.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Using their vision, drive and entrepreneurial skills, franchisees are responsible for directing and growing a viable business in their local community. Those all-important relationships must be built through networking, direct marketing, attending and supporting local events as well as attending provider forums, thus forming business connections with key contacts and local health professionals.

With the support of their registered care manager who oversees the care operation, franchisees must build a strong and cohesive team, combining leadership and management skills to inspire and encourage their staff.

Richard & Emily Magrath

Husband and wife team Richard and Emily Magrath are the owners of Caremark (North Down, Ards & Belfast), running a successful domiciliary care service for vulnerable individuals in Belfast and the surrounding areas.

Franchising was always the right choice for them, but when it came to deciding which franchise to choose, Caremark’s core values are what attracted the couple to the company.

“After doing some research there was really no doubt in our minds that the only choice we would be happy with would be Caremark, given the emphasis on care and not profit,” recalled Richard.

The Magraths also identified that the care sector is a growing industry, and that there was a real need and opportunity to raise the bar in providing care. Despite being able to grow their relatively young Caremark franchise into a successful business in such a short time, the couple have ensured that their home life hasn’t suffered as a result.

“Family is very important to us, and we put a great emphasis on spending time together,” the pair commented. “It’s very full on, but we are very happy to put the hours in to see our business grow and be successful.”

The pair were recently awarded the Caremark Regional Award for the North West 2013, celebrating their quality care, excellent client reviews and fast growth.

“We want to become not only the care provider of choice, but also the employer of choice, as we recognise the importance of continuing to value and develop the Caremark team.”

Helan Graham & Stephanie Doherty

Redundancy changed the lives of two colleagues who used to work together in Children’s services in Oldham Council.

Looking for a new venture which they could work together they discovered the home care sector, a growing market which would enable them to utilize their considerable experience and skills.

Helan explains: “After considerable research we decided that the care sector would be a long-term, sustainable option due to an ageing population.

“We travelled the country visiting various franchise operations but ultimately we decided that Caremark was the company for us due to their very professional approach to franchising.  We felt that Caremark demonstrated and replicated the quality service we wanted to offer and their policies, procedures and overall support was second to none.”

Since setting up their home care franchise in 2011, the entrepreneurial pair have built an award winning enterprise within their local community with a reputation for excellence.

Their passion for their business and the service they provide has seen them collect awards along the way, both from Caremark Limited and from the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham who awarded them two independent business awards in consecutive years.

Through working collaboratively with other business professionals in their local area, Helan and Stephanie have ensured the Caremark brand is recognized for high quality, affordable care and support at home.

Employing local people is also important to Helan and Stephanie and both of them are keen to put back into their local community.  In recognition of this, in 2016 their local authority awarded them the Fair Employer certificate which acknowledges employers who are keen to support Oldham into work.

Stephanie said: “We both have ties to the Borough that go back many years and not only that but our commitment is shown by the fact that our business is based in Lees and most of our employees live locally.”

Helan added: “We have a commitment to continuous professional development for all our staff and want to give young people the opportunity to engage locally with a growing company.”

Colin Evans

Before buying his home care franchise, Colin Evans had a long and successful career in sales and sales management.

Once he had achieved his goal of developing a successful financial services business from scratch he was keen for a change and a new challenge, a business venture which would bring both personal and financial rewards.

Colin carried out extensive research into different franchises but decided that Caremark’s business opportunity was the best fit for his requirements.

“Having looked at a number of other franchise opportunities I felt that Caremark’s franchise was the best.  Caremark’s approach was supportive and professional and they seemed genuinely interested in my career history, the skills and experience I had to offer and whether I was the business professional they were looking for” said Colin.

He realised that investing in a franchise would give him many advantages to get going more quickly and not have to go through the risky early years of set-up and start-up which a stand-alone business would mean.

He was also interested in achieving a better work/life balance once he had got established.

Colin continued: “Now that the business is established I am able to work on the business rather than in it.  This has given me a better work/life balance, which is great as I don’t have to be in the office from dawn until dusk every day.  If I wish to take the odd long weekend I can do so, knowing I have a great team in place.

“At the end of the day I am content knowing that I am investing in my family’s future whilst providing a superb care service for our clients and job opportunities for my local community.

“Just knowing that I am achieving all three objectives as well as enjoying a little more leisure time is certainly something to be happy about!”

Charles Folkes

Charles Folkes, founder and MD of  (Redcar & Cleveland) is in the top tranche of Caremark’s most successful franchisees, delivering more than 4,000 hours of care per week to vulnerable individuals across Guisborough and the surrounding area.

Since launching his franchise in 2008 Charles has gone from a small operation to a thriving business, employing 200+ staff.

Popular within the Caremark franchisee network, the quietly spoken business man leads a loyal and dedicated team who fully support his vision of providing a high quality care service in his local community.

Having owned and managed several other very successful businesses in his earlier career, including a franchise, Charles accumulated good business and management experience which meant he was well suited to be a Caremark franchisee.

“I researched various sectors before reaching the decision that domiciliary care offered the sustainability and a straightforward business model which allowed for positive cash flow and personal reward,” he said.

Hard work and dedication has enabled Charles to build a substantial enterprise, providing both high quality care to vulnerable people in his local community as well as offering great career opportunities to people of all ages.

Charles has been rewarded with steady growth and success over the years, with awards from Caremark Limited as well as being shortlisted twice for the Olderpreneur of the Year Award with the bfa HSBC Franchisee of the Year awards.

What is clear from all who know and work with Charles is that he genuinely loves his business and gets great personal fulfillment from all that he does.

“I love the fact that we are involved in providing an essential service to our local community and improve the quality of life of the people we support,” Charles added.

Andrew Peace & Mark McKenning

Friends and business partners Andrew Peace and Mark McKenning launched their Caremark franchise in Barnsley back in 2011.

Over the last six years they have built a substantial and thriving business delivering Caremark’s high quality care service to nearly two hundred and thirty people in their local community.

What began as a three person enterprise, today employs in excess of two hundred staff and delivers more than three thousand, two hundred hours of care and support per week to vulnerable individuals.

“The benefit of being a franchisee allows for some strong peer support and the basis of a roadmap.  However it’s you, the franchisee, who needs to grow your business,” said Director Mark McKenning.

“As with life, you get back what you put in,” he continued.  “You need a strong work ethic, resilience, passion and drive.  Businesses are built on the strength of reputation.  Doing the right things well time and time again is challenging, however this is what separates organisations.  Good service delivery is key.”

The entrepreneurial duo, who were colleagues in their previous careers have since opened a second office in Rotherham, with a third in Sheffield planned in the near future.

The award-winning pair continue to invest in their staff and their development, knowing that without their care workers there would be no Caremark.  Andrew and Mark are keen to be recognized as the employer of choice in their area as well as the care provider of choice by commissioning teams and clients alike.

Maintaining a happy workforce is key to strengthening their staff retention whilst attracting new talent to their care teams.  Ongoing training to encourage further staff learning and development is offered as well as a health and wellbeing programme which operates to educate and encourage staff in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mark McKenning commented: “It is important our work force are happy and healthy and we believe that we need to take care of ourselves to take care of our clients.  By doing this we can continue to deliver a service of excellence.”

Abhay Shah

Abhay Shah’s background was as an audit executive with Ernst & Young but eventually the number crunching became too dull.

Having always wanted to start his own business, Abhay set about researching various opportunities and it was then he came across the care sector.

He realised that buying a home care franchise was the perfect way to enter the industry, having had no previous experience in social care.

Abhay explains: “The franchise provides knowledge, guidance, support and experience which is invaluable to the success of my business.  Furthermore it provides a proven business model for you to replicate whilst still providing flexibility for you to choose your own local strategies.”

Four years on and Abhay has not only grown a substantial business in his territory of (Hillingdon) but he has also opened a second office in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

“Starting my business has certainly been a roller coaster, but the ups and downs are worth it when I hear the success stories of our care workers.  To be able to facilitate the delivery of good quality care has definitely been my greatest achievement”, he said.

The early days meant a great deal of hard work to build the business, forge a strong network of contacts and obtain brand recognition.

“This business is my passion, “he said, “and I absolutely love what I do.  There is certainly a lot of work involved, but I have an excellent team of staff to lighten the load.”

However he has no regrets and is now very proud of all that he and his team have achieved.

This year for the third year on the trot, Abhay and his team have been awarded the Top 10 Home Care Provider Award 2017 by  These awards highlight the most recommended home care providers in each region of the UK and are based on reviews posted by clients, families of the clients and their friends who use the provider’s service.

With his second office already growing steadily, Abhay is looking forward to another busy and rewarding year.


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