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Membership History

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Company Overview

With a 35 year history in franchising, Chemex has developed a time proven business model for its franchise partners. Based on the simple fact that all businesses are driven by legislation and reputation to use cleaning, hygiene or infection control products throughout the year we know that our marketplace will still be here in another 35 years. Creating a repeat order, business to business franchise ensures that the franchisee can generate the required income from as few as 40 customers but much more importantly by providing the Chemex service we retain those customers for far longer than the industry average. Operating through a low cost van based structure our franchise base supplies market-leading products at value for money prices. Supported by our experts in chemistry and microbiology we provide technical back up and through our marketing and sales expertise we hand hold our partners through the crucial early months of business development.

Franchise Overview

With over 30 years’ experience, Chemex is a well-established and award-winning franchise operating across 73 territories in the UK and 6 locations internationally but more importantly with a desire to continue that growth. We hold a wealth of knowledge internally and within our franchise network where 20% of our network have enjoyed 20 years or more in the business. Successful franchisees have come from many different backgrounds such as farming, mining, hotel management and manufacturing, the fact being that personality, enthusiasm and resilience are the key traits you need rather than your work based skill set.


Everybody is different and we recognise that one style of learning can be limiting, therefore we invest time in understanding how you best take on information to ensure we help you build the knowledge you need quickly. Using pre-starter training exercises followed by in-house training courses we can build a platform of practical knowledge. Through hands on, interactive sessions combining class based learning with in-field practical exercises and on-territory development work we start the process of building your prospect base. Initial training is then followed by our 12-week kick start programme led by our Franchise Sales Support Managers who will work alongside you in the creation of your new customers to drive the business forward.

Daily Life of a franchisee

You are in control of your daily and weekly schedule but much more importantly you control which customers you want to deal with. As a Chemex franchisee, you run all aspects of your business and through your own personality deploy the Chemex service with people who want to deal with you. If you like pubs we can give you a great excuse to spend more time in them. If you enjoy restaurants you will suddenly have a “behind the scenes” glimpse of how good food is prepared, and last but not least you will find yourself in a whole variety of businesses that will interest and fascinate you. If you enjoy communicating and dealing with people each day, Chemex will give you the opportunity to meet new people or old friends. With a large and exclusive territory, you can build a business where you protect the reputation of your customers and in doing so create your own reputation for service and excellence which in years to come will provide referrals and further business opportunity.

Matt Proud

Our newest franchisee Matt has a background in sales that will help him push forward the resale opportunity that he recently bought in the Derbyshire and Nottingham area. With £300,000 turnover seen as the starting point for his business ambitions Matt is currently working with the existing customer base exploring opportunities for increased revenues and referrals. Having run his own business previously Matt really liked the idea of buying into an existing business with a structured strategy for growth where he could bring his own personality and experience to really make a difference.

Mario Erispe

With a decade of success behind him operating across Portsmouth and Southampton, Mario has now reached retirement age. Ten years ago his career had reached a point where he felt that he was stagnating with no prospect of promotion and little reward for increased work hours.
“Working for myself was something I knew I wanted to do but choosing the right business was hard. Chemex ticked all the boxes, a great business model, loads of support, limited overheads and the chance to make some decent money.”
His entry into self-ownership revitalised his approach to life and through the business he has enjoyed the role and made many long-lasting friendships along the way. With a strong portfolio of customers happy with the Chemex service and product range he can now look forward to realising his asset and contributing to his pension fund.

John Bennett - Ex Franchisee

After a successful career in farm management, John Bennett made a complete, mid-life switch.

John at the age of 41, invested in a franchise with Chemex International covering South Nottinghamshire, including Nottingham city centre.

A Nottingham University graduate with a degree in agriculture followed by 16 years in agricultural farm management. He ended up managing a large, intensive arable, vegetable and root crop farm in North Nottinghamshire.

"But I needed a new challenge and was delighted when the opportunity to build a business with Chemex came along."

Franchising appealed to John because he had dealt with franchised businesses in the organic produce industry and knew how it worked. He entered franchising with Chemex, not only selling a wide range of cleaning and hygiene products but also offering advice and training for the healthcare, catering and hospitality industries.

John, a former captain of Nottingham & Union Rowing Club and former Henley Royal Regatta oarsman has now rowed away successful growing his business across Nott and after nearly two decades in the franchise and with new personal priorities he has advertised and sold his business.

"It’s been my life really supplying people who became friends in many cases as hygiene is major issue in all businesses”. With the help of the team at Chemex John has  been fortunate to journey through the entire life-cycle with Chemex from buying to building to finally selling his interests.

Ross Cathie

A Brit living abroad with his American family Ross wanted them to experience life here in the UK. After 27yrs in the US Ross quickly realised that life back in the UK wasn’t going to be easy. With a job in Sainsburys quickly becoming tedious and repetitive his search for an opportunity brought him towards Chemex.

Realising the size of the potential market and the growth opportunity Ross grew his Twickenham territory towards a £200k turnover. Sadly for Ross his ambition of growing a £1m turnover business was thwarted as the family yearned for the warm climate of home rather than the rainy cold UK.

The territory is now being operated as part of the Chemex company owned unit but is available as a resale for potential franchisees


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15 December 2022
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22 November 2022
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25 July 2022

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