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Company Overview

Children inspired by yoga is the UKs longest running children’s wellbeing franchise.

Established in 2004 we offer children’s wellbeing classes inspired by yoga & mindfulness. Our programmes have been created by experts; yoga teachers, educationalists, musicians and artists, to inspiring and motivating classes that are underpineed by the national curriculums.

Our 3 programmes, covering 0-11 years, included lesson plans, curriculum links, colouring sheets, notes for parents, stickers and more

Franchise Overview

You will receive all training, materials, and systems plus over 15 year’s experience to build your own successful business.

Ongoing sales and teaching support is provided by the experienced Head Office as well as a friendly and collaborative network of franchisees.

From day one you will be working to scale your business using self-employed teachers, so you achieve financial autonomy.

The cost of the franchise is £10,000 plus VAT and funding is available. This investment will earn you from £1000- £8000 per month, depending on the hours you spend and the length of time you have been operating.

Additionally, you are building an asset, should you decide to sell your business at some point in the future.

If you would like to work with children, have a profound impact on their wellbeing, have fun as well as achieve a passive income (earning money when you are not there!) then please speak to us on  a friendly knowledgeable call with no commitment.

We will be able to guide you and tell you if we think this opportunity will fit with your future life goals.


A new franchisee will have 1-1 business training spread over the first 4 months in the form of a detailed launchplan, and over 6 months with a franchisee mentor. The business training covers all areas of operations. There are three programme trainings for Baby Bumpkin, Tatty Bumpkin and Tatty Guroo held on zoom. They are each 1 day theory and content on zoom, plus half a day on practical advice from an existing franchisee with 1-1 assessments. In addition new franchisees are provided with an editable website, email, access to editable artwork and a booking CRM.

The initial training is in Tatty Bumpkin classes 3-5years. No experience is necessary because this developmentally based course gives insights into how to engage and motivate your class. All lesson plans are provided and training in simple yoga-inspired movements. For this age range, the important thing is how to motivate and inspire using the multi-sensory approach, so long as you have a sense of fun and purpose, and want to work with children, everything else will fall into place. Baby Bumpkin training follows, and then when you do your Tatty Guroo training you will need to have a regular yoga practice yourself, but this programme then follows a more curriculum-based session – again all lesson plans and curriculum links are provided. Training also includes an additional place for a teacher of your choice – either at the same time or into the future as you expand.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Initially your training will be in Tatty Bumpkin classes 3-5 years, so your business will start by compiling a list of nurseries and preschools in your area. Using our marketing pack and following a ‘how to make sales calls’ zoom, you will start by calling and introducing your new business. This is not selling at such, its sharing your passion for the programme. You will enter the records on your new Tatty Hub portal, that will be the central system for your whole business.

Some of these calls will result in taster sessions, some in medium- or longer-term actions. You will start to network with local businesses, and network using your social media channels. Depending on the time of year, you may attend fetes festivals open days too.

A part of each day should be dedicated to creating pipeline opportunities. In the beginning this will take more of your time as you build your business and brand awareness. As much of your time as you choose will be taken with teaching classes – as you grow you may to choose to work with a team of self-employed teachers, but in the beginning and so you know your business inside out, you will definitely be teaching classes.

Running your own small business, any prior experience you have will be useful. You will learn about not only teaching and interacting with children through the classes, but child development through to marketing, business concepts such as cashflow and expenses, but many many more aspects too. The great thing about this business is you will expand your existing skillset, but tailor your business to suit your passions and current experience.


South East Oxfordshire

I am excited to announce that Children Inspired by SE Oxfordshire, is for Sale for the first time in 10 years! As a parent you will have seen first hand what a positive impact Tatty Bumpkin and friends have on your children. And now, more than ever children are in need of mindfulness and wellbeing. We are recruiting in South Oxfordshire and the surrounding area to find the right person who can carry on sharing Tatty’s valuable message.

Learn More About Franchising With Us

Q&A with Lou Steel (current owner of CibY Oxford and SE Oxford)

CIbY SE Oxon was my first venture into being self-employed and I have learned so much along the way. 10years on, and I now run 3 profitable businesses (including CIbY SE Oxon & CIBY Oxford). I and want to offer the opportunity for moved away from the area in 2018  someone more local to continue building on what I have grown. Plus, alongside my teenage daughter I now also have a toddler to keep me busy!

What benefits are there to buying an active, established CIbY franchise?

When I took on CIbY SE Oxon in 2012, there was no brand awareness and even the idea of yoga for children back then was quite alien! Things have changed now and there is a lot more awareness of the importance of children’s wellbeing & mental health, especially post-pandemic. Most of my current contracts are on-going and have been running for 8years+. There is great brand awareness in the area, I have long-standing contracts and have a fantastic reputation locally as a reliable and professional kids yoga teacher & provider.

What is the benefit of buying a CIBY franchise in particular?

We are a close knit network and there is a lot of experience and support from current franchisees and head office. All necessary training is provided in-person online but also recorded so you can access and absorb at your own pace. You will be investing in a scalable business as head office run regular teacher trainings to help you grow your business and provide you with more flexible working hours.

What will you miss about the CIBY family?

I am not leaving! I will continue to run my CIbY Oxford franchise. In fact I am working closer with head office now as I am also now helping to deliver the teacher trainings and mentor new franchisees. My amazing mentor (and previous owner of CIbY Oxford, Zoe Patmore) taught me so much when I took on my first franchise neighbouring hers, I hope to be able to offer support and guidance to the new owner of CIbY SE Oxon (should they want it!).

Could you be the next South East Oxfordshire franchisee?

Owning a Children Inspired by Yoga Franchise will boost your life in many ways:

  1. Your Career – Want a substantial income? Our franchise is the answer.  
  • With Children Inspired by Yoga there is excellent earning potential.
  • Expand on your skills and knowledge by being part of our UK wide team where you can ask questions, be supported and continuously grow.
  1. Your Aspirations – Want A Legacy? Our franchise is the answer. 
  • Own a regional franchise, completely yours, the area is exclusive to you.
  • Your name will become known in the industry opening up opportunities to grow a team of teachers, enter awards, and increase your personal PR status.
  1. Your Personal Life – Want More Balance? Our franchise is the answer. 
  • Work from your home, the beach, a lodge in the highlands. All you need is a laptop and Wifi – we support you with the rest.
  • Escape the 9am – 5pm, design your hours as you need, to allow you to spend more time with friends, family and loved ones.

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