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Membership History

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Joined 2018

Company Overview

Chrysalis Partners offers business owners an opportunity to improve how they conduct business day to day by helping deliver growth in revenue and profitability. We use proven strategies to make businesses more successful and run more smoothly to maximise their potential. Just like the top sportsman in the world, even the best business people need a business coach to help their business achieve true success.

Franchise Overview

We include an initial marketing campaign to give you leads and appointments plus an Enhanced Support Program with a Coach’s Coach to drive success in your new business.  The target market for our services is more than 5 million SME businesses in the UK alone, the majority of which will not see success without some help.  We are there to deliver success to our clients across a multitude of different marketplaces, whether product or service based.  Our strategies and systems are all proven and we offer cost effective Coaching and Consulting to even the smallest of businesses unlike many of our competitors.  A Business Coach should be able to earn in excess of £120K and have an excellent work life balance.


Our training is world-class and is a 5 day residential course based in the UK.  You will find the training challenging and ground breaking in many ways as you engage in practical workshops and exercises, both individually and in group sessions.  We will train you how to grow and scale businesses using our step by step program, which will guide you and your clients seamlessly through the process.

Daily Life of a franchisee

You will use the skills you have learned during training and indeed your existing business experience to work with clients to deliver success into their business.  You will use your training to attain clients via multiple methodologies and once you have your chosen client base you will work as few or as many days per week as you choose to fit around your earnings aspirations and your lifestyle.


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