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Company Overview

Colourfence doesn’t rot, warp or peel. It doesn’t require any upkeep and is totally maintenance-free. What’s more, Colourfence can withstand gale force winds.

Colourfence is made from lightweight, high tensile Colorbond steel. It has been popular in Australia for decades and dominates the market place down under. Colourfence is now manufactured here in the UK to fit domestic settings. This isn’t bleak industrial metal, but attractive coloured fencing that will replace inferior wooden products.

Franchise Overview

Colourfence has an expanding network of management franchisees. In the early days many franchisees worked on the installations as well as surveys. This restricted both theirs and the company’s growth. These days many franchisees sell more than quarter of a million pounds of fencing annually, and don’t fit a single fence themselves.


Training is designed to suit individual requirements. It is a mix of sales, management, administration, technical and practical.

It is important to state that Colourfence franchisees are NOT expected to become fence
fitters. This is a management franchise and your personal and organisational skills are far more important than any DIY or practical expertise.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Colourfence franchisees are expected to promote the product locally – with support from the franchisor in extensive national advertising. The day-to-day role will involve quoting and surveying and managing one or more installers. There is no hard sell in this business, and all enquires are generated through advertisements and referrals.

Paul Gilmore

Colourfence’s ‘Newcomer of the Year’, Paul Gilmore from Bognor Regis, explains his reasons for joining the franchise, what winning the award meant, and talks about his experiences to date.

“I’ll admit it was a difficult decision to find a franchise that I wanted to partner with. But, when I came across Colourfence, I knew I’d found a company that I could work with. And, more importantly, I’d found one that offered fantastic, quality products that I would be proud to associate myself with.

I joined Colourfence in October 2015. It has been a steep learning curve as, like many others, I’d never owned a franchise before. But the Colourfence team have been so supportive and encouraging that it has made the journey all the easier. What’s more, my background in engineering and construction has definitely helped me to clear all the hurdles!

We have had such positive feedback from our customers that there is a real sense of pride and achievement following every job we complete. Both myself and my small team of fitters work hard to exceed expectations and complete a fencing solution that the homeowner can be proud of year after year. A large percentage of our work is from customer referrals too, so it is rewarding to see our efforts do not go unnoticed.

My Colourfence franchise, 'West Sussex fencing’, has been awarded ‘Best Newcomer’ in this year’s Franchisee Awards which, for all of us, has been a great boost. We really do appreciate the recognition of our commitment to excellence.

Looking to the future, I’d like to build a solid sustainable business that can grow organically year-on-year. We would also like to build on our great reputation and be the supplier of choice for fencing in West Sussex. And, with the support of Colourfence, I am more than confident that this can be achieved.”

The Colourfence franchise – a BFA-member for 10 years – requires no previous experience, is very easy to learn and provides a rapid return on investment. The company holds regular Open Days at its factory in Newport for prospective franchisees, with spaces still available on:

The franchise, which can be run as a management operation, costs just £19,995 + vat.

Sharone Freed

Q. Why did you decide to look into franchising?

Sharone freed: “I didn’t! I was a sales executive for the RAC and I was looking for a fencing solution for my own home that was different to traditional timber.

Looking online I came across Colourfence and researched it as a customer. I then met with Mark Stewart Woods and his team and was so impressed with the product and the people that when I learned it was available as a franchise in my area I had to go for it.”

Q. What appealed most about the franchise? 

Sharone Freed: “The quality and the exclusivity of the product, plus the fact that apart from timber there is no direct competitor. Also the passion and experience of the people behind the business was big plus. The legal documentation was drawn up by one of the UK's leading franchise solicitors and the prospectus was clear and didn’t over promise. The fact that Colourfence are an associate member of the bfa gave me confidence in the integrity and ethics of the company and backed up my over all positive feeling”.

Q. What training did you receive?

Sharone Freed: “The training program was tailored to what skills I had and where I needed to grow. As I already had a strong background in sales and administration we focussed the training on the operational side of installing and erecting the fencing, and of course Colourfence Customer Service”.

Q. What support have you received?

Sharone Freed: “As well as initial training there is a support team at Head Office for whatever help I need. Whenever I have a question I know that advice is just a phone call away. They have exceeded their obligations to me”

Q. Has it been a challenge to generate business?

Sharone Freed: “In my first month of trading I exhibited at a local garden show from which I secured my first three customers. Further business was generated through a combination of leaflet drops, local advertising, (both subsidised by Colourfence) and national advertising by head office. As my business has grown I now get an increasing number of referrals by happy customers”

Q. Are you on target to meet your business plan?

Sharone Freed: “When I first started in June 2007 I had a realistic plan target for my first year. I achieved this target within the first nine months of trading and I am currently 29% up on plan with two months of my first year left to go.”

Q. What do you enjoy most about your franchised business?

Sharone Freed: “I enjoy being my own boss……even though I am probably the toughest boss I have worked for! My goal is to add a couple of vans and a team of employees to build a substantial business and a secure future for my family.”


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