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Membership History

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Joined 1997

Company Overview

Established for over 30 years, Driver Hire is a B2B management franchise in the vibrant recruitment sector. With over 100 offices nationwide, our franchisees specialise in supplying commercial drivers and other logistics staff to the private and public sectors. We provide high-quality temporary staff to cover holidays, sickness and longer contracts. We can respond to a staffing emergency, or help customers with strategic staff planning. With strong demand for our core services, additional revenue streams include permanent recruitment and training services (classroom based and online).

Franchise Overview

Driver Hire has been franchising since 1987 and currently has 100+ offices throughout the UK; 92 of these are franchised.

Driver Hire is part of the £32.2bn UK recruitment and staffing industry and the market for temporary drivers alone is estimated to be worth around £2bn.

In 2017/18 the average turnover for a Driver Hire franchised office, operating for the full year – was £1,180,450. This is three times the industry average – according the 2015 bfa and NatWest survey – of £378,400.

Driver Hire has also been a bfa HSBC ‘Franchisor of the Year’ award winner five times and a finalist 12 times out of the last 13 years.


Our intensive two to six week foundation programme, held at our Bradford head office, provides all the core knowledge needed to run a successful business, even if you are new to the industry.

Topics include important transport and recruitment industry legislation and all aspects of day-to-day operations, including finding and winning new customers, candidate recruitment, finance, marketing, IT systems, compliance and more.

Further ongoing training and updates are provided on a regular basis

Daily Life of a franchisee

Every day is different. Typical tasks – depending on how the team is structured – will include sales calls and customer visits, interviewing candidates, holding team meetings and planning local marketing campaigns.

Our offices offer a 24/7 service. This doesn’t mean someone has to be based in the office round the clock, as staff normally take turns being on call.

Working in a Driver Hire office can be hectic, but, it’s always rewarding!

Roy McLellan

Roy McLellan is one of Driver Hire's newest franchisees, having acquired the Dundee & Perth business through a re-sale. The previous owners had bought the business 5 years ago and turned it into an extremely successful operation. They then decided that the time was right for them to realise their investment and move on to something new.

Roy is inheriting a winning team in Dundee and this is reflected in the recent superb sales performance of the business. It's also been recognised in Driver Hire's 'Office of the Month' award, given to the Dundee office for a combination of strong financial performance, sales activity and customer engagement.

Roy McLellan comes to Driver Hire with an impressive track record in the logistics business, including a spell as Royal Mail's Scotland & Northern Ireland Distribution Director. In a previous life he was a senior officer in the Merchant Navy and has circumnavigated the world several times.

"For the past decade or so I've been based in the south of England," says Roy. "My wife and I have always wanted to move back to Scotland. The opportunity to buy this franchise came along at just the right time. To be honest I'd never considered franchising. But once I'd been persuaded to look at the Driver Hire model, it changed my mind. Driver Hire is very professional, has first-rate business processes and franchisees enjoy great backing to ensure we are successful."

"They put all new franchisees through an intensive two-week induction course covering the recruitment industry, transport and logistics and their ISO quality processes and procedures," says Roy. "So now I am fully prepared to take over the business. Over the past few years I've made a lot of money for the shareholders of the companies I've been in charge of. Now it's my turn to be my own boss and make some money for myself. I firmly believe that my Driver Hire franchise is the right vehicle to do that."

John Griffiths

John Griffiths and his wife Alison have been steadily growing their recruitment franchise since March 2007. A successful and profitable business Driver Hire Taunton in 2016/17 was one of Driver Hire’s 48% of franchised offices that achieved a turnover of over £1m.

Prior to joining Driver Hire – first as an employee (an Area Development Manager) and then as a franchisee - John had worked as a commercial director for a manufacturing company specialising in retail equipment.

When looking at franchise options, John already understood how franchising worked, having been employed by a franchisor, and this had opened his eyes to what could be achieved as a franchisee.

“Having previously been employed by Driver Hire as an ADM, I’d seen how successful other franchisees were. I’d been in a fortunate position - when working with them - I’d be looking at their P&Ls so could clearly see the success levels. When Alison and I sat down to discuss options to run our own business, we realised the answer was in front of our face. The fact that I already knew all the systems I’d be working with, and the strength of the Driver Hire brand, meant staying with Driver Hire was the perfect choice.”

John and Alison went to their bank for a 5 year loan to fund the purchase of their franchise. In took two years for them to pay off the loan, leaving them to concentrate on growing the business further.

When asked about a typical day as a Driver Hire franchisee John goes on to say, “As joint franchisees Alison and I are very active in the business; there is always one of us in the office. Alison tends to look after the admin side, bookkeeping and finance. I’ll concentrate on sales and marketing, cash flow and help the team out on the operations side when busy. We make sure to keep an eye on the different marketing campaigns available from the head office so we can choose those relevant to our overall strategy and plan accordingly. Besides planned sales visits we’ll also just call in to see customers, or drive around our territory to see what has changed and what new opportunities there are.”

When asked if he’d buy a franchise again John adds, “Yes of course. I wouldn’t do it independently and would definitely go down the franchise route again. You’ve got the brand, the systems and the backup already in place and the partnership works – both parties striving for success.”

Jamie Williamson

Jamie, brings 20 years of financial and business experience to his franchise. He worked for DHL Express and, more recently, Rentokil Initial Washrooms and Textiles Division. For the latter he was Chief of Staff to their European CEO and was based in Belgium with responsibility for managing change across 16 businesses throughout Europe. He also has previous experience of franchising which, by way of recommendation, brought him to Driver Hire.

“I was looking for a new challenge and this opportunity with Driver Hire came along,” says Jamie. To ensure he gets away to a flying start Jamie has completed an in-depth two-week training course to learn the basics of his new business. He’ll be working alongside experienced colleagues Mike St John Mosse, Roy Lovatt and Debbie Booker.

Out of hours Jamie loves football and golf. Much of his spare time is taken up as the Chairman of Evo Stick Division One team, Fleet Town FC.

Jamie is now looking forward to a bright future with Driver Hire.

David and Gina Quinn

David Quinn is no stranger to working in sales or in the transport sector - having previously worked as a general manager for a commercial vehicle dealership - but that’s not necessarily why he chose to buy his Driver Hire recruitment franchise back in January 2006.

David and his wife Gina were primarily looking for a business they could run together and from which they could reap the rewards of their hard work. David recalls when they were looking for a franchise: “We wanted our own business – one where we could directly benefit from the effort we were putting in. We knew we would have to do some thorough research on all the franchise options available, but we wanted to make sure our final decision ticked all our boxes.

“It’s important to look at yourself when choosing a franchise. Only you can make your business thrive, but with the help of a proven brand name, franchisor know-how and a formula for success, your chances increase tenfold.”

Driver Hire did well to tick the boxes on David and Gina’s wish list. They were looking for a financially rewarding management franchise with scope for development, a proven and established brand, a thorough training scheme and comprehensive head office support. David and Gina decided to buy the Driver Hire franchise for Chelmsford.

“I really valued the initial two week training course that Driver Hire provided before we were let loose,” says David. “The dedication and willingness to help from my area development manager and the head office team was second to none and still is, six years down the line. For me, the research paid off and for anyone considering Driver Hire, they are very open and will give you every opportunity to do that research.”

With six full years trading under their belt, David and Gina’s only regret is that they didn’t make their move to Driver Hire sooner. “Although trading conditions are tougher than when we started there are still plenty of opportunities to make money with Driver Hire,” comments Gina. “Persistence pays and in our case, we believe our customers like the fact that we are a strong husband and wife team and that they get to deal with the business owners on a daily basis. We’ve worked hard and always make use of the professional sales and marketing resources that head office creates. They’re vital in keeping a dialogue with our customers and the quality is second to none.”

David and Gina’s dedication to their customers and candidates embodies the Driver Hire spirit and in January 2012 their efforts were recognised and rewarded when they were presented with the ‘David Walter Salver’ award at the Driver Hire annual winter conference in Edinburgh.

David adds: “The biggest challenge in any business is growing it, but with Driver Hire we’ve achieved our aims of owning our own business and being in control of our own destiny. We’re not stopping yet. Being part of the Driver Hire network means we can access the tools and resources we need to keep growing, whilst the opportunity to compare against and mix with other franchisees keeps us both keen and motivated.

Andrew Padgett

In 1998 Andrew Padgett bought his Driver Hire start-up franchise. Andrew had never worked in recruitment or the logistics industry before, but felt his skills set neatly matched the skills needed to become a successful Driver Hire franchisee.

“Before deciding to buy a franchise I worked in retail sales for the local electric company,” says Andrew. “I got fed up with the politics of a large organisation and decided that if the right franchise opportunity came along, I would go for it.”

Covering the Ashford and Canterbury area his business now supplies an average 50 clients, and finds work for around 100 candidates per week. Driver Hire is the UK’s leading supplier of temporary and permanent staff to the driving and logistics industry.

“Running my Driver Hire franchise is financially rewarding, mentally challenging and its flexibility enables me to have a good work life balance, “ says Andrew when it comes to discussing some of the benefits he’s experienced as a Driver Hire franchisee.

Andrew goes on to explain his reasons for choosing Driver Hire, “I had met other people from different franchise brands, but when I met the franchise sales team from Driver Hire they were really down to earth, honest, grounded and realistic . They were brutally frank about what the business entailed and what would be involved to make it work. This gave me the confidence and a level of trust that other franchise brands hadn’t during initial conversations. Also when I talked to other Driver Hire franchisees they were really positive about the business.”

Plans for the future

According to Andrew he has no plans to retire before 2035, though he may look to later reduce his days in the office. “I still love what I do, so the plan is to continue. Retiring is not on my horizon at the moment. I’d certainly buy a Driver Hire franchise again knowing what I know now. One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most is building a team of people I can rely on and trust.”


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