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Company Overview

Providing children with the power to change the world in their own unique ways.

We care for children, empowering and engaging them whilst giving their parents what they require for harmony in their lives.

About Fun Fest for Children

Fun Fest for Children, provides out of school childcare via:

    • Fun Fest Holiday Clubs
    • Fun Fest Before & After School Clubs
    • Fun Fest Children’s Parties

This gives franchisees flexibility and choice in terms of the type of business and the level of investment that they wish to commit to.

All services are designed to be child-led, which means letting the children themselves decide what they wish to play, learn or explore and supporting them in their choices. 

Parents desire high-quality service providers to care for, teach and entertain their children. Children are becoming increasingly sophisticated customers; they know what they want and what they like and are not afraid to tell you! The Fun Fest team listens carefully to what children and parents tell them to ensure that their services are child-centred and parent-orientated.

Franchise Overview

A Fun Fest for Children franchise gives you a brand and a business which is:

  • Child-centred: Making sure that children’s choices are central to their Fun Fest experiences
  • High quality: Having built an excellent reputation with Ofsted, schools, parents and children
  • In demand: Providing childcare solutions to working parents for which there is a growing demand coupled with a lack of adequate provision across the UK
  • Profitable: Earning a fantastic return for seasonal, part time or full-time operating hours
  • Flexible: Fitting around your life, commitments and aspirations in a way which suits you
  • Supported: Providing the tools, training, advice and support you need to succeed
  • Rewarding: Giving children exciting experiences they will never forget

Fun Fest for Children is ranked as one of the UK’s Top 100 franchisor’s and since it launched its national franchise programme in 2017, it has achieved:

  • A UK-wide network: Over 25 operating units in the UK, spread from Chorley in the North to Orpington in the South
  • A unique USP of choice: All services are designed to be child-led, supporting children in their choices
  • Customer Satisfaction: Net Promoter Score of 63
  • Franchisee Satisfaction: 82 per cent franchisee satisfaction rating
  • Ofsted Approval: All services receiving ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ in their Ofsted inspections
  • Awards: Best Newcomer to franchising award in 2018 from Working Mums

If you want to run your own business and are looking for an exciting and quality brand in a growth market which will earn fantastic returns for a flexible working life then consider a Fun Fest Franchise.

The Funfest Franchise System

A franchisee is granted ownership of a geographical territory within the UK, as defined by the postcodes in that region, where they are the sole Fun Fest operator.

The franchise agreement specifies the rights and obligations of the franchisor and the franchisee.

The Fun Fest franchise package includes:

– Training
– Operations Manual
– Tool Kits of resources
– Mentoring & Support
– School/Premises finding service
– Ofsted Licence
– Digital Marketing Package
– Website page, booking/enquiry system



Training varies according to which franchise stream you wish to follow but typically consists of:

  • Online training modules
  • A minimum of 5 days in a Fun Fest club/nursery to understand the operational aspects of running your business
  • A maximum of 5 days covering the business and marketing aspects of running your business

This is followed by mentoring and support from your allocated Regional Operations Director who will monitor your progress towards opening.

Ongoing support and training is provided as required

Daily Life of a franchisee

This depends heavily upon the type of franchise and whether the franchisee wishes to be their own club/nursery manager.

For a Holiday Club, most administration can be done on a flexible part-time basis from home, although there will be some meetings, site visits and promotional work to attend to. This is a seasonal business and so you will work more hours in the build up to and during the school holidays.  You may wish to work at the club yourself but by employing a good team of staff this is not necessary.

Setting up and running a nursery will require a greater investment in terms of time and money

Fun Fest Franchisees

Our franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds. We have pharmacists, sales professionals, horticulturalists and business analysts as well as teachers, teaching assistants and nursery practitioners. They have a wide variety of knowledge and skills but share the following qualities:

  • A knowledge of the local area in terms of families, schools and childcare
  • A desire for quality and excellence in what they do
  • A positive and proactive attitude
  • The ability to plan ahead, project manage and complete tasks to a deadline
  • Attention to detail
  • A good communicator

Please note that it is not necessary to have experience in childcare or hold specific childcare qualifications.

The Fun Fest franchises can be run on a part-time basis, fitting around other work, family or other commitments.

Ryan Turner, Franchisee for Sutton Coldfield

The flexibility that my franchise offers is second to none. Originally, I put a few months’ hard work into setting up but was then able to run it alongside a full-time job while my Fun Fest grew. For relatively low start-up costs, the financial returns are now great enough to allow me to step away from full-time work and focus on maximising the potential of my Fun Fest territory. I don’t have childcare qualifications myself but with the support on offer from the Fun Fest team and by employing strong staff members, this has never been a problem. Fun Fest is a great opportunity for anyone looking for greater personal and financial independence

Anvi Dhiman, Franchisee with her sister Anjli for Harrow & Stanmore

I knew it was time to ‘scratch the itch’ I had to run my own business, but not having done anything like this before I also knew I would need help and support from the start. I could see that a franchise would give me a business-in-a-box but to start with, I had no idea what sort of business would be right for me. I was impressed with the Fun Fest brand, team and offering. The investment level was appealing, and I could see that I would not have to give up my existing work entirely to run a franchise with them. Having young children myself, I knew there was a need in my area for a holiday childcare service. A franchise with Fun Fest has given us the flexible and supported business we need, and our recent target-breaking launch just goes to confirm we made the right choice!

Jag from Fun Fest St Albans

Helen from Fun Fest Hartford, Cheadle and Altrincham

Meet Mandy from Fun Fest Ruislip

Tina Fun Fest Lichfield Franchisee

Helen Fun Fest Cheshire


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