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Company Overview

  • Minimum personal investment: $80,000
  • The total investment necessary to begin operation of a GoliathTech franchised business is from $100,000 USD to $241,000 USD
  • Franchise fee: $49,500 + starter-kit of tools that cost approximately $15,000 depending on what tools are chosen.

Market – B2B

Franchisee’s must-have business management experience. Must also have the financial capacity to cover the initial franchise fee ($49,500), purchase the starter kit (+- $15,000) as well as, a mini-excavator or skid steer, a pick-up truck, and a trailer.

They must also be able to cover the cost of their first 2 or 3 orders. No large inventory is required, and this business can be run with minimal office space, in some cases a home office will suffice at the start-up stage. The franchisee is considered open for business when he has met the following:

  • Paid franchisee fee and starter-kit in full
  • Received his starter-kit
  • Have a machine, truck, and a trailer branded with GoliathTech logos
  • Completed his GoliathTech training & certification

GoliathTech was born out of a 2004-founded company – Les Pieux Goliath, which operated exclusively in a small town in Quebec, Canada – when purchased by Julian Reusing in 2013, Julian converted the company into a global franchise model.

GoliathTech is still today headquartered in Quebec, Canada, and now has over 160 open franchise units globally.

In 2013 Julian Reusing changed the business model to a franchise model after the previous owner-operated for 9 years as a non-franchised business. Julian first opened their first 18,000 square foot factory.

In 2015 GoliathTech entered the US market and grew it over the coming years to having franchises in over 30 US states. This year, multiple patents were issued globally.

In 2016 they moved into a larger 65,000 square foot factory and they already had 50 open franchise territories.

In 2018 they opened their first franchise in Europe (Reunion Island.) The Canadian franchises were practically sold out by this time.

In 2019 they had over 100 open franchised territories.

In 2021 they opened many new franchises and now have installing locations in the Caribbean, covering now 3 Caribbean countries. In 2021 they are operating over 160 franchised territories globally. They open between 1 and 3 new ones every month.

In 2022 Q1 GoliathTech just finished its newly built state-of-the-art 120,000 square foot high-speed production factory and has moved in!

Franchise Overview

GoliathTech offers a royalty-free franchise, where their franchisees benefit from quality products, services, and support. The implementation of their products extends to several fields of construction including home foundations, underpinning (foundation repair,) signage, decks, railway infrastructure, agricultural infrastructure, solar, to name some of its applications.
Made from galvanized steel, GoliathTech helical piles deeply penetrate the ground guaranteeing a solid foundation. Helical piles are faster to install than other foundations and have an extremely high bearing capacity. Their piles are drilled into the ground and will not destroy the land around your project as there is no excavation required. Made from fully galvanized 60Ksi steel, the tubes and helices are protected against physical deterioration. Furthermore, to prevent the cold weather heaving, they are filled with polyurethane. GoliathTech uses high-quality recycled steel in its fabrication. This conserves natural resources and energy and reduces the overall carbon footprint. They are ISO 14001:2015 certified therefore a green foundation solution.

  • The estimated time to break even: within the second year
  • The current number of outlets: over 160+ open franchise units globally
  • Available Locations (the region(s) or countries where franchise opportunities are offered) : North America and Europe.
  • Training Provided: Yes

The Marketing Fund is used to maximize recognition of the brand and for producing marketing materials and advertising programs; and supporting public relations, market research, and other advertising, promotion, and marketing activities that will benefit all the Franchisees.

  • 6% of product purchases for the franchisees’ global marketing fund, and 3% of gross revenue on local advertising
  • Royalty fees: No royalties. The initial 5-year Franchise Agreement can be renewed every 5 years at 25% of the then franchise fee. The protected territory included.
  • Average floor space: The franchisee must have sufficient space to store his machine, truck trailer, and a couple of pallets worth of product. As the business grows you will adjust and need more space as you add equipment and grow your sales.



Training is a vital part of franchising and so remember to provide all relevant programs you put in place to attract prospective franchisees. Tell franchisees exactly what they need to know about the support they will be given and include details on the initial training, the duration, and location (classroom, online, external trainers of the help you’ll provide. A prospective franchisee will want to know if they would be trained on core operations as well as further elements around key business skills.

Training & Support provided:

  • 8 hours in the classroom: Technical training
  • 4 hours machine installation training
  • 4 hours sales technical training
  • Long-term ongoing technical support

Daily Life of a franchisee

There is no typical day for a GoliathTech franchise owner because every day there are different tasks to perform!

As time goes by and as you get to know your business and market well, operations will flow. Your success will depend on your own efforts, like any other business, but GoliathTech Corp is there to help and guide you.

The tasks that a GoliathTech franchisee must complete, include working on local promotional and marketing strategies, ordering, and requesting inventory, and monitoring finances, to name a few. Let’s not forget sales, you must monitor your sales very closely to make sure you meet the minimums, and your business is profitable. Managing your crew(s), keeping up with emails, ordering supplies, administration work, are also part of our franchisee’s daily routine.

These could be some tasks you could expect:

  1. Plan, organize and schedule projects: determine labour requirements and know how many projects are planned per day to ensure installation compliance
  2. Travel back and forth to different projects
  3. Make sure you have the necessary machinery for each project and that it is in good working condition
  4. Be aware of each project to know if something additional is required to ensure the delivery of the installation and client satisfaction
  5. Maintain and follow a budget for each installation
  6. Inspect and review projects to monitor compliance with building safety codes and environmental regulations
  7. Monitor each project to ensure the correct optimization of material and human resources
  8. Manage and maintain proper inventories (take into consideration lead-time for nonstandard items if needed)
  9. Make sure the business complies with local building laws & regulations
  10. Presentation of new businesses: negotiation of contracts and search for new projects
  11. Recruitment of staff/crew (s)
  12. Ensure a good work environment where communication flows
  13. Make sure projects are on track and completed on time


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