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Company Overview

Home Instead has many accolades including what is considered to be the pinnacle in franchising, the bfa HSBC GOLD’ Franchisor of the Year award 2020.

The company has also been ranked No 1 in the Elite Franchise top 100 franchises. It has also been awarded The Queen’s Award for innovation and holds a Princess Royal Training Award.

Home Instead Senior Care is the world leader in non-medical care and the UK pioneer of relationship-led care for older people in their own homes since 2005.

Home Instead has 224 franchise owners in the UK and operates in 12 countries with over 1,200 offices worldwide.

Franchise Overview

The company has a proven model that delivers both outstanding care and outstanding results for franchisees; put simply, Home Instead is making lives better for everyone.

Across the UK network, the franchise business supports more than 15,000 clients and employs in excess of 11,000 CAREGivers.

A rapidly ageing population means there are high levels of demand for Home Instead’s services. As a result, Home Instead franchisees enjoy exceptional growth opportunities providing their unique quality home care.

Home Instead has over 65 Outstanding ratings from inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the care they provide, more than any other home care provider.


Home Instead’s training is unrivalled. With New Owner, 90 and 180-day development programmes, followed by ongoing support from the business development, marketing, care, quality, finance, IT and standards teams, a franchisee is always supported. There’s a 4:1 ratio of franchise offices to National Office employees, who are there to support owners throughout their business life cycle. Our franchisees support each other too, with strong peer collaboration.

Daily Life of a franchisee

As a management franchise, no care experience is needed. The owner is responsible for business growth with a team of care professionals managing and delivering the quality care.

Franchisees have a highly experienced national office team which provides specialist and ongoing support including business development, marketing, care, quality, finance, IT and standards.

Alan Barr

After two decades working in corporate finance, father-of-three Alan Barr walked away from a six figure salary to become his own boss as a franchisee with Home Instead Senior Care  in South Lanarkshire.

Having held senior roles including CFO of £350m turnover Peel Ports, Alan was also the former FD then MD of Glasgow Airport. His corporate career involved UK and international travel and ‘working all hours’ as a way of life.

        Franchise owner Alan Barr (R) with son Alistair (L)

But when his wife Jacqui passed away, Alan aged just 44 at the time, needed to find a new career that would keep him closer to home so he could raise his daughter and two sons. He wanted to run a business that would support his family for the long-term but where he was able to work on his own terms too.

Given his financial background, Alan was aware of franchising as a concept – a way to start your own business under a brand’s model but with less risk than being a conventional start up.

Having a proven tried and tested business model and a robust support structure to nurture business development and growth appealed to Alan. That’s alongside the fact that he could set his territory office up just 5 minutes from the family home to be close to the kids.

Barr family photo with Alan’s late wife Jacqui and three children, Alistair pictured bottom right aged 6.

Alan, now aged 50, opened his Home Instead Senior Care franchise a year and a half ago. And his 17-year-old son Alistair has been involved in the business from day 1, as the office manager and responsible for the business’ website and social media profiles.

“I wanted a business that was sustainable, that would grow and have longevity to see me through to the age of 65/70,” said Alan. "But I also wanted something I was passionate about to be my ‘second career’ in life and that was the elderly care sector.”

Alan had seen the challenges within the care landscape in Scotland, after looking for care to support his mum who had late stage Alzheimer’s.                                                     Barr family photo with Alan’s late wife Jacqui and                                                                             three children, Alistair pictured bottom right aged 6.

“From my own experience of looking for quality care for my mum, I could see that senior care was something that I could really care about as a business. Looking at Home Instead’s credentials in care excellence as well as its calibre as a franchisor, it seemed the right match for the next stage of both my professional and home life.

“I could see the market opportunity of buying a franchise with a brand that’s shaking up the care sector market with its quality model and the fact that we have an ageing population – age is all around us.”

In Scotland specifically, two key factors have created a perfect landscape for homecare franchisees to flourish.

A combination of the legislative changes that have brought in self-directed support enabling people to have a choice over care options. That’s together with people wanting to experience a better standard of care for themselves and their loved ones which means that private homecare providers that can offer quality and excellence can excel.

That’s the case for Alan’s South Lanarkshire territory, having opened in October 2016 he currently has 40 clients and 20 CAREGivers and is recruiting for more.

Alan said: “I walked away from a corporate career and started a management franchise in senior care, which is a far cry from financial roles and big capital projects in ports and airports.”

A key fact to highlight is that, like Alan, people don’t have to have a care background to buy a Home Instead franchise. It’s a management franchise opportunity, which means the owner runs the business and recruits the care professionals and CAREGivers to provide it.

Added Alan: “It’s a different world and different people, but it’s my world, it’s my people and it’s my business. Plus having my son involved in the franchise from the very start has meant I’ve been able to start mentoring him in business to create his first career opportunity.”


Scottish Franchise Week 2018 takes place from 24-25 April, with the highlight of the week being the Business Breakfast that attracts hundreds of delegates from both the franchise and broader business worlds. This will take place at The Grand Central Hotel on 25 April and feature keynote speaker, Iain MacRitchie.

2018 will see the launch of Franchise Opportunities Scotland, taking place immediately after the Business Breakfast. This unique networking event, organised in association with the bfa, will offer budding entrepreneurs the chance to discover some of the most exciting franchise brands in Scotland.

For more information about Scottish Franchise Week 2018 or to book places on the business breakfast or free seminars please check out our website here, or call us directly on 01235 820470.

For free tickets to Franchise Opportunities Scotland please visit www.ScottishFranchise.co.uk

There are 21 franchises available in Scotland with Home Instead Senior Care. The franchisor will be exhibiting at Scottish Franchise Week 2018’s exhibition on 25 April in the Grand Room, at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. Meet Imi and Tom at the Home Instead stand. Or for more information in the meantime, visit https://www.homeinstead.co.uk/franchise/our-territories/

Paul Tame

After a career in investment banking in the City of London Paul Tame decided to take voluntary redundancy in order that he could reflect on life and commit time to working with local voluntary organisations.

During this period of reflection Paul and his wife, Jill, assessed opportunities that allowed them to be involved in a business but that would also take them to the heart of their community.

They were interested in the franchise business model and were keen to find out more about at-home care – their research uncovered Home Instead Senior Care; might this be the franchise model for them?

Having lived in Epsom with their young family for more than 12 years they were delighted to discover that the Epsom territory for Home Instead Senior Care was available. In March 2010, Paul and Jill opened their Home Instead office with their territory covering the local areas of Ashtead, Banstead, Bookham, Ewell, Leatherhead and Oxshott.

Paul had committed himself to working with a local voluntary organisation and this experience had been central to his decision to launch the Home Instead franchise.

He said: “My experiences doing voluntary work made me realise that I love working with people and to try to give something back to the community in which I was raised. The Home Instead opportunity allows me to help change the way care is delivered to older people and I must say I’m delighted how rewarding this is.

“Working in the City gave me experience in managing a large and diverse team in many different international locations as well as all aspects of customer and service delivery to an exceptional standard.

“Since taking a career change to start the Home Instead business in Epsom I have been really touched, seeing up close and personal what a difference that quality care can make to people's lives. I love working in the heart of our community and am very proud of the service that we are delivering. The heart of our business is the team of wonderful care givers who, like me, truly want to make a difference.”

Fiona Harrall

Fiona Harrall started her Home Instead Senior Care franchise in March 2010. She is married with 2 children and her previous career was as a chartered surveyor. She came to a stage in her life when she really didn’t enjoy the pressure and the long hours, she wanted a new way of life. Running a franchise business seemed the perfect opportunity, particularly in the care sector which is notoriously difficult to set up from scratch due to legislation etc.  Fiona wanted the back-up and continued support which a Home Instead franchise provides.

She explains why: “We had been touched by relatives who needed care services due to dementia, at that time my husband’s aunt and uncle would have loved to stay at home with support, but they were only offered residential care and sadly ended up in separate care homes. As no other option for care was then available in my area, I wanted to change things, I wanted to make sure that I could give back to my community and provide fantastic care as it should be, allowing older people, with help, to remain in their own homes.

“It appears that this is exactly what people are looking for. The majority of new clients come from recommendations from existing clients or care professionals who see the standard of care we provide. From the end of year 1 to year 2 we have seen our turnover increase by 550% and in year 3 by 71%. We have expanded our original premises from one small office to four offices which has allowed us to increase our team and to add additional training and meeting rooms.

“Due to our phenomenal growth my husband has now joined me in the business giving up his job in the City.

“We are not only passionate about the care we provide, but about the caregivers and office team who provide the care. We doubled our team in 2012 and we are looking to recruit over 100 people in 2013.

“We are proud to say that in 2012 our registered care manager won the Great British Care Awards, Registered Care Manager and the Hertfordshire Care Providers Association Registered Care Manager award.

“I have also encouraged four of my friends to become franchisees with Home Instead, I have enjoyed it so much and found it so rewarding on so many levels, and I haven’t even expanded yet into the southern part of my territory , all part of this year’s business plan.”

Anitra Camargo

When high-flying business woman and mother of two Anitra Camargo was diagnosed with secondary cancer in 2010, naturally she was devastated. However, just over a year later, she opened a new Home Instead Senior Care franchise business based in Egham, covering the area of Windsor and Runnymede.

Since then life has been a whirlwind of treatment (all successful, thank goodness) and she had to make major changes to ensure that she could live the life she wanted, now and in the future.

She says that it was her experience that led her to meet some amazing people who have changed her life for the better and who inspired her to want to give back. Setting up her own franchise business has been part of a truly life-changing period of her life.

Anitra previously worked for a London software company which relocated her to New York to take on the demanding role of vice president.  She was in New York during 9/11, which motivated her to move back home to the UK, only to be in London during the 7/7 attacks here.

She says: “Even back in the UK life was hectic, I was travelling twice a week looking after accounts in Europe. When I first suspected I was ill, I dismissed it as a low priority because I was too busy.  Looking back, I suppose you think it’s not going to happen to you.

“Having experienced the treatment and care that I had been given, I was and still am totally in awe of the fantastic nurses and carers that looked after me.  The work that they do for others totally inspired me to live a new life and dedicate myself to helping others. Through my Home Instead Senior Care franchise venture I have been able to use my knowledge and business experience to do what really matters in life, which is ensuring good quality care is available for people when they need it, whilst building a really successful franchise business.”

Anitra continues: “You do see a lot of bad press about the care sector and my family has had personal experience of care services that are very poor. I knew that I wanted to change this and when I discovered Home Instead, I could see that their vision and my personal vision matched, this was how care should be delivered.

“For Home Instead to be a franchise was perfect as it enabled me to be up and running relatively quickly. I knew I would receive a great deal of support which is ongoing and reassuring and of course it is a tried and tested business model that works!”

Away from the office Anitra is a keen theatre goer, her favourite being Shakespeare. She also enjoys walking and keeping fit.

Andrew Senew

What is your background and why did you decide to go into franchising?
I am a qualified accountant and prior to joining Home Instead I worked in the finance sector in project management and latterly ran my own business. I was initially attracted to franchising as I really liked the idea of an established business model and the economies of scale which an international network such as Home Instead Senior Care can bring.

Why did you choose senior care?
In my research before setting up the business, I looked at a number of different sectors and care really stood out because it is something I feel is so important. I feel immense pride in helping older people receive the quality services they need, as, so often, much of the existing care provision is not always meeting these needs. Added to this the care sector is a growing market as our population is aging, so there will be lots of opportunities to develop the business.

What was it that helped you decide on Home Instead Senior Care?
As soon as I met the national office team I was impressed, their professionalism and friendly attitude set them apart. They have an established network of offices which I was invited to contact to get an impression of what it is like, without exception they all genuinely care – from national office to each individual office.

How has it been running your own franchise?
Without doubt it has been fantastic, it is hard work but you have a really good balance of national office supporting us and letting us find our way. As a franchise we don’t feel alone but you still learn plenty of lessons and things we may do differently in the future, but that’s life!! The system is different in Scotland to the rest of the UK so we need to ensure that we clearly explain just where and how our services fit in.

What does the future hold? 
We are getting more brand recognition with a growing reputation for providing a high-quality service to our clients. We have more and more people asking for our services and more and more caregivers wanting to work with us, which all bodes well for the future. Of course our success will mean that hopefully we can soon enjoy a holiday in the sun!

Mark Darnell

Mark Darnell, who co-owns the Home Instead Senior Care franchise in East Northants, has shown both Ray Warburton and Gail Devereux-Batchelor “the way to care” by introducing them to a Home Instead Senior Care franchise.

Having known Gail in his previous career with Dr. Martens Footwear Group, and having signed footballer Ray Warburton for Rushden & Diamonds, Mark is thrilled that both of his friends now own neighbouring franchise territories of the at-home care company.

Having worked as a main board director at Dr. Martens for several years, Mark effectively hired Gail Devereux-Batchelor as the director of the ladies shoes division of the company. Mark takes up the story: “I had a great working relationship with Gail, and as we had children of a similar age we soon grew to be good friends. When I started Home Instead in East Northants, I had kept in contact with Gail and naturally told her all about my new business endeavour and the high-quality care I was proud to be able to deliver. Gail was very keen on hearing more about Home Instead, and I found out why, when she opened the Market Harborough office of the company!”

Dr. Martens sponsored Rushden and Diamonds and Mark eventually made the transition to become MD of the Club. Mark played a pivotal role negotiating with both club and player when the decision was taken to sign local football star Ray Warburton from Northampton Town. Although the pair had not kept in particularly close contact since leaving the club, when Ray was deciding upon his next business move and learnt that Mark owned a local at-home care company, he was quick to call him up and find out more as he had previously researched the business prior to Mark’s involvement.

Mark says: “Ray and I had a great chat and I obviously told him how rewarding I find it, being able to provide such a high quality of at-home care for older people and run a lucrative business. Ray, like Gail, was keen to learn more and I hope that knowing someone who had been there before did help him to make the decision to start building the Northampton office of Home Instead.”

Mark continues: “I am thrilled to think that I have played a part in two of my friends discovering and launching their own local offices of Home Instead. The ethos of the company is all about changing the face of aging and making a real difference to the lives of older people, and if I can help to spread this high-quality service then I feel that that is a job well done!

“The three of us meet up fairly regularly at local owners meetings and it is great to be able to work with them both again. It is great to have friends in a similar situation too as we can also compare notes on what is going on in our own local area and obviously help each other out along the way.”

Lynn Elliott

Lynn Elliott is changing the face of ageing in Northern Ireland as Home Instead Senior Care’s first franchise to open its doors in the province.

Proving there’s a clear demand in Northern Ireland for the brand’s relationship-led care and companionship model with visits that last a minimum of one hour, new franchisee Lynn has seen rapid growth in her first two years of business.

Lynn explains: “70% of the care delivered in Northern Ireland is done via 15-30 minute care visits, that’s what people know. The Home Instead model is different. What we offer, visits that last a minimum of one hour, was received with warmth and enthusiasm. The growth I’ve seen has far exceeded my business plan and that demonstrates what a great market Northern Ireland is for franchisees who want to join a brand that has a clearly defined mission, to change the face of ageing.”

She added: “We’re performing really well and we’re ahead of targets. The business is now supporting me and my family, whilst offering a fantastic service to our population.”

Lynn’s story - from Dubai to County Down

After an 18-year career with technology company IBM, Irish-born Lynn, 42, decided she wanted a change. Spending three years in Dubai in her final role with the company, Lynn felt the time was right to use her extensive business knowledge and experience to do something more meaningful.

It was a keynote speech at a leadership conference that gave Lynn the inspiration she needed. Lynn explained: “The keynote was about changing our views of the older generation. It was the complete opposite of all the negative stories you see in the media; it didn’t speak about older people as a drain on the health service or finances. It was refreshing to hear someone talking about the value older people can add to society and how we should care for them differently. For me, it was a turning point.

“I’d already seen first-hand how positive later life can be. My granny, Olive, came to live with us when she was 83 and she lived until she was the grand age of 103. She adapted so well to living in a new family environment and she lived positively. There was nothing flash but she made the best of her later years; she made bread, she did gardening and she had great relationships right down through the generations.”

Finding the right fit

Returning to County Down in 2015, Lynn started to look at Home Instead Senior Care as a franchisor, the world’s largest and best homecare provider.

Lynn said: “I’d worked for a really excellent company in IBM, I knew what quality looked like. When I made my first phone call to Home Instead, I felt it was the right fit for me and the right calibre of care company to invest in.”

She added: “When there’s so much negativity about the care sector, you have to step up and away from that. You have to ask what care you’d want your own mum and dad to receive. The standards that Home Instead set are what I live by and agree with. We offer calm, person-centred care.”

A gap in the market

As Home Instead Senior Care’s first franchisee in Northern Ireland, the opportunity offered what Lynn was looking for; to do something meaningful with a business model that she knew worked and a brand she believed in. After completing new owner training in August 2015, Lynn opened her Down and Lisburn territory later that year. They now care for 60 clients and employ 40 CAREGivers.

Lynn has proved the strength of Home Instead’s franchise model and the brand, as well as the demand in Northern Ireland to deliver care differently - she hit break even at month 10 and has continued to see strong growth since.

Under the Home Instead franchise model breakeven is at month 12 with turnover of £1million by years three to four, with operating profits of 15-20%.

Invaluable peer support

Lynn found the support offered to new owners invaluable. She said: “The opportunity to train with other new franchisees means you end up with a very valuable peer group. We have a Whatsapp group to ask each other questions or for advice – not every day but you know they are there if you need them.”

Lynn also praises the support received via Home Instead’s Owners Online Forum where best practice is shared, as well as the support given in the first six months by her Business Support Manager. She added: “Having someone who checks in with you and carries out visits has been incredibly helpful.”

Although Lynn had an extensive business background with IBM, she didn’t have any care experience understandably but explains that shouldn’t put anyone off considering a homecare management franchise as a new career path.

She said: “When National Office are recruiting new owners, they choose people who have heart – you have to have the passion. If you look at the Home Instead website or read about what we do and that touches you, that’s the point most of us have started from. It’s about the whole picture, so don’t be afraid if you don’t have a care background – all the support and training you need is right there for you.”


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