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Membership History

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Company Overview

Husse UK is the only pet food franchise with international recognition and success within the UK. Husse’s concept is to have low overhead costs, increase profitability and take responsibility for overseeing pet nutritionists developing their territories.

We provide Swedish super healthy, super premium, 100% natural, award winning Scandinavian pet food across England and Scotland which makes us unique from all other pet food brands on the market. 

We train our franchisees to be able to offer free nutritional advice with free delivery throughout pet’s lives. We have over 350 products for cats and dogs ranging from food, supplements, healthcare, snacks, toys and accessories. However we do not only cater to household pets, we also supply horses with food and supplements which is becoming a lucrative market within the UK.

We are rated 5* on trust pilot which is an independent review board, whilst also maintaining a 95% retention rate with our customers which provides a guarantee on repeat customers for our franchisees.

Franchise Overview

Husse as a company has operated for over 34 years and is now operating within 54 countries across the world. Husse UK has been in operation for the past 9 years.  Franchises are able to be operated part time/full time. Husse currently has over 1500 franchisees and distributors around the world.


We offer 2 days intensive training at our head office in London to go over all information regarding sales, marketing, nutrition, best sellers/selling points. You will have two days training on nutrition with our in-house vet, and then have a nutritional course which will be awarded with a certificate from the centre of excellence. Following this you will be assigned to a franchise coach who will help you with gaining your first 10 customers and attending a show with you for tips and advice. 

From head office we also have on-going training for franchisees via webinars. 

Our packages offer

  • Up to £8,000 worth of Husse Dry food (RRP) (T&C apply)
  • Exclusive territory allocated to you on our system map
  • For entrepreneurs who are looking for bigger opportunities with larger investments and higher ROI we have mega franchises available in certain major cities
  • 2 day 1 on 1 training by in house vet and business development manager in the Husse head office
  • Free livery branding and printing on your vehicle
  • Hundreds of cat & dog samples, high quality catalogues and business cards
  • High profit margin
  • Your own Husse social media platforms
  • uniforms, branded tent, banners & lots more
  • E-mail blast to all potential customers to inform of new franchisee
  • Full access to in house vet, business manager and design team

Daily Life of a franchisee

A franchisee will be able combine working from home with the fun of being outdoors meeting customers at parks, markets and shows. You will be providing nutritional information on Husse’s award winning products while giving out samples to potential customers. A franchisee will then be offering our free delivery service to customers within their territory to finish off the complete service. This has been successful for over 34 years.

Leticia and Rogerio

My name is Leticia and along with my husband Rogerio, we decided some time ago to seek a new source of income. We initiated a study and research to find out which industry we would invest in. After much research and many emails, we chose Husse.

We decided on Husse because it's a new product that is growing in the UK and people are engaged in it. The first email exchanges have shown that. We had help in soothing our doubts at the general office and met some franchisees. This showed their commitment.

We were surprised by the process developed by Husse on the composition and preparation of the products. During our training, we had the opportunity to learn more about Husse and with each new piece of information, we saw that we decided right.

Changes and starting a new job is not easy. We are meeting new people and new customers every day and this encourages us to move forward.

Another thing that led us to Husse was the possibility of working more freely and mostly being able to take our children along to shows and fairs that we will be participating in. Have an extra income while spending more time with the children - it's very rewarding.

‘Raisin’, our black Pug, was our first customer and it is extremely pleasing to see him growing every day, loving the food and snacks from Husse.

Leslie and Phillipa

We have looked into several franchises and none got back to be as promptly as Husse. After our first discussion with Husse, everything else fell into place. Professionalism in handling the numerous queries and organising our first meeting with Fahim and Dr Majid was brilliant. I ordered food to trial on my (very difficult) dog and the result was unbelievable.

We then trialled it on a relative’s dog and that too had unbelievable results on digestibility. The product does what it says. Now I can honestly say my dog did so well on the food, I made the decision to invest in Husse just after this.

Phillipa and I both hope to carry on having and developing the relationship we have with the team at Husse.


My dog Max made me join Husse! He is my first dog and, as you do with your children, I always wanted to do the best for him. As he grew from a puppy to an adult dog, I was concerned whether I was feeding him correctly and when he had some skin complaints and I was overwhelmed with a lot of advice from people about what to feed him that got so confusing! I couldn’t look at a dog food and know whether it was the right one for him or not. It was very expensive trial and error!

Being part of Husse now means that I can help people to clearly understand what super healthy pet foods really are, and how they will benefit their beloved pets throughout their lifecycle.

I’m really looking forward to meeting customers in my area, learning about their pets and becoming someone who can be trusted and relied upon to offer fantastic products and helpful advice and support.


I have been part of Husse for two years now and really enjoy it a lot.

when I started I still had a job and a young daughter who took a lot of my time. I feel I could have been a lot more successful if I had more time.

Saying that I am very excited about the coming months. my daughter has now started school and I am about to change my job to part time which means that Husse will now be my main concern and will be getting a lot more of my time. I believe I have been heading in the right direction and approach to the people in my area. I have built a good reputation over the last two years and it is really now time to push harder.

I also wanted to say a thank you to you all at Head Office. When I started there was a lot of things that needed improving and I think you guys have done a good job in getting everything to where we are now.


I've always been involved in Sales and Customer Service, as I love meeting people....two days are never the same! For me it's about listening to what it is my customer wants, guiding them through the choices available, so they end up making the right decision for them. At the end of the day it's about providing excellent customer service.

Why Husse
I've just recently made the decision to leave my current job due to stress and with the passing of my father, it's made me think about what's important to me. I want to be able to enjoy what I do for a living, make a difference to my family and my island community. I love, love animals and so to find a franchise like Husse, well, I'd be silly not to go for it! The fact that they have been established for 30 years, that they are a well respected Swedish brand and they use only natural products, totally made sense to me as a proud pet owner. Also the fact that Husse are part of a global trend and that is online shopping, it's the perfect time to get set up with what is a great company and product.

My experience so far of Husse
So helpful, friendly and professional! From when we got in touch with Husse, everyone has really helped us get set up. The training was a jam packed two days, but was done in a relaxed and friendly manner. We were very much looked after and I felt like I had made some great new friends to help me on my new journey!

What I'm looking forward to
I just can't wait to get out there to meet my soon to be customers...that's the four legged kind! I'm feeling very confident that the Husse brand will be very well received here in Jersey, not only by my customers, but the fact their owners struggle to find time to go to the shops these days. To be able to provide free nutrition advise, no need to remember to reorder, due to Husse's fantastic CRM diary system and the offer of free home delivery, why wouldn't they order Husse?


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