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Membership History

Full Member
Joined 2003

Company Overview

Kumon is a supplementary education provider. Our maths and English study centres offer our unique Method of Learning: fostering independent learning skills by nurturing students to an advanced level of study, giving them the opportunity and ability to tackle new work by themselves.

Supplementary education is a growing market and Kumon has over 67,000 students enrolled at our centres in the UK and 4.3 million students studying in 47 countries worldwide. Kumon has been established in the UK since 1991.

Franchise Overview

Supplementary education is a growing market and Kumon is growing across the UK with new study centres and takeover opportunities. Kumon currently has over 670 study centres in the UK and Ireland.

To become a Kumon Instructor you will need to demonstrate a commitment to education and a desire to develop a thriving business. Please call 0800 854 714 to register your interest and to attend an information session to find out more.


Initial training consists of six sessions which intensively focus on building skills and ability regarding the Kumon Method as well as providing the basics to run an efficient and effective study centre.

Your training will then continue following the opening of your centre for the first year with a mixture of training sessions, centre visits and worksheet study, in which you gain a deeper understanding of the Kumon Method.

Daily Life of a franchisee

As a franchise business owner, you will be responsible for promoting Kumon in your area to generate enrolments and raise awareness. This can be done through networking, advertising and PR.

You will be responsible for the individual development of every student using the Kumon Method. You will manage a study centre from two to six days per week, during the afternoons and evenings and will manage a team of assistants.

Tina Vincent

Why I chose franchising
I chose franchising ‘accidentally’. Having had no experience previously of franchising, I chose Kumon for the concept, before I understood fully what a franchise is!

What I did before taking up a franchise
Before taking up the franchise I investigated the company and its reputation; applied for the post; underwent interviews and basic training.

How I raised the finance
I raised the finance through personal savings.

The training and support I receive from my franchisor
The training and support I receive from my franchisor is excellent, I have only to ask.

The challenges I have faced
The challenges I have faced have been numerous. Learning ‘to think outside the box’ as far as advertising was concerned; learning to have faith in my own judgement and experience as a former teacher; persevering when the business had been running at a loss for the first two years; developing my management skills with reference to very young employees; learning not to be afraid to be more forthright with parents and most important of all, no matter how ‘shattered’ I am, remembering that the individual student may only see me once in seven days and deserves my fullest attention for their few private moments with me. My current challenge: to appreciate my limitations and plan ahead for all eventualities.

My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise
Go for it! But be prepared to work very hard. It isn’t all roses and one has to be prepared to wait for deferred gratification! Probably the best advice is to be open to the advice and support of colleagues, and to be willing to share ideas.

My plans for the future; to grow my own centre and improve my expertise.

Sharon Carlin

Why I chose franchising?
I wanted the safety net of a well-established and successful brand, along with the support and training to grow that success. Kumon offers a unique method of learning which was appealing to me as each child’s learning is individualised to their ability and pace.

Kumon is a professional company with high standards and expectations for its franchisees and offers the support and training to achieve those standards.

It is so rewarding seeing children progressing and achieving, their joy at their success and belief in themselves, and seeing their confidence grow. I love being part of nurturing each child to become a confident, well-rounded, successful individual.

What I did before taking up the franchise
I contacted my local centre to see if there were any vacancies. The instructor told me she was looking for someone to take it over; talk about calling at the right time! I carried out research and met with the instructor several times to gain an in-depth understanding of what was involved.

I asked my friend, who is a finance director, to look at the accounts and assess whether it was the right thing to do. I even contacted the British Franchise Association for advice.

I was invited to attend a Kumon franchise information session which gave me further insight into the opportunity and I also sat a proficiency test in maths and English, before attending a one-to-one meeting with a franchise recruitment manager to ensure I met Kumon’s franchisee criteria and the business opportunity met my own.

The training and support I receive from my franchisor
The initial training was excellent and structured so we had training right through our first six months of being an instructor.

Every January, instructors attend ‘kick off’ meetings, to catch up, reflect on the past year and look forward to plans and strategies for the coming year. They also hold monthly training meetings on relevant topics which I find very useful and you learn all the time!

My area manager is always at the end of the phone. She came with me to look at potential venues; gave advice about marketing; carrying out enrolments; running the class itself; observations, feedback and, in particular, setting work for students to ensure they are studying at the right level. My area manager has been such a great help.

Since opening I have been to further training sessions. I value all training and am keen to improve my instruction, which will in turn benefit all the children at my centre. If the children are happy, achieving and seeing the benefits of Kumon they will remain on the programmes and hence be rewarded with long-term success; the children’s success is also the franchise business’s success.

The challenges I have faced
I found it exciting and daunting to be a business owner as the decisions I make directly affect the performance of the centre.

I think my enthusiasm and passion for the Kumon Method and education comes across to others. I am a role model for the company in my area. I was invited to speak at one of our conferences on local marketing so that was a real honour!

I found it challenging organising my time. Again I have received support in this area and now I am able to manage my admin, accounts and enrolments much more effectively. I have learnt I cannot do everything. I know I am not good with the accounts side of things so I pay an accountant a small fee every month to handle all of this for me.

My advice to someone thinking about opening a franchised busines
Changing career/jobs is a risk whether you are a franchisee or not, but I honestly have no regrets. I love that my job is varied and I am meeting new families all the time. I was also fortunate enough to go to Japan for a conference in March. Being a franchisee is so rewarding as you are responsible for the growth of the centre. Of course there are highs and lows but that is part of learning.


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