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Membership History

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Company Overview

Lawnkeeper is a BIGGA and IOG accredited specialist lawn care franchise. Established in 1998, we’ve been franchising since 2007, with an established network of 14 franchisees.

We offer services such as feed and weed treatments, aeration, scarification, disease control, wetting agents, seeding and top dressing to our customers, who we group in territories of at least 110,000 domestic households.

We also serve hotels, venues and office buildings where the quality and aesthetic of the lawn is of prime commercial importance.

Franchise Overview

The franchise operates exclusively in the UK – we have 15 active franchise territories in operation. One territory is owned by the franchisor – the rest are operated by individual franchisees.

We work with a demographic modelling company to ensure that every Lawnkeeper franchise territory has the potential to produce significant earnings. At least 100,000 households, with a minimum percentage of high earners, in a workable geographic radius.


Our two-week intensive training programme is a blend of taught classes and on-the-job tutoring, designed to give franchisees the skills and operational knowledge they need to get earning as quickly as possible.

First, we get you certified correctly (PA1 & PA6A qualifications to store & spray chemicals), then we teach you the Lawnkeeper business processes regarding sales, marketing, logistics, operations and health & safety.

It’s a steep learning curve, but these standards keep our customers happy and our franchisee earnings strong.

Daily Life of a franchisee

We work outdoors, but it’s not back-breaking spade work. We’re using specialist equipment to serve a loyal, long-standing client base.

Franchisees start as owner-operators of one van, but you can build & manage a multi-van business over time if you wish. We use custom routing software to help franchisees manage 400+ customers in a year on one van, so you can maximise revenues and stay hands-on if you wish.

Darren Morris, Lawnkeeper Peterborough









“We have been extremely pleased with the success of the business so far and have met or even exceeded the targets we set out to achieve.

My wife Sam was able to leave her employment in March 2014 to fully concentrate on the business. In October 2014 we also employed another lawn technician, so we now have two Lawnkeeper vans on the road.”

Nigel, Lawnkeeper Aylesbury

A Lawnkeeper franchise is obviously very attractive to someone who works outdoors already, or in a similar trade. However, it’s proven business model and comprehensive training means it is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to build a successful new career, even if they come from a very different background indeed!

Nigel is one of the longest standing franchisees with Lawnkeeper, having opened his new business in Aylesbury back in 2014. However, before that, he worked in a number of high-end media roles, including producing multi-media guides for museums and art galleries, and even 25 years at the BBC.

Feeling the need for a change after so long in one career, Nigel was determined the next phase of his life would be defined by running his own company, and doing something completely different. However, he did not have a clear idea of what this should be - at least, at first.

“I didn’t have a big new idea or new product in mind, so I started looking at a lot of different options.” Nigel told us. “However, I really wanted to be sure it was something I enjoyed doing, and I always found gardening and looking after my lawn very satisfying. I wanted to be outdoors and not be doing any more long commutes. Most of all, I didn’t want to be in the corporate world anymore, and I wanted to be my own boss.”

When Nigel discovered the Lawnkeeper franchise, his first step was to spend some time talking with founder, Sam, and he immediately felt this was something he could do. He was attracted by the business model and how it could give him the new life he was after, but also by the reduced risk being part of a franchise could offer him.

“Because it was a franchise, it never felt like I was doing something risky and crazy. Everything has gone according to plan – in fact, it’s gone even better than we planned! With Lawnkeeper, I feel like I am truly seeing all the benefits of my hard work and effort. I also really enjoy seeing the results of my work on people’s lawns. It is very satisfying!”

For Nigel, joining the Lawnkeeper franchise has been an investment that has continued to pay off year after year. Lawnkeeper territories are calculated to allow not only for plenty of customers for your initial operation, but with a large enough potential customer base to keep expanding for many years to come. In 2018, Nigel took on a new employee and bought a second van to start making more of the increased demand he was receiving. Once word spreads about what a Lawnkeeper expert can do, there are more than enough customers out there in each territory to expand to a very lucrative multi-van operation.

“This autumn, we reached the point where we have actually stopped taking on new customers for the time being. Our books are full! Until we decide to grow again, we are just taking names and numbers to follow up in spring when the days are longer and we can fit more in. In this business, there is always plenty of work year round.

“Business has continued to grow steadily for us every year. We thought Covid was going to be a problem, but other than stopping for the first few weeks in lockdown, customers were more than happy to keep going with our services.”

Many home services have seen a boom over recent years, fuelled by people spending time at home during the pandemic. However, unlike many other home services, lawn care is not an expensive luxury by any measure, so is not affected by uncertainty in the economy. People value their homes and gardens more than ever before and continue to be happy to spend a small amount every month to make sure they have a space to live and work in that both looks and feels great. It can even keep up the value of their homes, as a beautifully kept lawn has a huge effect on how buyers perceive value. So, whether they are planning to stay or move in the near future, lawn care is a very affordable investment which always pays off!

“Customers keep coming back to us because they know they are always dealing with someone who knows them, and knows their lawn. A friendly face they can always count on. The service they can expect from a smaller, more personal, lawn care company is always going to be better than some relatively unknown lawn technician coming in from a big company who changes every month and doesn’t understand what they need. We’re personally invested in everything we do, and that really shines through in how we take care of our customers’ lawns.”

With this kind of attitude, and the backing and support of the wider Lawnkeeper network behind him, we’re sure the next few years for Nigel will be as good as his first eight, if not better!

If you’re looking for a new career which can deliver an excellent work-life balance and job satisfaction, not to mention fantastic returns on your investment for many years to come, a Lawnkeeper franchise might be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! Schedule a call with us today to find out more.

Sam & Darren, Lawnkeeper Peterborough

Already work in lawn care or a similar trade, but want to be your own boss? For this husband and wife team, a Lawnkeeper franchise was not only their way of escaping the corporate grind, but the start of more than 10 years of running their own successful and profitable business!

As one of our longest running teams, Sam & Darren have a special place in our hearts here at Lawnkeeper as 2023 will be their 11th year as franchisees!

Their story is fairly unique, as Darren is one of the few members of the Lawnkeeper network – aside from Sam, the founder – to actually come directly from a career in lawn care. Our comprehensive training means our franchise opportunity is open to anyone, regardless of their background, but it is also ideal for those with experience in the industry who are ready to take things to the next level with their own company. While Darren was busy out working on customer’s lawns, we caught up with his wife, Sam, who handles all the admin and sales side of the business.

“Darren spent a good 8-10 years working for a big name lawn care company before he decided it was time to do it for himself in the local area.” Sam explained. “I have a lot of experience as an office manager so, together, our skill set was perfect for running our own lawn care business. We saw an advert for Lawnkeeper in one of the national newspapers, and then spoke to Sam himself at a franchise exhibition not long after. We were very impressed by both his experience and his attitude.”

A Lawnkeeper franchise is a great opportunity for a team like this. As a simple business model with very streamlined systems, it is easy to run and be the main lawn care operator, too. It is a great way to run a compact business where you can be both your own boss and only key employee, keeping overheads and admin time low. However, with a little extra work, it also has the potential to be so much more and can rapidly grow into a very lucrative multi-van operation. With Sam taking charge in the office, and Darren out on the lawns, the Peterborough team were able to take on a second van and employee as soon as year three.

“It was always our intention to expand the business, but thanks to the amount of work we received, we were able to achieve our goal of taking on a second van even earlier than we expected. In fact, our new employee was someone Darren had already worked with in his last job! Customers really love how he and Darren come across as so experienced when they visit. They can add that personal touch to their customer service, which is something you just don’t get with a bigger company.” 

This focus on customer service is absolutely essential in lawn care, especially if you want to take advantage of one of the biggest benefits of working in this industry: long-term, repeat business. By offering a friendly, professional service which is both affordable and has very tangible results, Lawnkeeper franchisees can enjoy year-round business and a very loyal customer base who are always more than happy to make recommendations to friends and family.

“Most of our business has come from recommendations and word-of-mouth, and most of them stay with us for many years. Some come and go due to changing circumstances, such as moving house, but many more have come back to us to help out at their new properties in the area too!”

Even the pandemic didn’t slow business down for Sam and Darren. In fact, they saw customer numbers rise during that time! There was a definite increase in how many people wanted their lawns taken care of, and customers spending time at home were even more able to see the immediate effects of a quality lawn care service.

“Customers might be cutting out the big expenses, like going away on holiday, but that just means they are spending even more time at home and want their gardens ready to enjoy when the weather is nice. We are able to offer a great value service, so that is something which never goes out of demand!”

We can’t wait to see what Sam & Darren’s 11th year with Lawnkeeper will bring for them!

Could you be next in building a long-term, rewarding new business with the Lawnkeeper franchise? Whether you are an experienced lawn expert, or just aspire to becoming one, we can give you everything you need to succeed.


Get in touch today to find out more about how it could work for you.


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