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Membership History

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Joined 2017

Company Overview

Lawnkeeper is a BIGGA and IOG accredited specialist lawn care franchise. Established in 1998, we’ve been franchising since 2007, with an established network of 14 franchisees.

We offer services such as feed and weed treatments, aeration, scarification, disease control, wetting agents, seeding and top dressing to our customers, who we group in territories of at least 110,000 domestic households.

We also serve hotels, venues and office buildings where the quality and aesthetic of the lawn is of prime commercial importance.

Franchise Overview

The franchise operates exclusively in the UK – we have 15 active franchise territories in operation. One territory is owned by the franchisor – the rest are operated by individual franchisees.

We work with a demographic modelling company to ensure that every Lawnkeeper franchise territory has the potential to produce significant earnings. At least 100,000 households, with a minimum percentage of high earners, in a workable geographic radius.


Our two-week intensive training programme is a blend of taught classes and on-the-job tutoring, designed to give franchisees the skills and operational knowledge they need to get earning as quickly as possible.

First, we get you certified correctly (PA1 & PA6A qualifications to store & spray chemicals), then we teach you the Lawnkeeper business processes regarding sales, marketing, logistics, operations and health & safety.

It’s a steep learning curve, but these standards keep our customers happy and our franchisee earnings strong.

Daily Life of a franchisee

We work outdoors, but it’s not back-breaking spade work. We’re using specialist equipment to serve a loyal, long-standing client base.

Franchisees start as owner-operators of one van, but you can build & manage a multi-van business over time if you wish. We use custom routing software to help franchisees manage 400+ customers in a year on one van, so you can maximise revenues and stay hands-on if you wish.

Darren Morris, Peterborough Joined Feb 2012


“We have been extremely pleased with the success of the business so far and have met or even exceeded the targets we set out to achieve.

My wife Sam was able to leave her employment in March 2014 to fully concentrate on the business. In October 2014 we also employed another lawn technician, so we now have two Lawnkeeper vans on the road.”


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