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Membership History

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Joined 2019

Company Overview

At Lingotot we are proud to teach our multi award-winning language classes for children aged 0-12 in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Welsh thousands of children each and every week in community centres, schools and nurseries.

Our tried and tested language programmes were written by Angela Sterling, Lingotot founder and fully qualified teacher whose GCSE students ranked in the top 10 in the world! Angela has a keen interest in languages research and worked for Newcastle and Southampton universities researching language acquisition at different ages.

The Lingotot method makes use of active, communicative and interactive teaching methods which come naturally to young learners. Learning is through songs, stories, games, drama and play.

Franchise Overview

Run your own multilingual Lingotot children’s language business and discover a wonderful work-life balance and a rewarding and fun career with the potential to earn a great income.  Own and build a business that will fit around YOU and your family life and become part of a multi award-winning brand that has been recognised nationally for its family-friendly supportive franchise model.  You can operate a Lingotot franchise whether you are fluent or don’t speak a word! You can teach classes for yourself, hire tutors or combine the two. All languages are included as standard for no extra fee.  Lingotot first started to franchise in 2011 and our network is growing all the time and we currently have over 130 tutors and franchisees. We excel at delivery within schools and we provide qualifications for our children and teachers. We offer the only primary languages qualifications in the UK.

The benefits of joining Lingotot include:

  • Complete Flexibility: Choose your own languages, classes, work patterns and even if you want to teach at all!  – Mornings can include classes in the community or nurseries. Afternoons you may be teaching in schools in place of the class teacher or spend your evenings, weekends and school holidays teaching extra curricular and holiday clubs. 
  • Low start-up costs: Classes are run in nurseries, schools and the community, no large expense required on setting up dedicated premises. The only large investment required is the initial franchise fee of £8290 (+VAT).
  • Fast Growing Brand Renowned for Quality: We are proud to be a member of the British Franchise Association. Lingotot is the only children’s language franchise to offer teaching qualifications for staff accredited by NCFE Cache in addition to qualifications for our children. 
  • Excellent Training and Support: Franchisees also benefit from a Franchise Business Qualification and further certificates in safeguarding, data protection, first aid etc. Some training is online, and you will attend an intensive business training weekend. This is followed with regular 1:1 mentoring and 3 months of handholding. Behind the scenes we operate our award-winning intranet, LingoHub. LingoHub provides access to all back of office functions from class booking to financial data.


All further training is included and includes mentoring, personalised reports, weekly training via webinar and much more!

  • Multi-Language Support: Full support for 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, Arabic and Welsh. Other languages can be developed by mutual agreement.
  • Proven Track Record: Lingotot first started to franchise in 2011 with the launch of its first pilot units. The company released franchises UK wide in 2012 and now boasts a network of over 50 franchisees which directly employ a further 80 teachers.
  • Growing Focus by parents and the Government: The benefits to children of the early learning of languages is being increasingly recognised by both parents and the Government and languages are now compulsory in English primary schools.
  • Sustainable business model: Some studies show that franchises have a success rate of approximately 90 percent as compared to only about 15 percent for businesses that are started from the ground up.
  • Variety of income streams:  Including classes in schools during curriculum time, baby groups, pre-school classes, extra-curricular clubs, holiday camps, Generations classes in care homes, LingoStars drama, LingoChoir, LingoChat courses for adults and additional revenue through product sales.

Family owned business: We are invested in your success as the brand is very close to our hearts and your success is our success. We genuinely call ourselves The Lingotot Family!


We offer two language teaching qualifications as standard which are accredited by CACHE and NCFE: Our Certificate in Teaching Early Years Languages and Certificate in Teaching Primary Languages.  If your language skills are rusty, our special LingoBoost conversational refresher programme is included with your franchise.  

We teach you everything you need to know to run a successful and profitable Lingotot business with oodles of ongoing support from Head Office and from our network of wonderfully supportive franchisees (we genuinely call ourselves the Lingotot Family!)

Franchisees also benefit from a Franchise Business Qualification and further certificates in safeguarding, data protection, first aid etc. Some training is online, and you will attend initial training over a long intensive weekend. This is followed with regular 1:1 mentoring and 3 months of handholding. Behind the scenes we operate our award-winning intranet, LingoHub. LingoHub provides access to all back of office functions from class booking to financial data.  All further training is free and includes mentoring, personalised reports, weekly training via webinar and much more!

Daily Life of a franchisee

Choose your own languages, classes, work patterns and even if you want to teach at all! – Mornings can include classes in the community or nurseries. Afternoons, language classes in schools or after-school clubs. You can do classes in schools during curriculum time, baby groups, pre-school classes, extra-curricular clubs, holiday camps, Generations classes in care homes, LingoStars drama, LingoChoir and LingoChat courses for adults. You must be enthusiastic and love working with children. Confidence is a must as singing in front of large groups of people is essential.  This job requires travel to different locations with quite a bit of equipment so it is essential you have your own transport. Working hours vary each term with new customers coming on board all the time so we need you to be very flexible with the hours you can work.

Kate Thorne

Career Background
My background was in the finance industry valuing corporate pensions, and I left my last role as a supervisor of a team of 8 people. I studied my languages degree with the OU whilst working full time and when I had my 2nd child, I wanted to be able to use my language skills whilst finding something more flexible for my family.

Due diligence
When I started looking into businesses that were family flexible and where I could use my languages, I came across various franchises on the internet. I then started looking into it more and attended the International Franchise Show in London hoping to find out more information. It felt like the right direction for me to go in as I didn’t have a background in education and wanted to ensure I could gain training and a good reputation in order for customers to want to buy from me. I spoke to an EWIF rep there who suggested two language franchises to look at - Lingotot was one of these. I requested information from both companies but ended up selecting Lingotot after speaking to Angela as it felt a better fit for me and more scope to expand in the future with the number of different languages available to offer.

Support & Training
The support available at Lingotot has been amazing. Even though this is my business, I love being part of a bigger network where everyone is there to lift you up and share best practice. It doesn’t feel as lonely. The training I received when I first joined was an intense 2 day course with Angela, but so informative. Other training was completed online via webinars and reading written materials, an in-person first aid course and ongoing support and training webinars on a number of different areas including monthly marketing ideas.

Impact on Life 
Joining Lingotot has had a positive impact on my work-life balance. I’m able to do the morning school run every day and take my youngest to my community classes. I can work flexibly around my children which is something I didn’t have previously...and I get an immense about of job satisfaction. I love languages and I love teaching and the sheer joy when the children I teach just “get it” is incredible. 

Challenges and Highlights so far
The challenges for me have probably been more on the business management side of things, being able to take that leap from being an employee for my whole career thus far, to a business owner...it’s trying to get into that mindset and believing I’m worthy of success. I think there are so many highlights, small wins, but I think the first assembly that I gave was probably the one that sticks out most for me at the moment, purely because it was so far outside of my comfort zone! I hate public speaking! But once I’d done it, I knew that if I could come out of that successfully then I could keep pushing myself and doing more things that felt uncomfortable so that I could grow my business.

I think it would depend on your reasons for going into business but it was definitely the right decision for me and I would highly recommend being part of a franchise. Lingotot franchisees aren’t just a support network, we’re a family, all helping each other reach the same business goal and increasing brand awareness all over the country, which is beneficial to everyone. 

Future Goals
To grow the Lingotot brand through networking events and and employ at least one tutor in the very near future in order to grow my own business. I’d also like to develop a home office/classroom so I can increase profit margins on some of my community classes.

Jaclyn Townshend

Career Background
I studied languages and always had a passion for them and have had family living in Spain for many years before my parents retired out there 14 years ago. I used to work in London as a Facilities Manager looking after, maintaining and refurbishing buildings for a digital brand & design agency.

Due Diligence
My father first introduced me to franchising many years ago when he bought into a franchise to save his failing family run estate agency business. 

I came across my franchise (Lingotot) when I was looking for language classes for my son and couldn't find anything in my area. I'd wanted to do something after leaving my job in London to have my son and wanted to use my language skills. plus was struggling to find a job that would fit in with when my son went to school and being there for term time only and drop offs & pick ups. Lingotot & franchising was the perfect answer - it was my own business but with the expertise and support from a big business, and I could literally 'open a box' and start working. I looked at other franchised language companies, and whether I could do it on my own without being part of a franchise, looked at the financing options (which Lingotot helped with), looked at the potential earnings and costs and what I would get for my franchise fee to ensure this was a viable option.

Support & Training
My initial training involved 3 days at our Head office where we were trained by the CEO Angela Sterling & her Operations Manager & Marketing Manager. It was in-depth, clear & concise in small groups, and gave us all the tools we needed to be able to go off and set up and run our franchise. I then completed my tutor training online which took a few weeks but could be done as and when I had time. We also have access to weekly webinars, online helpdesk with Head Office, advice through our private group Facebook page, can book mentoring slots, view common help topics and have been provided with a wealth of documents on our central system ready to use for our business 
Support from other franchisees and head office are invaluable. It may be my business and I'm my own boss but I feel part of a great family with all of them and never on my own.

Impact on Life
Setting up your business does take time and effort but you get out what you put in. So initially it took some time to learn our lesson plans, songs, get together our kit and learn about how to manage a business, but with a bit of experience, I have cut prep time for classes massively, have come up with systems and measures to speed up my business management and break it down into bite size chunks. 
It means I am able to have 3.5 days off per week (inc. weekends) and have time with my son. My earnings have enabled me to send my son to nursery which I felt he needed after 18 months at home with just me. This then allows me to teach more classes and earn more.

I do have to stop myself from working in the evenings/weekends but that's just because I am passionate about what I do and want to do it rather than have to do it.

Challenges and Highlights so far
Challenges would probably be: doing something completely new - aside from my languages, I've not run a business before or worked as a teacher so that took some getting used to. 
Highlights - making money in my first year, winning & being nominated for awards and doing something I love - plus being able to take time off whenever I want to. 

Do your homework with competitors, make sure you choose a good locality to work in, don't underestimate how much time you will need to invest at the beginning and make sure you look wholly at the franchise - it's not just about how much you get for your money or what it will cost, it's the support from the Head Office and other franchisees. Speak to other franchisees for their advice and experience.

Future Goals
To be able to buy another area and make that a success, be the known person in my area by schools and nurseries for what I do and build a fantastic customer base who can sell for me.

Sarah Canavan

Career Background
I have a degree and masters in French and German Translation and Interpreting and after graduation I moved into Finance. I spent 9 years working for American Bank JPMorgan as a relationship manager, looking after 80 banks in Benelux. 

Due Diligence
I knew about Lingotot as I went to secondary school with a former franchisee, and she introduced me to my nearest Lingotot centre in Kent. I started working for this franchise as a tutor and this developed into an operations manager role. Whilst doing this, I was able to learn about the brand, understand the methodology, I recognised a gap for language classes in Bexley and surveyed friends. I also spoke to EWIF South East Lead Anne-Marie Martin for her advice.

Support & Training
Lingotot HQ are incredibly supportive and always respond to my queries quickly. We are provided with a training framework, face to face training and onward training webinars.

Impact on Life
Becoming a franchisee has allowed me spend more time with my young family. Whilst working in banking I had a breakdown and couldn't cope with mum guilt. Now I have much more flexibility to choose my hours.

Challenges and highlights so far
I have had numerous highlights such as award nominations.  I have been a finalist at the Family Network Awards, AFA Awards and the What's On for Kids Awards this year alone. I also won Network Contribution and Overall Franchisee of the Year at the 2019 Lingotot Awards. But by far the biggest highlight has been winning Best New Business at the Bexley Business Excellence Awards 2019 as it was judged by a panel and wasn't open to public vote.

Being an employer is a challenge as there are so many different personalities to manage.

Advice to others looking for a franchise
•    Do your due diligence 
•    Research local competitors
•    Look into pricing...what will local people actually pay?
•    Have a buffer

Future Goals
•    to expand into offering language classes during curriculum time in schools
•    to further develop Lingotot Generations
•    to increase my profit margin

Harriet Blain

What’s your career background – what did you do before you joined Lingotot?

Before Lingotot, I was a secondary school MFL teacher and before that I worked as a researcher in Parliament. 


How did you first hear about franchising and what made you choose Lingotot?

I felt disillusioned by teaching (and how I would manage it long term with two children) and googled 'MFL Franchise'. A few options came up, but within about 20 minutes of reading all I could on the Lingotot website, registering my interest and downloading the Franchisee information pack, I was pretty much hooked!


How does Lingotot fit into your daily life?

I work three days a week on Lingotot while my children are at nursery. One thing I love about it is that the job will be able to evolve with their routines - once they are at school I will be able to work 5 shorter days without checking with anyone or having to change my contract and I will still have the holidays with them (although I know I can work if I want or need to).


What have been your challenges and highlights so far?

The challenge is definitely worrying that I won't make enough money - I think that will always worry me and I need to learn patience and self-confidence - learning those things are on my business plan for next year because I think they'll be integral to increasing my income. 

The highlights have been: 

  1. that I don't feel alone. I think franchising could be quite lonely, but although I run a business as a sole trader, I still feel part of a network of colleagues, which has been a pleasant surprise. I also think Lingotot is a very accessible Franchise - we can book calls almost every day and can communicate with the Franchisor or her team pretty much round the clock. I think that is a combination of technology, but also having chosen a really high-quality company and a very hard-working Franchisor. 
  2. The freedom of carving out your own path. Angela is so friendly and she really wants you to succeed, but not just by copying exactly what she's done. She really encourages and embraces Franchisees' ideas and she wants you to go your own way. 
  3. Exploring the world of marketing. Before I started my Lingotot journey, I had started following lots of independent businesses on social media. I was so inspired by some of their marketing campaigns and how creative marketing is. I feel very lucky that that's now part of my job and I'm really enjoying experimenting with different ideas and seeing how engaging they are to people.  


What are your future goals?

As Angela would say - go big or go home! I would like to grow my business to the point where mums and dads across my territory have heard of me and Lingotot. I want word of mouth to be one of the main reasons people sign up to classes - not so that my marketing is easier, but because that, to me, is what success looks like. I'd like to generate enough money so that I can take my daughters on nice holidays so they can explore the world, but also do lots of extra-curricular activities if they want to. These come at a cost and I want my children to have choice. At the moment I'm just starting up, so I'll be running the classes. But I'd like to have the option to hire tutors to run them for me if I decide that I'd prefer to be more on the marketing and administration side of things. For me it's all about having choices and freedom, that's what I'm aiming for. I also want to have a career because I want my daughters to see that work can be fun and reap fantastic rewards.

What advice would you give to other people looking for a franchise?

Be patient and shop around. When I first started looking into the idea of franchising, I was in a rush to get started and came extremely close to signing up with another company (I'd even booked the air bnb for the training course!). At the last minute I realised that although I knew I'd like a franchise at some point, this one was not for me. It had a much more corporate feel and was much more prescriptive. I felt that at some point I'd be pushed into business decisions, instead of deciding what was best for me. On the contrary, my initial call with Angela was so friendly and relaxed. She explained her story and asked me about myself. She ended the call just saying she'd love me to join, but that if I decided not to that was fine and I wouldn't hear from her again unless I registered my interest again. There was nothing pushy or corporate about it. When I did sign up, I asked about the dress code for training (as I'd been told for the previous Franchise that all training and events had a strict office dress code) and her reply was 'no - bring your slippers!'.

It is a very personal thing. I know some people are more comfortable in a corporate environment and would like to be given a bit more of a prescriptive model to follow, and that's fine. But it's not me. That is the wonderful thing about Franchising. Be selfish and follow your heart. It's like buying a house - you just know when you've found the one for you!

Priya Purryag

What’s your career background – what did you do before you joined Lingotot?

Prior to Lingotot, after graduating in International Management in French from UMIST (University of Manchester, Institute of Science & Technology), I joined the Royal Bank of Scotland and spent 10 years working in commercial roles in the world of Insurance and Banking. After the birth of my son, I decided to gain new experience and switch industry and I joined the third sector. I secured a senior commercial role in a renowned International Charity and spent over five years managing and developing products to help companies, individuals and charities themselves, donate funds to the charitable sector in a safe and secure manner.

 How did you first hear about franchising and what made you choose Lingotot?

I had reached a pivotal point in my career, where I had been considering opportunities to run my own business and become self-employed for some time. I also wanted something which would enable me to use my linguistic skills, channel my creativity and apply my years of commercial experience.

For me, franchising was the perfect answer to my entrepreneurial aspirations, and I had been searching for the right franchise including using the BFA and also attending open days. Franchising gives me the security of working with a successful and thriving business but also allows me to operate independently in my own territory. Not only can I run and make my own decisions, it is up to me how I grow and shape my business.

When I came across Lingotot, I knew this was the perfect choice for me. Lingotot offers a fantastic business model where teaching, flexibility and languages come together to offer unique learning opportunities for children from a young age. I was really impressed by the award winning and high quality Lingotot brand and the different revenue streams available for franchisees. What made Lingotot even more appealing was the accredited teacher training qualifications for new franchisees to complete. This gave me great confidence and showed to me that the learning and development of franchisees was really important for Lingotot.

 How does Lingotot fit into your daily life?

If I think of my life as a jigsaw puzzle, Lingotot is the missing final piece! Lingotot enables me to run a professional and rewarding business but also maintain a great work / life balance at the same time. I am able to teach my classes in between fitting in the school run and also ensure I can support and help my son with his homework and after school activities. This may mean that when he’s fast asleep, I continue working in the evening, but this is something I look forward to doing!

 What have been your challenges and highlights so far?

My highlights so far have been working with my neighbouring franchisees so that Lingotot Southgate can meet customer demand and offer Spanish sessions (I am only fluent in French) as well as French from the outset.

I would also say my main highlight has been Lingotot Southgate’s launch party. To celebrate the launch of Lingotot Southgate and give local families the chance to experience a morning of interactive fun and learn all about Lingotot, I held a launch party at KB02 in Palmers Green. The event was attended by over 40 children and their parents. Children participated in a Little Lingotot French and Spanish taster class and expanded their learning with a range of language activities. Parents also had the chance to be involved by taking photos in the Lingotot photo booth plus enjoy the raffle prize draw with plenty of Lingotot goodies.

As I don’t come from a teaching background, I would say my main challenge has been learning about how the education system and schools’ infrastructure works. However, the support I receive from Lingotot including the various webinars and resources gives me the confidence to start approaching schools directly in my area, so that I can offer Lingotot lunch or after school clubs. 


What are your future goals?

- Providing and maintaining excellent customer service

- Building my brand presence and equity in my territory

- Business growth:
o   Increasing the number of customers attending my community classes
o   Working with new nurseries
o   Approaching schools to offer lunch and after school clubs

- Complete my Diploma in Teaching Primary Languages so that I can offer PPA cover in the future

What advice would you give to other people looking for a franchise?

Research, research and more research! To make sure you and the franchise you select are a perfect match, make sure you do your research. Review the different packages and revenue streams available, understand the brand and its presence in the marketplace. Look and compare with different competitors so that you can identify any unique features but also if anything is missing.

Speak to the franchise founder and ask as many questions as possible. Also seek out the opportunity to speak to existing franchisees and also shadow one or two to see how the operation works on a day to day basis.

Lastly, I would say rely on your instincts, you will know when you find the franchise that is best for you. I knew pretty quickly, early on in my investigations, that Lingotot was the ideal franchise for me and I’m pleased to say I was absolutely right !!


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