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Membership History

Joined Since 2022

Company Overview

Little Voices was established in 2007 by Jane James (nee Maudsley), a classically-trained opera singer with a background as a singing teacher.

Our inspirational drama and singing lessons build confidence and nurture talent in children and young people aged 4 – 18 across the UK.

Little Voices’ popular after-school classes all follow the LAMDA syllabus; and we run regular workshops, theatre weeks and holiday camps.

We also work in partnership with a growing number of schools to bring the wider benefits of music & drama lessons to school life and beyond.

We’re looking for creative, talented people with a passion for the performing arts to join our team and make a real difference to children and young people in your local community.

With 5* reviews from hundreds of happy customers, a 100% pass rate with LAMDA for over 11 years nationally, and gold accreditation from the Children’s Activities Association, Little Voices is an established and highly-respected brand, both in the children’s activities sector and the world of the performing arts.

Franchise Overview

As a Little Voices franchisee, you’ll be able to build a successful business that fits around everything else that’s going on in your life right now, giving you that all-important work/life balance.

You can run your business either alongside your other work commitments, or as a full-time job – whatever suits you best.

All lessons are taught mid-week after school, so won’t encroach on your precious weekend time.

And you’ll have the flexibility to choose whether to manage your business and teach lessons yourself, or work with tutors to teach for you.

Our franchisees come from a range of backgrounds, including acting, music & drama studies, and teaching.

But you don’t need any specific experience in the performing arts to join us, and we’ll be with you every step of the way – all we ask is that you’re as passionate about children’s development, musical theatre, and the arts as we are!

While most of our franchise sales are for brand new territories, we do have a small number of existing franchise businesses for sale which give you an income stream from day 1.

Our long-term objective is to have Little Voices franchises across the whole of the UK.


Don’t worry if you don’t have any previous business experience, because we’ll make sure you’re fully-trained in all the elements you need to build a successful and profitable business.

As a Little Voices franchisee you’ll receive 5 days’ initial training, including training on finance, HR, how to recruit tutors, sales & marketing – and of course, how to plan and run your weekly lessons.

You’ll also receive further training on aspects such as safeguarding, first aid, GDPR, infection control and fire marshalling.

All training currently takes place online, and we pride ourselves on ensuring your training is fun, interactive, and totally tailored to you.

Once your initial training is complete, you’ll enjoy full ongoing day-to-day support as needed from our highly-experienced Head Office team to help you grow your business.

We’re passionate about helping each individual child reach their full potential – and we’re just as passionate about supporting our franchisees to help them reach their potential, too.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Every day is different, but you’ll typically spend time speaking with schools, parents, and your tutors; preparing lesson content (including scripts, lyrics, etc.); carrying out admin tasks, such as responding to emails, completing examination entries, or invoicing; and planning and implementing your marketing tasks. The beauty of a Little Voices franchise is that you can plan your time around the school run and other family commitments.


Julie Armstrong - Little Voices Peterborough

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a franchisee?

Many and varied! You will inevitably have good days and bad days, but life goes on and it all comes good in the end. Knowing that we can always pick up the phone and Head Office will sort out any challenges for us is invaluable.

What are the biggest rewards?

Again – there are so many! Personal achievements of realising that I can actually run a business – who knew?! Being nominated for business awards, seeing great exam results, and watching our pupils grow in confidence and achieve their dreams.

What advice would you give to someone considering buying a Little Voices franchise?

Do it! You have to be prepared to put the work in – but Jane and the team in Head Office are there to hold your hand every step of the way.

Samantha MacGregor - Little Voices West Surrey

Why did you choose to become a Little Voices franchisee?

I taught for another well-known franchise for many years, and whilst I loved it, my work/life balance was affecting my health and happiness. I knew it wasn't sustainable long-term, so started researching solutions that would allow me to continue to do what I loved in a way that would free me up to spend more time with friends and family. Little Voices has been that solution for me.

How have you found your franchising journey?

I started my franchise in 2015, alongside teaching for other schools, and slowly it grew and opportunities within schools became a reality. I now have multiple locations and the ability to provide bespoke solutions in different settings to meet the needs of pupils, schools, and parents. Flexibility has been key in the success of my business, and Jane's mindset of "anything is possible" provides for these opportunities.

Jane’s door is always open, and the level of support she has built for the network means our Little Voices family continues to go from strength to strength.

Rachel Bradshaw - Little Voices Preston

Why did you choose to become a Little Voices franchisee?

I love a challenge! I've always felt that there was more to me than 'just being a teacher', and Little Voices has given me the perfect chance to combine my love and passion for teaching with building a successful business. One that is not only changing my life, but the life of my children, too.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a franchisee?

For me it is time - but that is because I also have a full-time job! I have an amazing team though, who I couldn't manage without, and they help me daily with all the tasks which need doing!

What are the biggest rewards?

When you get a message from a parent thanking you for changing their child's life because they are literally a different person since joining Little Voices; when a child who wouldn't speak in their first lessons suddenly performs something for the first time; the financial rewards . . . the list is endless!

What have been your proudest moments?

Realising that I now own 6 venues and have lots of pupils!

Helen Isaac - Little Voices Hertfordshire West

Why did you become a franchisee?

I teach singing privately to adults and MD North London Military Wives Choir, and previously spent 13 years in secondary schools as a music teacher and Head of Music. But I was so disillusioned with schools and the music education they were providing. I wanted control of my life and what I was going to teach. I wanted to provide education that was worth something, and not teach to simply produce results.

I hated what schools had become and I hated the pressure that was on me. I had a rant on Facebook one day and my old school friend, Jane Maudsley, contacted me to tell me about Little Voices. I went up to a discovery day a few weeks later and I was sold! I love what we offer, and I could see immediately that it was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to do.

What is your typical day like working on your franchise?

It’s so much fun! I rarely get a full day to work as my son is only in nursery for 3 mornings a week, but in the time I get I always have lists of things to achieve.

I try to use at least an hour of that time working on something to grow my business.

Tuesdays are when we have our lessons, so that’s my favourite day - I just love being around the energy of my amazing pupils and tutors! So while I no longer teach myself, I’m always there ‘front of house’, meeting and greeting new pupils, entertaining anyone who turns up early or needs to be picked up late for whatever reason. And sometimes I just join in!

What advice would you give to someone considering buying a Little Voices franchise?

Do it! I’d also say to remember that it’s a business, and you do have to treat it as such - but it is fun! Plus you get the feeling of satisfaction that comes through knowing that you are giving the world a wonderful gift and really changing these children’s lives.

I’d also say that the level of professionalism throughout the network is outstanding - and if you are prepared to listen, learn, and implement, you can’t help but be successful!

Jemma Bird - Little Voices Brentford, Ealing & Wembley

Why did you become a franchisee?

I had been working in secondary education for many years, but had loved coming up with different business ideas – I always hankered after a more flexible lifestyle, one that meant I could be around at home for my children as they were growing up.

What made you choose Little Voices?

Our values totally align. And after spending a couple of years talking to Jane and finding out everything there is to know about Little Voices, I realised that the level of support, and the franchise package on offer, meant that it would be so much easier to become a franchisee than to go it alone.

What advice would you offer to anyone thinking about taking on a franchise?

Everything is there for you to guide you to success, but you have to be willing to work for it, too! Personally, I find it fits around my lifestyle perfectly, and if ever it doesn’t, I can easily adapt things. Owning a Little Voices franchise has given me the flexible lifestyle I’ve always craved, and I’d recommend it 100%!

Kerry Gaughran – Little Voices West Kent

Why did you become a franchisee?

Little Voices perfectly combined my desire to run a business with my wanting to provide opportunities for my children to be surrounded by positive influences, to involve them in music and drama (because of all the benefits they bring), to be accepted, and ultimately know that there was someone who believed in them and would support them to achieve their goals.

How does being a Little Voices franchisee fit in to your busy family life?

As a mum of 5, Little Voices has provided me with an opportunity to work from home so that I can be around for my children.

And excitingly, I’ve been able to get my children involved in the business as they’ve grown. They’ve loved helping out with things like delivering flyers and cupcakes to schools, being part of the end-of-term report pack production lines, and helping with music and prizes at community fairs.

Work/life balance is never easy for a working mum, but I got into the habit of using my time effectively. I’d schedule making calls and sending emails when my children were taking their naps; and arrange visits, run errands, or deal with any sensitive issues while they were at school. It’s amazing how focused you can be when your time is fairly limited!

What advice would you give someone who is having a baby and wanting to diversify and run their own business?

There’s never a perfect time, but if you’re determined, it’s definitely achievable! I think it’s about working smarter, not harder. You need to find ways of being as productive as you can, without working yourself into the ground.  You need to find your own balance and priorities for what brings about the best outcome for you and your family.


We currently have 5 resale opportunities available in East Lancashire, West Surrey, Hackney, Welwyn Hertford and West Kent.

Please request more info for more detailed information on the Little Voices resale opportunities available.


Local businesswoman recognised in national children’s activities awards
26 October 2022
Local Businesswoman announced as finalist in national awards for children's activities superstars!
28 September 2022

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