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Company Overview

Metro Rod are a leading drain care and repair service in the UK. We have a 24-hour call centre operation, at our support centre and our specialist engineers can react to any type of drainage emergency. With a network of over 40 franchises and 30 years’ experience, our fully trained and qualified team can deal with all our commercial and domestic customers’ drainage problems. A national brand with a local service.

Our Services:
– Clearing Blocked Drains (High Pressure Water Jetting and Electro-Mechanical Cleaning)
– Drain Repair (Pipe Lining, Patch Repair and Excavation)
– Emergency 24 Hour Call Outs
– Pre-Planned Maintenance
– Tanker Services
– Gutter Cleaning

Franchise Overview

Being part of our franchise network provides you with a large range of support services from Marketing to help manage national advertising campaigns to support with your own website and local awareness, to Sales support for large national accounts and helping you create business in your surrounding area, full experienced training team, technical support and the latest apps and portals to help manage incoming jobs, health and safety support and accounting team to help with invoicing and payment collection along with our bespoke quotation system.


We offer a full bespoke training programme which takes you through all areas of the business, we don’t require you to have existing drainage experience just the ability to learn, a determined can do attitude and are able to be polite and friendly with customers. We will show you everything you need to know to manage your business and we provide this support in a number of ways, by attending our training centre, by joining you on site for on the job training and are always on the end of the phone to offer advice and support going forwards.

Daily Life of a franchisee

A Metro Rod franchisee is a management role. You will mainly be based in your office which is likely to be located within your exclusive territory. Apart from the management of your staff and active jobs, you will also need to participate in acquiring new commercial business via sales/marketing and meeting with potential clients. Some of our franchisees attend site visits and help the engineers with drainage issues.

Maureen and Clive Newport

Maureen and Clive Newport had decided to join up with Metro Rod in 2001. They were approaching their 50th birthdays, and felt that the time was ripe for a change in their working lifestyles. With both their sons now grown up, they wanted the chance to both work and spend quality time together. It was Clive's brother who came up with the solution. He had heard about the Metro Rod franchise, and sensing that this would be a potential result for Clive and Maureen, sent them the details.

The couple got in contact with Metro Rod, and shortly, they were signing up with the company. Maureen remembers that initially, the company even took the trouble to take them through every aspect of the contract, right to the letter. 'Initially, Metro Rod took us through our contract in detail. We then took the contract to a solicitor to also take us through it. But when the solicitor spoke, we knew everything that he was going to say. Metro Rod had taken the trouble to provide us with all the details already.'

Maureen says that the training and support are excellent. 'The company is just a phone call away if you need backup. If you ring them, they will give you an answer to the question you have.'

The induction training programme takes the franchisees through every part of Metro Rod, both on the administration and technical sides. Maureen and Clive recall that the training was a key part of their induction. 'The training is excellent,' says Maureen. 'Initially, we were trained at head office. Clive learnt about the practical side, including the handling of the equipment. I learnt about book-making and administration. 'We then received practical training for two weeks. Clive had someone to help him on the road, while I had someone in the office with me.'

All Metro Rod franchisees get their own territory, determined by postcode areas, ensuring that you have the freedom to develop your contacts and build your own business base. Maureen says that in five years' time, she and Clive hope that their business will be even bigger than it is now. That's no wild aim, as Maureen says that their business is expanding all the time at a faster rate than they had imagined. 'Metro Rod is such a good company,' says Maureen. 'It offers the best backup and that's very important at the beginning. There is always somebody on hand if you are not sure of something.'

Linda and David Oakes

As the UK's leading business-to-business drainage contractor, it was hardly surprising that Linda and David Oakes were more than interested in becoming Metro Rod franchisees. As owners of her own small drainage company, business was fair but could have been much better; as Linda said herself, "we were one man with one van - there was only so much we could do".

They were very aware of the national presence and huge success of Metro Rod, with over 50 franchises throughout the UK. Linda and David had even been sub-contracted by Metro Rod on several occasions in the 18 months before taking on the franchise. Linda and David's son Stephen, now also a director of the company, made a remark in passing that they should take out a Metro Rod franchise - what could they possibly lose? It was this casual remark plus their initial contact with Metro Rod that finally made them take the plunge and take on the Cumbrian franchise - coupled with the fact that Metro Rod has been established for over 25 years gave them that extra confidence when making their decision. "My son's suggestion couldn't have come at a better time for us - to add to that, Stephen is now a very busy young man indeed and plays a huge part in the successful running of our business," commented Linda.

This was a golden opportunity for business with Metro Rod. Cumbria was an area much in need of the reliable and quality service of Metro Rod and Linda, David and Stephen knew it was for them. They now finds their team working with corporate giants such as Sainsburys, BUPA, J D Wetherspoons, Netto and Vue Cinemas to mention but a few.

"These were customers we could never have got without the support of Metro Rod and they now form the basis of our ever-growing customer network."

"Metro Rod made our transition from small company owners to successful franchisees a very simple and painless one. They took on our existing client base and enabled us to continue servicing them but with the added advantages of increased business and marketing support, higher technical expertise and, of course, brand awareness plus the trusted name of Metro Rod".

The results were immediate and, quite frankly, extraordinary. The Metro Rod franchise was taken on in November of 2008 and within a month they had to purchase a second van and employ another full-time drainage technician. By February of this year another trainee was employed and April saw them taking on another technician dealing with CCTV drainage surveys - that employee's son has now been taken on as an apprentice and all staff are training for their NVQs. Linda was delighted to be able to offer her CCTV technician his position as he had recently been laid off by another drainage company in the area who was struggling in the recession. It didn't stop there. Linda was desperately in need of help in running the office. Who better than Helen, her daughter, to join the team and really make this a family business. "To have made such a success not only for our company and employees but also for our family has been extremely important to us - we could not be happier with the way things have turned out," said Linda, a very proud mother and businesswoman.

In short, their turnover doubled within 7 months. "We could not believe the rate of growth - it was frightening to be honest..!", said Linda. "But with the support we have received from Metro Rod - which could not have been better - we know we are up to this highly rewarding challenge." The fact that the Oakes family are making such a success in this economic downturn highlights even more the strength of Metro Rod's market-presence throughout the UK and Nortern Ireland.

Franchise Director, Craig Henthorn, has been suitably impressed with the Oakes family's achievements but seems less than surprised. "We are delighted with the results they have got so far - but it simply highlights just how effective the Metro Rod support system works for generating more business. By plugging into the Metro Rod network the best results are possible - they are a classic example. Metro Rod has enabled this once small operation to fulfill its true potential. Metro Rod operates a dedicated head office with a 24-hour call centre along with free credit control, accounts assistance and a dedicated sales and marketing support team. It is a recipe for success."


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