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Company Overview

Mooboo is a UK based largest Bubble Tea operator with over 57 locations across the United Kingdom. We are offering vegetarian bubble tea and you can have more than 1000variety of drinks.

“Limitation only your imagination”.

Franchise Overview

Mooboo opened their first store at London Camden in 2012, every drink we made was truly “epic” and “magic” bubbletea for all ethnic and age groups. Interested in a new opportunity and looking for a fast-growing business to invest in? Or are you looking for a franchise to join? Mooboo Bubble Tea continues to be recognised by “The Best” bubble tea and largest franchise operation with over30 sites in the United Kingdom. Now we are so passionate to grow our business. Mooboo shops are available in all UK major cities. The Mooboo business operated in a walk-in, takeaway and delivery model. Mooboo offers the highest standard, cutting-edge platform in most competitive franchise package. Moreover, we provide full support and in return, you will gain an amazing return on investment.


We are providing end-to-end support to the franchisee from day 1. The franchisee will be advised and trained from franchisor on shop procurement, shop retail operation, cash handling sales analysis, up sales strategies and staff recruitment. The initial training lasting up to 10 days with the trainer from Mooboo

Daily Life of a franchisee

A Mooboo franchisee role is a varied one. You will be responsible for all aspects of the running of your store or kiosk, backed up with full support from Mooboo. One key responsibility is motivating your team of staff. You will also be in full control of building relationships with customers, as well as growing your business with comprehensive advice from Mooboo experts.

Be your own boss : The youngest franchisee at Mooboo

Annie is a young and successful business woman who owns a Mooboo in Portsmouth. She joined our Mooboo franchise when she was 21 years old. Like most young people, Annie had ambition and big dreams. Compared to working for other firms from entry level, she wanted to be her own boss and take on challenges and be more flexible.

Annie says ''When you’re working for someone else, your work hours are at their discretion. When you work for yourself, you have the freedom to control your own hours and your own schedule. It’s true that starting up a new business can require long hours while you get off the ground. However, once you get past that start-up hurdle, you’ll find that you ultimately have more freedom with your time and work schedule. ''

It’s like she says, when you’re the boss, you know the hopes and dreams that go into building a business. You also know the blood, sweat, tears, and hard work that went into building your dream into a reality.

Hence, Mooboo has a solid foundation and well-established support system for our franchisees. Even if you are young and just graduated from school. If you know exactly what goes into starting up and growing your own company, you won’t take a single day of work for granted. You’ll know that what you’re doing is meaningful, impactful, and fulfilling.

Annie also mentions “I am building something that’s truly mine. When I am mine own boss, I have a unique chance to shape my days the way I want to. I can pick and choose the work that I like and focus on what makes me smile.”

Running your own Mooboo business isn’t easy and will take work to understand the different parts of the business.

If you do decide to partner with us and become a franchisee, we do all we can to support your business growth. Perhaps you could become our next success story!

Employee to franchise

Leo used to be our shop manager in Ilford branch.

Prior to joining as a Mooboo franchisee, Leo worked for us with a demanding job that required a lot of responsibility.

After years of experience and getting good results, Leo realized that there must be more to life and started considering the idea of running his own Mooboo.

From working within our company, Leo felt he knew the brand very well and felt very confident in becoming a franchisee.

He mentions that his experience is that it is easy to set up your own business with Mooboo. People do not require prior experience, or any specific skill. The company provides fantastic training and finance advice.

Leo's advice to anyone who is considering of opening their own franchise is to make sure you have enthusiasm for the product, whatever that may be. If you truly believe in the product and enjoy it, it will make it much easier for your staff and guests to enjoy the experience too.

New immigration : Hong Kongers new life in the U.K.

This year, 2022, marks not only two years since Brexit but also marks a year since the UK opened its British National Overseas (BNO) visa scheme allowing people from Hong Kong to live, work and study in the UK. The arrival of the Hong Kongers may prove to be one of the most important British migration stories of the 2020s – and an opportunity to reset how we think about making migration and integration work in the UK.

Ricky is our new franchise partner, his shop being located at Hendon town. When he first came to the U.K. he had no local connections. Ricky struggled at first, experiencing language challenges and a big culture shock. Fortunately, his friend introduced him to join the Mooboo franchise.

Ricky shares that being an immigrant made it very difficult to get a good job, especially when your English ability is not as good as native speakers. By becoming a franchisee of Mooboo, Ricky has gone through our training and was able to learn everything he needed to run a successful Mooboo shop.

Additionally, Ricky enjoys the fact that there is no loyalty fee, which makes our franchise model more profitable for our franchisee partners.

Mooboo always strives to bring opportunities to all generations and ethnicities and provide positive experiences and environments for our business partners.


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