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Membership History

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Joined 2021

Company Overview

At the forefront of the UK’s green energy revolution, Mr Charger franchisees specialise in one of the country’s fastest growing sectors: electric vehicle (EV) charging. Your new Mr Charger franchise business, will allow you to support the switch to greener driving, with the supply, installation and maintenance of EV charging points. Gain exclusive access to an established client-base, with opportunities for immediate public and private contracts, as you to help the UK embrace change.


Franchisee quote:
“I realised Mr Chardger was my chance to break into the EV market early on!”
Nick Creer, Mr Charger Lancashire

Franchise Overview

As you may be aware, demand for cleaner driving, and a more sustainable eco-footprint, is growing, leading to an EV revolution. Across the UK, by the end of April 2021, it was estimated there were around 239,000 zero-emission Battery Electric Vehicles on the UK’s roads, and along with 259,000 plug-in hybrids and 629,000 conventional hybrids (The RAC).

At Mr Charger, we’re experiencing increased demand for EV charging points to be made more accessible, right across the UK. So, our franchisees build relationships in their locality, with: leading car manufacturers and dealerships and their customers, house builders/developers, property managers, councils, corporate clients, and manufacturers of car charging equipment. Through these relationships, we help customers choose the right EV Charging Point, and supply, install and then maintain their new charge point.

Since we started in 2016, we quickly became a Government-approved installer of EV charge points safely installing and managing them in homes, workplaces, and public areas throughout the UK. As a Mr Charger franchisee, you will benefit from our national contracts, and the strength of our brand, to build a successful business for yourself.


Whether you’re an electrical engineer, or the manager of a team, you don’t need to have experience with EV installations; although someone in your team will need to be qualified as an electrician.


At Mr Charger, using our electrical knowledge, and industry understanding, we’ve created a training programme designed to bring you up-to-speed, quickly and efficiently. This includes:

  • Details of the charge points we specialise in for B2C and B2B customers
  • How to guide your customers through the process
  • Installation of each charge point, with the manufacturers’ support
  • Maintenance of the Charge Points for ongoing sales
  • Complete training from inception of a business to after sales support and customer service


We will also give you access to the tools and resources we’ve brought into our franchise management programme to help you confidently manage your business for growth, including:

  • People management
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Office CRM software designed to provide a streamline customer journey
  • Engineer field-based app to track and record all installations
  • OCCP software for the purpose of reporting and billing users for use of charge points (workplace/ public charging)


We also supply reference materials, which will assist you in dealing with whatever comes up, whilst our franchise support team are on-hand whenever you need us. All this takes place over a three month training period, and includes on-site training for you and your electrician, so you can see the model in action.


In addition to this, you’ll also receive:

  • A number of leads to help you start strong from day one (we have multiple partners where referrals can be switched on as you commence your franchise journey)
  • The ongoing support of the Franchise Support Team for the lifetime of your franchise
  • Access to the very best manufacturers and equipment suppliers in the industry
  • Your own exclusive, protected territory
  • And much more!



Franchisee quote: “In Mr Charger, you’ve got a business model that’s already in place, there’s a brand, there’s logos, there’s infrastructure behind it – all of these things are already there. The opportunity is ready to go, essentially!” Matt Riddle, Mr Charger Berkshire

Daily Life of a franchisee

Mr Charger can either be run as a management franchise, or an on-the-tools franchise.


A typical day in the life of a Mr Charger franchise entails engaging with customers, in order to understand their charging requirements – either for the home or for business.  This could involve: Guiding residential customers to find the best solution, and most suitable charging point (1 or two chargers); or surveying and talking to business clients about multi-charger solutions across one, or multiple, business locations for their fleet vehicles. You’ll also build strong relationships with electrical wholesalers, car dealerships, local councils, property developers, small businesses, and our network of national account customers.  Working closely with your engineer(s), you’ll quickly become established, as you begin providing first-class customer service, quality workmanship, and expert advice to a wide-variety of clients.


It’s rewarding to know we are helping the UK, as we transition to net zero, and are at the forefront of technological innovation. We are there to guide our customers through their EV journey, inspiring them with our passion for renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Alan Miles

Do you have the vision to step into a future you control?

What makes someone who spent almost three decades in banking, before branching out to become a multi-business owner, break into the EV market with a new Mr Charger franchise? Vision!

If you’ve ever thought about a career change, but think it might be too late for you, maybe the story of our newest Mr Charger franchisee will inspire you. Because, for Alan Miles, owner of Mr Charger East Anglia, having worked in banking for around 29 years, stepping into business ownership has only provided more opportunities for him.

Originally, he became the finance director for a groundwork company, which expanded into a construction training company. But, then Alan, and his business partner, John, diversified into new, innovative industries like a seafood smokehouse. And now, this latest venture sees him moving into the EV market, as he invests in a Mr Charger franchise. “Last year, with the pandemic affecting a couple of our businesses, I wanted a new opportunity. Something I was personally interested in, but which operated within a growing industry,” Alan explains. “I’m a bit of a petrolhead, and passionate about cars, so it’s easy to see the future is electric: EV is going to be a massive growth area.”

However, after almost three decades in banking, and having started and run a number of successful business, Alan didn’t want to start another new venture from scratch – something which other wannabe entrepreneurs may identify with. “With everything else going on, as a result of covid, I really didn’t want the hassle and drama of everything which comes with starting a new business. I’ve been there, and done it. I was doing some research into what opportunities there are for me, and came across the Mr Charger franchise.”

Mr Charger is a franchise specialising in the installation and maintenance of EV charge points, for both commercial and residential customers. “I’d not really considered franchising, before, but after speaking to Richard at the Head Office, I knew I could work with them. I like the fact we’re not a large corporation, but a company who are expanding through the franchise model. The way Mr Charger works is very similar to how I operate in my other businesses, so it felt like a good match.”

Driving toward the future

Having the vision to invest in the EV industry means Alan – like others in the Mr Charger network – is now in a position to offer a solution within his territory. “Within eight years, more of us will be driving an electric vehicle,” Alan says. “Car manufacturers will focus more of their attention on the EV market, and fuel-run vehicles will be discontinued. We’re going to need easier access to charging points, both at home, and away from it. So, the EV industry is only set to grow. Mr Charger has taken the guess-work out of starting a business within this industry, and I benefit from being able to follow a model for business, which is already working.”

When it comes to multiple revenue streams, Mr Charger franchisees have the option of targeting two types of customers: residential, and commercial. “I can see the benefit of reaching both audiences through my franchise. But, I’m not an installer! So, I’ve already hired a couple of installers who have already been through the Mr Charger installation training programme, and we’re ready to go. I’m looking forward to using my sales experience, in banking, to work for myself. I’ve already been out to a couple of dealerships, explaining what we offer, and how our software can be seen as a commercial investment.”

Hold the vision, trust the process

So, when you think you may not be at the right stage of your career for starting a business, it might be better to change your mindset to view how you can use your skills and experience to better, personal use. Franchising, with Mr Charger is giving people like you future-focus and a less risky means to run your own business, “Being part of a franchise, is like having an additional business partner” Alan concludes. “One who knows what I need to be a success, and can be a sounding board for the challenges I face: The journey they’ve personally been on gives me confidence to know I can grow my Mr Charger business. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

To find out what it would take to start your own Mr Charger franchise, take your first step by contacting us today to arrange a conversation with Richard.

Rikesh Shah

Looking to diversify your business portfolio?

Rikesh Shah is no stranger to the power of franchising. In a bid to diversify his business portfolio, he quickly saw the potential a Mr Charger franchise offered him within the growing EV market.

Have you considered building a network of businesses in various sectors? Following the pandemic, and lockdowns which impacted business in certain sectors, it might be time to stop putting all your financial eggs into one basket.

For multi-franchise owner, Rikesh Shah, the pandemic showed him this was an important direction to move in, if he was to expand his business portfolio: he already owns several London-based franchises in both retail and logistics. As the Government rules came into force, he suddenly found himself with stores he couldn’t open. Seeing his sales heavily hit as a result, Rikesh was keen to diversify.

Fully aware of the benefit of franchising, he started looking at what franchises were available, which is when he came across Mr Charger, and was instantly attracted by the future-focus of the brand. “I’ve already had success with franchising,” Rikesh says. “So, finding the right franchise to invest in, is what drove me. I was aware of those sectors which are truly booming, and wanted the right opportunity for my future. I met Martin and Richard, of Mr Charger, and recognised there was a mutually beneficial opportunity: They’ll support my growth in a new-to-me sector, and I bring my franchise experience to the table. I’m excited to see how we will grow, together.”

Mr Charger is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging and energy storage solutions, for both domestic and commercial clients. Our franchise is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with an eye on the future, to start a business on the cusp of a major boom.

We have developed a tried-and-tested business model, which is supporting progressive thinkers. With our proven market strategy, and access to the UK’s leading EV manufactures, you could rapidly position yourself as a market leader, to your customers. “The support mechanisms Mr Charger have in place, are excellent,” Rikesh continues. “Not only have I received training on how to do the installations, but they’ve also established relationships across the industry, with big name brands. This has given me a workable customer-base from which to grow.”

Rikesh launches Mr Charger Essex, in August 2021. He plans to employ an electrical engineer and build the business himself, at least for the first six months. He will use his experience and skillset to build a strong presence in his region, focussing on quality and customer service. “The great thing about franchising with a brand like Mr Charger,” Rikesh explains, “is the business has already been tested. So, if you have the right management skills and good business acumen, you can really change gears and see a quick return on your investment. The advancements of the EV industry is moving fast, so there is a real window of opportunity to join the Mr Charger network, and build something substantial for yourself.”

Ready to start your own rewarding business in lucrative, new market? Join the Mr Charger network and find the right support to help you succeed. Contact us today to discover how you can get ahead of the competition with a Mr Charger franchise.

Matt Riddle

I felt like I was stuck in a rut, and needed a way out

Matt Riddle was an experienced electrician, running a successful business. Feeling like his heart wasn’t in it anymore, he started looking for a new challenge. This is when he discovered Mr Charger.

When you’re a self-employed electrician, you’re trying to balance all aspects of the business, as well as complete jobs to customers’ expectations. Maybe you, like Matt Riddle, have worked as an electrician for the whole of your career, and worked long hours to provide your customers a quality service, but you’ve lost the spark the job once brought you.

Matt had worked in the trade all his life, having taken-up an apprenticeship after finishing school. He’d been employed by several different companies, before going into business for himself, in 2016. In many ways, Matt achieved what most of us only dream about: being the boss.

However, for many successful electricians, like Matt, there comes a time when spending long hours on the same old domestic and commercial contracts, no longer cuts it. “I needed something new to revive me,” Matt says. “I’d become so frustrated, I actually considered leaving the industry altogether. I just wasn’t as passionate about what I was doing, anymore, and had fallen out of love with doing general, domestic electrical work.”

If you can identify with where Matt was at, it might interest you to know Mr Charger offers a proven business opportunity. Specifically aimed at supporting skilled electricians, Mr Charger enables you to jump into an exciting new sector: electric vehicle charging and energy storage solutions. Our proven business model gives you access to supplier-approved training, a structured methodology for business management and growth, as well as the ongoing support to help you achieve your professional goals.

But maybe, like Matt, you aren’t sure what franchising can do for you. “I’d never considered franchising before,” he says. “But as soon as I heard about it, and what Mr Charger offered me, I knew it was perfect! Perfect for me and, I would say, perfect for anyone looking for new direction. It almost feels a bit like cheating! You’ve gain access to a business model which is already in place: There’s a brand, there’s logos, there’s infrastructure – everything you need to start a business is already there. Your opportunity is, essentially, ready to go!”

Electric vehicle charging, is not only making a significant contribution to the issues of climate change, it’s also a hugely expanding industry, which is poised for significant growth over the next few years.  As Matt says, Whilst many companies are struggling during the pandemic, I think the EV industry is likely to benefit from it. People are changing how they travel around, looking at their options, so electric vehicles will become even more popular over the next few years. With the pressure to become greener, the industry has huge potential. I think the next ten years will be massive.”

As his business in Bracknell grows, Matt hopes to grow his team of installers so he can step back from doing the actual installations. With this potential for moving into a more managerial role, franchisees can focus their energy on expanding their customer base. “It’s exactly what I needed as I have a young family and want to spend more time with them,” Matt says. “For me, it was a real no-brainer. I could either start from scratch and be a competitor to Mr Charger and always be a step behind, or I could come onboard and see if we could grow it together. It was an easy decision.”

Are you ready to overcome the frustrations of the daily grind and take your career in an exciting and lucrative new direction? Get in touch today.

Nick Creer

“I really wanted to get off the tools one day. I realised Mr Charger was my chance.”

Many electricians feel frustrated with long hours, working the same old jobs, but making a change or starting your own business is not easy. For Nick Creer, taking on the Mr Charger franchise for Preston was exactly the opportunity he was looking for.

Whilst you do not need to be an electrician to benefit from a Mr Charger franchise, many of our partners have come from an electrical background. Like, Mr Charger Preston owner, Nick Creer. He initially joined his father in the family electrical contracting business, working in partnership with him for over 10 years. However, Nick could see there was the potential to achieve more in the business, and they could grow in a new direction.

Nick quickly saw there was potential within the EV market, with the growing popularity for electric cars, and he began working on small electric car charger projects. As he did, he met Richard from Mr Charger, who explained there was a market he could tap into, with his own Mr Charger franchise. “I instantly realised this was a good opportunity, so just went for it!” says Nick. ”I’ve always known I’ll take over my dad’s business fully, one day, but I also wanted something new, which was my own, to sink my teeth into. Starting a new business is always a risk, but Mr Charger has hit the ground running, right at the start of the EV boom: it’s an ideal investment.”

Mr Charger provides, not only a supported route into an exciting new market, but also all the approved training, tools, manufacturer relationships and expertise needed to take full advantage of this major growth industry. With strong relationships already established with a number of large customers, from car manufacturers and construction companies, to local councils and government projects, Mr Charger has a proven model designed to kick-start your new business in the right direction.

With our comprehensive training, and commitment to providing a high-level of ongoing support, Mr Charger franchisees take control of their future, by using our highly efficient systems to enjoy a quick start in their new venture. As you scale your business to meet the increasing market demand, you can provide local electricians and apprentices, meaning you  are in a position to come off the tools and make your move into management. “The fact you have the franchisors, Richard and Martin behind you, offering you the support and guidance, helping me to start, and to find my customers, was a real draw for me,” Nick says. “Within Mr Charger, we’re on the same side – and we’re all here to support each other.”

Whether you’re looking for a forward-thinking new investment, or just for a way to take more of a leadership role in your existing business, Mr Charger is a franchise opportunity like no other. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can work together.


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