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Membership History

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Joined 2013

Company Overview

Nicholas Humphreys started trading in 1998 currently operating in over 20 territories including Birmingham, Burton-upon-Trent, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Durham, Hertfordshire, Leicester, Lincoln, Loughborough, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Norwich, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton and Stoke-on-Trent.

With a market leading proposition in the property sector we are the only property franchise to specialise in student lettings offering a unique proposition running alongside the traditional estate and letting agency including professional lettings, property management and residential sales.

Franchise Overview

Our branches are a mixture of company-owned branches in the East Midlands and over 20 franchised businesses nationwide in university and residential territories.

We have identified many areas for growth in the UK that are available on an exclusive basis as Nicholas Humphreys continues to expand its network and brand presence of which we are able to provide market research packs to suitable candidates please ask if your territory is available.

We are looking for franchisees who are driven, resilient and looking for a new challenge ready to thrive under the advice and guidance of our committed and experienced franchise team. The majority of our franchisees start their franchise within a serviced office so a shop front is not a necessity.


Franchisees will receive a twelve-week programme including training, mentoring and development. The training support is workshop, branch and field-based for a four week period, being designed to appeal to all learning styles on a 1:1 basis with our franchise team and alongside specialists across our network.

In addition Nicholas Humphreys will provide you with a fully trained member of staff for the next eight weeks of your launch period and ongoing mentoring support thereafter.

Daily Life of a franchisee

We have set up the franchise proposition so that the franchisee spends the majority of their time fee earning and client facing, leaving the accounting side to be taken care of externally and a system in place to reduce administration. As a Nicholas Humphreys franchisee the day-to-day life is very varied and will involve diverse activities including attracting new landlords and vendors, carrying out property viewings with students and/or professionals, conducting inspections and instructing contractors.

You will carry out property appraisals, input properties on the website, oversee rental payments and liaise with local media. You will be building and developing new and existing relationships all of which is practiced within our franchise launch period and continued throughout the life as a franchisee.

Oliver Barker

Franchisee: Oliver Barker
Territory: Hatfield
Franchise: Nicholas Humphreys

Previous sector experience: Worked within retail.

Started trading: February 2016

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys franchise: Wanting to be part of an expanding and highly respected branch with the opportunity to drive my own income.

Vision: Starting a business for myself as a valuable asset.

Personal goal: To start a property portfolio of my own.

Advice to prospective franchisees: Whilst you have the ability to make key decisions on your business yourself always seek the advice and support from the franchise team.

Oliver’s figures

  • Year 1 Income - £64,605.39
  • 18 Month Cumulative Income - £116,049.66
  • Bronze Income Award (£5000 income in one month) – Achieved in Month 2
  • Income Covered Initial Franchise Fee – Month 5

Dan Strain

Franchisee: Dan Strain
Territory: Nottingham and Manchester Branch
Franchise: Nicholas Humphreys

Previous sector experience: Worked for Nicholas Humphreys owned branch in Derby for 1 year.

Started trading: September 2010 with Nottingham City branch, expanding to owning three more franchises.

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys franchise: After working for Nicholas Humphreys for 12 months, I knew it was a brand I could trust.

Vision: To open a third office based branch within the next two years and to launch several more franchise operations.

Personal goal: To continue to add to my personal property portfolio.

Advice to prospective franchisees: Take a look at the market research packs available, I found it really insightful.

Dan’s figures

  • First Franchise has now turned over £1million, with 9 members of staff and a high street premises
  • Nottingham City Year 1 Income - £82,001
  • Year 2 Income - £194,722
  • Year 3 Income – £300,761
  • Year 4 Income – £367,160
  • Platinum Award Achieved (Earning £50,000 income in one calendar month)

Robbie Bell & Rebecca Henderson

Franchisee: Robbie Bell & Rebecca Henderson
Territory: Durham
Franchise: Nicholas Humphreys

Previous sector experience: Robbie worked for Ask restaurant chain as a branch manager. Rebecca worked for a law firm.

Started trading: July 2015

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys franchise: I/we wanted to benefit from all of my/our hard work, having made money for other business owners in the past and to purchase & develop a property portfolio.

Vision: To be the number one student agent in Durham and expand into further territories.

Personal goal: Buy a portfolio of properties in Durham with my family.

Advice to prospective franchisees: Focus on student lettings as the income potential is huge.

Robbie & Rebecca’s figures

  • 2 Year Cumulative Income - £114,240.10
  • Won Best Newcomer Award in 2015

Jonathan MacDonald

Franchisee: Jonathan MacDonald
Territory: Nottingham and Manchester Branch
Franchise: Nicholas Humphreys

Previous sector experience: Estate Agency for a year.

Started trading: August 2013 with Nottingham West branch, expanding to owning three more franchises.

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys franchise: Proven track record of previous franchisees demonstrated real potential for a lucrative career.

Vision: To increase managed property income and open a third office.

Personal goal: To own a large portfolio of student rental properties.

Advice to prospective franchisees: Investigate into the continued support provided by the NJH Franchise team.

Jonathan’s figures

  • Joint owner of Nottingham City which has now turned over £1million, with 9 members of staff and a high street premises
  • West Bridgford Year 1 Income - £56,162
  • Year 2 Income - £98,961
  • Year 3 Income – £149,931
  • Gold Award Achieved (Earning £25,000 income in one calendar month)

Rob Butters

Territory: Stoke-on-Trent
Franchise: Nicholas Humphreys

Previous sector experience: Previously worked for an insurance company.

Started trading: May 2016

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys franchise: To move away from the corporate sector into a steady industry to make a decent income to support a family.

Vision: To increase office with staff members to run the office and expand into further territories locally such as Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Personal goal: Start lending against business to buy properties to manage.

Advice to prospective franchisees: The franchise team are flexible with their training methods so take advantage during your months training period.

Rob’s figures

  • Year 1 Income - £80,813.64
  • 15 Month Cumulative Income - £100,449.98
  • Bronze Income Award in Month 4 (Banked £5000 Income in 1 Month)
  • Listed 87 properties in First 3 Months

Nicholas Lambrou

Franchisee: Nicholas Lambrou
Territory: Sheffield
Franchise: Nicholas Humphreys

Previous sector experience: Worked within financial services.

Started trading: August 2017

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys franchise: Looking for self-employment and to make good use of my commercial business skills and business development skills. I was looking for a heavily supportive franchise that would aid in setting up my first business and continuing support provided.

Vision: To build a business that has a large resale value whilst utilising my skillset and enjoying my job.

Personal goal: To build the business and be in the top 25% of the league tables.

Advice to prospective franchisees: Utilise the market research days alongside the franchise team to get to know the territory and asking the franchise team lots of questions along the way.

Nicholas’s figures

  • First 2 Months trading Income - £6,166.39
  • Listed 15 Landlords with a total of over 60 properties

Ben Lacey

Franchisee: Ben Lacey
Territory: Portsmouth
Franchise: Nicholas Humphreys

Previous sector experience: None in property, degree in HR and previously worked in an IT company.

Started trading: December 2017

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys franchise: I chose Nicholas Humphreys because of the level of support provided and because of the knowledge the franchise team have.

Vision: My goal is to ensure that I continue to grow the business without compromising on service. I’d like to see Nicholas Humphreys boards lining every popular student road in Portsmouth! I would also like to expand into residential lettings and sales in the future.

Personal goal: To start a property portfolio of my own.

Advice to prospective franchisees: My advice would be to ensure that there is sufficient support in the initial stages of the business to ensure its success. Speak to the existing franchisees about their experiences, particularly those who have just launched and those who have been running their business for a longer period of time.

Oliver’s figures

  • Month 1 Income – Over £2800
  • Best Newcomer of the Year 2017

Del & Kirin Atwal

Franchisee: Del & Kirin Atwal
Territory: Coventry
Franchise: Nicholas Humphreys

Previous sector experience: Del and Kirin both own their own properties and are landlords themselves.

Started trading: January 2014

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys franchise: Specialist student proposition really stood out from the other lettings franchises.

Vision: To open a second NJH franchise in Southampton within the next six months.

Personal goal: To add to my own personal property portfolio within five years.

Advice to prospective franchisees: Visit an existing franchisees offices for a great insight into life as a franchisee.

Del & Kirin's figures

  • Year 1 Income - £65,000+
  • Year 2 Income - £140,000
  • Number of houses: 96
  • Purchase five investment properties

Bhav Patel

Bhav Patel – Nicholas Humphreys Estate Agents: Southampton Franchisee 

Previous sector experience: Area and Regional Manager in the Financial Sector

Started trading: September 2018

Reason for choosing a Nicholas Humphreys franchise: Starting a franchise seemed the like the perfect balance of starting your own business whilst have the security net of a bigger company behind you.  This allowed our family some security as we embarked upon this new adventure.

Training and Support Received: The training was of excellent standard, they ensured I had a good understanding of the business has a whole after which detailed training of processes, business generation and marketing was given.  The level of support is outstanding, the support given within the launch period is unheard of and essential in the early days of a new business. This hands on approach from the training team ensures the business begins on a high.

Typical Day So Far: Currently a typical day involves a brief/de-brief with head office, business generation, admin, valuations and viewings.

Advice to prospective franchisees: This experience has been life changing, the feeling of being your own boss and working hard and seeing the rewards for yourself is the most liberating. Take the first step, then as long as you’re prepared to put in the hard work, it is worth it.

Bhav’s figures:

Month 1 Income…. £6,289.60
Month 2 income…. £10,077.04
Month 3 Income…. £8,665.62
Month 4 income…. £7,307.45

Cumulative 4 Month Income…. £32,339.71
Bronze Aware in Month 1 and Fastest Fee Award


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