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Membership History

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Joined 2021

Company Overview

Nugelato is an ice cream boutique offering a sophisticated, indulgent gelato and chocolate experience. Our family have been making award winning gelato in Ireland and the UK since 1930 and our passion for creating innovative desserts has passed through generations of our family for nearly 100 years. It was out of this rich history and innovation that Nugelato was born. Since 2015 our customers have embraced our offering and Nugelato has grown from one store to ten and is continuing to grow through franchising our proven and successful business model.

With such a long history in the history in the industry our family have won numerous business awards, however we are most proud of our “Irish News 2020 Food Champions Award” for Adaptability. In the midst of the global pandemic we were very quickly able to demonstrate great resilience and adapt as our network reorganised and redeployed our resources enabling  our stores remain open, but also thrive in a world of lockdown when online purchasing became prominent and the traditional landscape completely changed.

Franchise Overview

Provide a brief and simple overview of the franchise operation as a whole and do not cover details already mentioned in the company overview but instead, build the bigger picture. An idea of your history in franchising, your long-term objectives and if the business is national or international are examples of what you can share in this section.

Nugelato offer a retail business solution through our attractive franchise package based on a proven business model with strong branding, sales and a product that is in demand, whilst allowing franchisees the autonomy to run their own business with the supports they need.

We offer a complete solution that allows a franchisee to benefit from the following aspects:

  • Benefit from our expertise and know how in store layout design and fit out
  • Benefit from our simplified supply chain
  • Benefit from our unique group cost and pricing capabilities built on supplier relationships formed over many years
  • Benefit from our ongoing head office support, monitoring of business KPI’s and advice to maximize your store’s potential
  • Benefit from our management software which improves capturing data, the use of data, improve the customer journey, branding, increase sales, improve marketing capabilities on a local level for franchisees
  • Benefit from our marketing support and our specifically assigned continual innovation of new products
  • Benefit from our recruitment assistance and training programs.

Since opening our pilot franchise in 2018 we are delighted to be continuing to develop our franchise network domestically in Ireland and are excited by our expansion in to new international territories including the UK.


Training is a vital part of franchising and so remember to provide all relevant programmes you put in place to attract prospective franchisees. Tell franchisees exactly what they need to know about the support they will be given and include details on the initial training, the duration and location (classroom, online, external trainers of the help you’ll provide. A prospective franchisee will want to know if they would be trained on core operations as well as further elements around key business skills.

All new franchisees will receive a combination of in-store on the job training and online training programs that will cover all aspects of the work that they can expect.

The franchisee will receive 1 week in store training in one of our nominated training stores. This will allow the franchisee become familiar with day to day running of a store. The franchisee will learn business fundamentals of daily in store operations and maintenance, health and safety, merchandising, stock control, Nugelato store standards and customer service.

The franchisee will need to complete 1 week of online training. Online courses involve food hygiene and allergen courses, spreadsheet and key performance indicator training. The franchisee will then be granted access to our instore management and training app where they will complete a course on our operations manual.

Prior to opening the franchisee and their team will receive one full day training in store. Then members of our team will assist with the store opening and remain on site for 2 weeks after opening as guides and trainers to support the new in store team.

Daily Life of a franchisee


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