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Membership History

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Joined 2016

Company Overview

Optic-Kleer is one of the UK’s leading car windscreen repair franchise. Established for over 30 years, this low investment, low-overhead franchise opportunity has a high ROI and serious scope for growth.

As an owner-operator, you have the freedom and flexibility to build your business to suit your aspirations and lifestyle, all with Optic-Kleer’s expert team behind you.

Optic-Kleer has agreements in place with major supermarket chains as well as other large key retailers such as DIY stores.  This gives you a wide range of high-footfall car park locations in which to set up your mobile repair unit. You’re given the tools and training to fix a windscreen in around 20 minutes. You repair customers’ windscreens whilst they shop – the ultimate convenience!

Excellence as standard

  • Thousands of 5-star Google reviews from satisfied customers nationwide
  • The most technically advanced repair system currently available in the UK market
  • Ranked as the UK’s number one windscreen repair franchise in 2021*
  • Named as one of the top two automotive repair opportunities in the UK in 2021*
  • Proud Member of the British Franchise Association
  • Sit on the Windscreen Repair advisory panel for British Standards in the UK.

Franchise Overview

Big News from the Optic-Kleer franchise.

April-2022: MD, David Overton is very pleased to announce that, after many years of intensive negotiation, he has now secured an incredible new deal for the Optic-Kleer franchise network:

Optic-Kleer franchisees are now able to trade in the car parks of more than 450 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

Optic-Kleer also achieved 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Status in 2021                       

Optic-Kleer’s state-of-the-art systems make life easy for you and your customers. Payments can be made direct to you on completion or customers can make a simple claim through their motor insurance via your tablet. A central support team process all invoices and chase payment on your behalf which means you have more time to carry out more repairs… and earn more money.

When you’re not carrying out repairs, your time will be spent responding to customer enquiries, checking your Google reviews, engaging with potential customers on social media and planning your locations for the weeks to come. Bespoke back-office systems are mobile and tablet compatible which means all of this can be done on the go, at a time to suit you.

“Customers are drawn to us in supermarket car parks as they can have their windscreen repaired whilst they shop,” Mike Cruz, Lincolnshire franchisee.

Your investment

Optic-Kleer’s low investment level makes this a truly accessible franchise. Priced at £19,950 for an exclusive territory, the package includes equipment and initial consumables, marketing collateral and access to the brand’s bespoke IT solutions. As well as start-up training and ongoing mentoring.

Your franchise fee covers an impressive package of branded marketing collateral, including the eye-catching overhead canopy, which will help to firmly establish you as the go-to repair service in your area.

Your earnings potential

With any franchise, the amount of effort you put in will determine the amount you get out of it; Optic-Kleer franchisees will, typically, average 5 windscreen repairs a day, working 21 days a month which generates £5,460** a month.

“The stock I have to hold is next to nothing. What I need I can order and have within a few days from head office. It’s a nice easy ordering process,” Mark Steels, Peterborough & Spalding franchisee.

Is there demand for Optic-Kleer?

YES…. Government figures show that there are now around 38.0 million vehicles in the UK, 31 million or so of which are cars. With so many vehicles being used there is a large and steady demand for repair or replacement of broken glass.#

PLUS – according to Plimsoll Analysis the average growth in the UK Windscreen Replacement Services market reached 9.1% in the latest year. ##

When you take into account figures that show one in five vehicles get a chip in the windscreen every year the potential market for windscreen repairs is 6 million every year.


**Average repair cost based upon Operator data 2021/22. Your turnover will be subject to tax, business running costs and site fees.




A team committed to your training & support

When it comes to training and support, the team at Optic-Kleer know exactly what it takes to make a success of this franchise. In fact, Managing Director David Overton started as an Optic-Kleer franchisee himself!

New recruits benefit from a mix of classroom and field-based training. Long-standing franchisee, John Speare, has more than a decade under his belt and has repaired thousands of windscreens. He now heads up Optic-Kleer’s initial training and has developed a 2-day in-field programme designed to equip you with the confidence and skills to earn from day one.

Once you’re up and running, you will receive ongoing support for the life of your franchise. From marketing and IT to systems and financial reporting. The Optic-Kleer culture is one of collaboration and knowledge-sharing with experienced franchisees bringing new ideas to the table when it comes to business growth.

“The team in the office are unbelievable. They sort absolutely everything out for you, they are always available on the telephone if you have any queries. And the way they process all of our transactions – I don’t know how they do it! It’s very efficient and they have never let me down,” John Speare, Suffolk franchisee.

Take control of your future, today

Optic-Kleer franchisees are highly motivated, with a strong work ethic and enjoy the variety that comes from working in different locations with different people. If you’d like to be your own boss with the support of a market-leading brand, fill in the form below to receive more information about Optic-Kleer.

Interested in starting a Optic-Kleer Franchise?

To contact Optic-Kleer for more information regarding their Franchise opportunity and speak to them directly with any questions you have, please complete the form below.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Optic-Kleer franchisees work mainly from supermarket and various DIY hardware store carparks. The bookings for this are made through head office with the respective supermarket. Franchisees are able to book several weeks in advance so their work plan can be managed effectively. An online diary is shown on the Optic-Kleer website for all franchisees. Franchisees also now have a choice of being “on call” in their area. Normally a franchisee will book a particular supermarket for a week at a time. Franchisees also receive direct enquiries from our website or telephone. Customers can now receive reminders to go and have their windscreen chip repaired by a certain franchisee on a particular day. These can be arranged with the customer directly.

Mike Cruz

Hello, my name is Mike.

I have been repairing windscreens since 2010. Over the years I have seen all types of windscreen damage on a range of different cars. I have successfully carried out many stone chip repairs, from a heated front screen in a Ford to a Ferrari windscreen to a classic car windscreen.

I am a mobile technician and work around the county so you can find me carrying out car glass repairs between Boston and Skegness. I occasionally do home visits but I mainly carry out the windscreen chip repair in large retail outlet car parks. It is a quick easy process which can be done whilst you are shopping.

In most cases, your insurance company will cover the cost of your car windscreen repair. Whether it's a windscreen chip repair you need for your MOT or damage in your windscreen that you want to get repaired before it gets any bigger, I can help. There is no need for you to contact your insurer as we will do that for you. If you don’t have insurance for your window screen repair, then don’t worry, we can still carry out your car windscreen repair at a small cost.

Remember Optic-Kleer is a windscreen repair only company so if you want to retain the original windscreen in your car with the factory seal intact we can do this.

All of my windscreen repairs carry a lifetime warranty.

You can easily look at my diary to find out where I will be working by providing us with your vehicle registration and postcode here.

If you have any queries regarding windscreen repair please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Speare

Hi, I’m John.

I have been an Optic-Kleer franchisee since 2011.

How did you hear about Optic-Kleer?

“Through my brother-in-law actually, he had his windscreen repaired, by a technician down in Dorset. He told me about it and thought it was a great opportunity and we should look into it, so we did.”

What were your next steps?

“The next steps we took were to have a meeting with the director, David Overton. We had a couple of meetings with him and moved things forward quite quickly.”

How did you find the transition from leaving your old job?

“I was in a position where I wasn’t very happy what I was doing, the transition to Optic-Kleer was great for me because it was the opportunity I needed at the right time and it just fell perfect for me.”

What was training like?

“The training was really well setup, we were given accommodation the night before and arrived nice and fresh on the Monday morning. The initial day of training was quite relaxed, it was enjoyable, it was exciting because it was something new. I was really impressed and enjoying it. We learnt an awful lot. We learnt about the kit and the industry. David was very helpful and knowledgeable because he had been there and done it himself. So it was a very enjoyable experience.”

Did talking to David help?

“David Overton was great, because he started as a franchisee himself, worked his way up to operations manager, and then has obviously become director and now owns the company. His knowledge was invaluable in letting us know how things work. Becoming a franchisee was a real buzz for me, because I always wanted to own my own business. Becoming a franchisee would give me the opportunity to run my own business, and that is very much the way I looked at it. Although I have the safety of the umbrella of an organisation, I felt like I was about to embark on my own business, which was fantastic.”

How did you feel when you had your first customer?

“Obviously your first customer is a bit nerve wracking, but I was confident in using the equipment and quite able to do the repairs. Because I had the support of David with me on the first day, that too was invaluable. He put me at my ease and we went through the process, everything I was taught in the training room, and everything just went from there. We had a very successful day, I think we did 10 repairs on my first day, which was wonderful.”

Do you get much support from Optic- Kleer?

“The girls in the office are unbelievable. They sort absolutely everything out for you, they are always available on the telephone, if you have got any queries. And the way they process all the guys’ transactions, I don’t know how they do it. It’s very efficient and they have never let me down in terms of any admin errors or anything.”


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Big News from the Optic-Kleer franchise
28 April 2022
Optic-Kleer achieves 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Status
28 April 2022
Q&A with Mike Cruz – Optic-Kleer Franchisee since 2012
1 February 2022

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