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Membership History

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Joined 1997
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Company Overview

OSCAR is a pet food home delivery franchise business, supplying a range of specially formulated pet food. As a mobile pet food business, it delivers a unique product in an exclusive territory. The excellent ancillary range of accessories such as toys, treats, food supplements, bedding, grooming, health care and training aids for dogs, cats and small animals is complemented by nutritional, behavioural and veterinary advisors.

Franchise Overview

OSCAR Pet Foods has secured new franchisees from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from HR, customer service and administrative roles to retail, sales, teaching and law.

With over 25 years’ experience in the franchise industry, our UK-based large franchise network is constantly expanding. Pockets of prime site greenfield areas are always available but the long-term established businesses are now providing excellent resale opportunities.

Keeping abreast of the industry helps us to maintain a prominent place in the market. New product development and advancements to training are important to ensure continued growth and a healthy network of franchisees.



The OSCAR franchise package provides flexibility and choice in accordance with your own level of expertise and skill set.

Commencing with the fundamental necessities to launch an OSCAR franchise, the package has been designed to provide a cross-section of additional business development services that you can tailor to suit your needs.

Personalised : Flexible : Exclusive

• Innovative and user-friendly training delivered by experienced mentors.

•Vetpol Accredited – Companion Animal Nutrition Course.

• Full colour livery.

• Professionally branded corporate marquee for use at local events.

• Corporate clothing and equipment.

• Vast array of branded marketing materials.

• Access to online marketing tools.

• Access to online PR system.

• Franchise manual for easy reference at your fingertips.

• Internet discussion forum enabling you to network online.

• Bespoke customer relationship system.

• Fully functional bespoke accounts system.

• Internet discussion forum.

• A comprehensive online reference manual.

• E-commerce to send customer enquiries direct to your business.

• An exclusive standard territory.

£8,995 plus VAT

There are Essential Stock Options and Optional Business Extras that will put the finishing touches to your very own personal package. All options are listed and priced accordingly for you to calculate your best level of investment against the elements you would like to include towards developing your business.

Daily Life of a franchisee

This van-based business combines working from home with being out on the road delivering a comprehensive range of products and unrivalled level of service to your customers and their pets.

Customer development is built via telephone communications, direct marketing and public events such as shows and fetes. The nature of this franchise opportunity provides flexibility to establish loyal, happy customer relationships while tailoring the business to suit your own lifestyle.

Rachel Knight

With all the right attributes to run her own business, Rachel Knight found the perfect answer when she discovered OSCAR as a business opportunity.

“My initial internet search was for animal-related employment when I came across OSCAR as a self-employment opportunity. Realising I'd been feeding OSCAR food – which came via direct home delivery – to my dogs for at least 8 years.

“After spending 25 years in the bank as a commercial financial advisor to farming clients, I took voluntary redundancy. I went on to join a farm insurer as an 'on farm insurance agent' offering advice on the many aspects of insurance. After three stressful years of working unsociable hours and travelling around the country for little reward, I made my decision to move on.

“As one door closes another opens and my research introduced me to franchising – a halfway house to running your own business with the benefits of working alongside a large organisation. Complete with systems, products and support in place, the flexibility and freedom to run a business as you wish could not be better.” Rachel goes on to say, “Thinking about my future, I was able to forgo my previous professional career because I'd reached a stage in my life where I was financially and personally comfortable.

“Discovering that OSCAR was not represented in my local area took me to the next stage and with knowledge of the product as an existing customer, I was very impressed by the franchise team. With their professionalism and my existing range of skills, from sales to relationship management, I could see everything falling into place.

“Speaking to other franchisees gave me a positive introduction to the finer details of the business, and spending a day out in the field enabled me to assess the business carefully. Everything was well presented – not rushed, selective and with attention to every detail in relation to different experiences.

“As with any new business I needed time to establish a presence and with help from OSCAR I gained lots of initial new introductions. It's been almost a year now, I've met all my expectations and I am really pleased with my progress. I've worked to the OSCAR recommended system and by using my sales experience I've made good progress. I found my niche by attending shows and fairs, with help from my husband, and by building strong customer relationships, referrals have been forthcoming. I've given my customers the benefit of a convenient service and, combined with quality products, this has resulted in a loyal customer base.

“To have a business where I'm given opportunities of further education is incredible,  and I'm now well on my way to gaining a recognised certification in pet nutrition and behaviour. Back-up support and additional training could not be more accessible and regional meetings, open surgery discussions with the management team and other franchisees brings the network together while keeping everyone focused.”

Rachel closes by saying, “I'm far less stressed and I have time for myself, my husband and my two dogs, Ted and Hannie, while enjoying new friendships with my customers. OSCAR felt right for me and my recommendation to anyone looking at a new business is to take your time and tick all the boxes to ensure it's right for you and your family.”

Wayne McLanaghan

OSCAR Pet Foods Coventry and Warwickshire

“Choosing an OSCAR franchise first came about after I was browsing the internet in search of a new business venture to take me into retirement – away from the physically demanding construction industry. On my web travels I landed on the British Franchise Associations Website and browsing through all the company logos an OSCAR logo barked out at me! I'd been buying OSCAR's for my dog some 6 years, knew my franchisee well (after 6 years) and understood the lifestyle he had ... so I purchased a green field franchise area.

“As an experienced business owner, I started gradually – scaling down one business whilst building up the other – and concentrated on a careful business plan.

“Having a fellow franchisee in next-door territory turned out to be a benefit. We were able to work closely together, helping each other out, sharing pallets and generating new leads and customers for both our areas and it was great to support each other whilst improving our own business prospects. It’s fair to say there is a lot more to selling pet food than you would first imagine!

“Even so, I’d really only had my boots on the ground for a year before I could see prospects ahead.

“When my fellow franchisee at OSCAR Pet Foods Coventry reached retirement the opportunity to purchase his franchise became a reality and I’m now the proud owner of a ‘double-site’ OSCAR franchise – in spite of COVID-19!

“Thankfully, my area covers three local market towns, which (out of lockdown) provide opportunities to pitch stalls and connect with the local community. I’ve definitely had to put my thinking cap on during the pandemic. There’s no doubt that having previous experience in setting up and running my own business has helped me to stay on my feet and navigate new ways to generate sales – not to mention the step change in marketing opportunities. It helps to be adaptable and to embrace the (dare I say) ‘necessary evil’ of social media; it really makes a difference because visibility is vital.

“When it comes to customer sales, what matters most is care and support. Helping customers choose pet food wisely means their pets benefit the most, and it’s a joy to be part of that outcome.”

Andrew Mitchell

Previous Occupation: 30 years of commercial management experience in a family furniture manufacturing company

With over 30 years of commercial management experience in a family furniture manufacturing company, I was lucky to bring many logistical and organisational skills to my OSCAR business.  But if I was giving advice to somebody looking at a new OSCAR franchise opportunity, especially a greenfield site to expand the franchise network, I would say a strong focus on sales and marketing would help because visibility to attract new customers is key.

The pet food industry is massively competitive but, luckily, most pet owners genuinely want the best for their pets and that’s where OSCAR pet food comes into its own. The range of products speaks for itself – offering plenty of choices to address individual pet health concerns including skin health, joint health and digestive issues to name but a few. In addition to this, customers benefit from highly qualified pet care advice and the head office team always have my back when it comes to answering specialist pet food queries – with plenty of reliable pet care tips to hand.

OSCAR Pet Foods is well known within the industry as a family run business, which greatly appeals to me. Their commitment to, and investment in, new business opportunities and research is something that the whole network can benefit from.

Most new pet owners are keen to provide for their pet families with responsibility and care and many of them think carefully about the value of their purchases – seeking local market stalls and agricultural shows for quality pet food and pet care value. Luckily, the quality of OSCAR products means I’m confident about the benefits my customers are gaining and once they try the food, word of mouth soon helps further sales.

Personally, I like the service side of things and enjoy my regular stall at the local Hebden Bridge Market. For me, it’s all about customer satisfaction: making sure pets never run out of food, giving good advice, and solving customer problems to improve their pet’s lives. Customer loyalty is truly satisfying. To be honest, many of my customers become real friends.

When it comes to plans for the future, I can’t wait to grow the business.  I’ve no need to become a millionaire but I like the fact that my business is my own, and having independence and autonomy is nice. My main focus is going to be extending my customer base. Strong businesses don’t happen overnight, but hard work, dedication and a love of pets is motivation enough for me. With Woody by my side (my mad cocker spaniel who’s an absolute nutter and loves his OSCAR Chicken & Rice!) I’ve the best business partner I could wish for, and the future is ours to enjoy.

Neil and Shelley Harvey

OSCAR Pet Foods Market Drayton

 In the twenty years since Neil and I started our business times have changed. Especially, when it comes to meeting customer’s needs. And 2020 is proving to be no exception! Pre Covid, our customers enjoyed the benefits of good ingredients and the personalised nutritional advice for their pets, as well as the luxury of having heavy bags of dog food delivered straight to their door.

Post Covid, our customers enjoy all the same benefits but our socially distanced home delivery has come into its own: allowing them to shield or self-isolate safely, work from home (if necessary) or have pet food delivered securely whilst they get on with their busy lives.. Not to mention a guaranteed supply of quality foods – we never run out! We love meeting and looking after our customers and are always happy to give them one less thing to worry about when their worlds are turning upside down.

Naturally, pet owners want the best for their pets and our love of animals, combined with twenty years of experience, means helping customers solve pet problems with advice and expert tips on healthcare is an increasingly valuable part of our friendly service.

“It’s true that the OSCAR business model offers inherent flexibility and for those of us who have chosen franchising with lifestyle consideration in mind the quality of work life balance is a definite plus.”

“I can honestly say, hand on heart, that even after 20 years I still get just as excited about going to meet a new pet as I did 20 years ago"

Would you like to find out more about business opportunities with OSCAR?

Call: 0800 068 1106


Laurence and Malcolm Slade

Laurence Slade had a dream that one day he would run his own business, but what type of business remained a mystery until his internet searching presented him with Oscar.

But why Oscar? At that time his association with pets was a Siberian hamster, but more to the point it was the concept of the business that had the appeal. It also appealed to his father Malcolm, who saw it as an ideal opportunity that they could share.

“My career dates back to when I achieved a Master’s degree in planning for the town council,” explains Laurence. “Then the recession side-stepped me into a variety of experiences through direct call centre sales, business development and as a consumer advisor for the county council - putting me in good stead for any potential self employment with sales expertise.”

“As for Malcolm, he joins me with a wealth of business experience. Having worked in the UK and overseas, his input will be invaluable,” says Laurence.

“We explored all the possibilities via other franchises, covering features of marketing, social life and how best to achieve goals, and Oscar presented us with clear and achievable targets in readiness for us to prepare a business plan. We were made to feel at ease throughout each stage of the transition; the open day at Head Office was well presented, the Oscar team were patient and more than helpful and we enjoyed productive days in the field with very professional franchisees.

“Investing in a resale gave us a very good start as we were introduced to existing customers in the early stages. Training followed and that extended our confidence with an abundance of knowledge. It was informative, interesting and impressive, certainly one of the best programmes that Malcolm had experienced in his career.

“Now with time and experience behind us, we followed the system and I have found canvassing much easier than I first thought. I treat it as a business opportunity rather than a casual call thus resulting in referrals to other pet owners.”

Laurence goes on to say, “While I manage deliveries along the wonderful Kent coastline from Folkestone to Dover to Deal and back inland to Ashford, Malcolm covers office routines and accounts – the one part of the business that needs constant attention!”

“Having checked out the competition we concluded that our product is total quality and well priced, and we have living proof that we can assist in supporting health issues through diet. Results show general improved coat condition and a massive difference in resolving liver, skin, joint and tummy problems - with customers reporting back on progress.

“Socially our business brings us lots of fun; the pets love us because we smell of previous pet customers, while their owners just love to talk. It works especially well for people who live alone and can't get out. Not wanting to be left out of pet conversation we joined forces and adopted two crossbreed Salukis from a local charity. We were also introduced to a community project and with the help of the Oscar marketing facility, leaflet drops, poster campaigns and shows have brought success.

“We consider our place with Oscar as a partnership in a large organisation where all franchisees count. In nurturing other members of our family to join us in achieving targets, I want to accomplish personal goals that will result in job satisfaction and give me something to be proud of!”

Shaun & Dawn Brigden

When Shaun & Dawn Brigden heard that their Oscar Pet Foods franchisee was due to retire, they didn’t hesitate in making contact!

They discuss why they felt that buying an existing franchise was an ideal opportunity because all the elements were in place and it was just what they were looking for:

"Building homes for people and giving a home to rescue dogs has been our life. Thirty years in the building industry, and thinking long-term future, would I be fit enough to continue climbing ladders in another thirty years? Nevertheless, the temptation to change only came when our current Oscar pet food supplier was planning retirement.

"We knew the product and our three dogs, Vegas, Max and Freddie, were enjoying the benefits of a complete pet care service and nothing but quality food. We were tempted and applied for an information pack. The purchasing experience was thorough and all at a pace to suit our needs.

"Having been self-employed without the support of a much larger enterprise, I was capable of handling the ups and downs of business while Dawn’s work at pre-school, for the last ten years, still gave us the chance to enjoy family life. A change of career could not disrupt our lifestyle and Oscar, as we see it, will allow us the chance to run a successful business with even more time together."

UPDATE: One year into their Oscar business, Shaun and Dawn Brigden, from Burgess Hill, take a moment to reflect on the decision that changed their life:

“We don’t know where the last year has gone. There is always something new to learn and with Oscar the balance is just right. They are there with guidance and expert help whenever we need it, otherwise they leave us to run our business in a way that suits us.

“In the first few months, having purchased a resale business, the main goal was to build relationships with the existing customer base and continue to provide the excellent service that they had become accustomed to with the previous franchisee. This process gave us a good introduction to our products and service and having spent thirty years in the building industry we have been able to use our people skills to build our OSCAR business to the next level.

“Walking our dogs is a great way to communicate our business to other pet owners and connections with the RSPCA provide constant leads and the new customers that are helping us to reach our targets. In the first year we are well on track and delighted with our achievements so far.

“We have never failed to be impressed with Oscar and when our product is clearly seen to make a difference the pleasure, once again, is all ours when we achieve a result. The comments about improved coat condition for cats and dogs are a regular occurrence. The greatest reward, so far, is to have saved the life of a 14-year-old Staffi cross. Lethargy and general poor condition put a question on quality of life - until we delivered a bag of Pinnacle Plus. The difference was overwhelming and when the second bag was delivered the dog came out to greet us!

“Our aim is to be the franchise with the highest customer base and teamwork as a family means that Dawn supports the administration and our son, Aaron, helps with the shows. We will never be complacent about our business and have plans to take advantage of the many benefits available to us, via additional Oscar marketing support that will help to focus on new ideas, especially having just completed a micro chipping course.

“Our Oscar business is a pleasure to run and while our area of Brighton takes in coastal roads and wonderful views, it’s a struggle to realise that you are at work – especially when your next delivery is to a customer who is pleased to see you!”

Lynnette Higgins

As a lifelong pet owner I think OSCAR came to me for a reason and I really liked the concept. It had a very strong brand presence on the internet – eye-catching and professional, which also gave me confidence. I thrive on a challenge, am self-motivated and very much a people person and I could relate to the benefits of the OSCAR service.

The team at OSCAR were able to answer all my questions, and with additional research on the brand, the company, the pet food market and local pet owners, I knew I was making the right choice. How many franchisors give you the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification which adds to the success of your business? OSCAR does and I was very impressed.

I have support when needed and the flexibility to never miss an opportunity, taking on the responsibility of making customers' pets my pets. Pet owners are easy to relate to; they share my passion for animals and are grateful for help and advice. To me, my business is social and it’s become a way of life, with customers becoming friends who I happily support in any way I can – whether that’s work related, picking up groceries, or simply having a chat over a cuppa. My enthusiasm is infectious – ensuring that recommendations and referrals come from trust.  And best of all I get to spend time with my own dog who loves joining me on delivery rounds!

Andy and Nicky

Starting a new business in 2020 was going to be challenging for anybody but turning a negative into a positive turns out to be what Andy and Nicky do best!

When Andy and Nicky found themselves launching OSCAR Pet Foods Torbay at the height of the coronavirus friends and family were a little concerned!

“It’s just the way the timing happened”, explains Andy. No-one could have predicted what was coming down the track, but we were so thrilled to be making a decision about taking our future into our own hands that nothing was going to perturb us!

Leaving behind a successful B&B business in the heart of the English Riviera, Nicky and Andy were ready for a change of pace and work-life balance that didn’t tie them to the seasonal trends of tourism. Their love of animals and the heart-breaking loss of their cat called ‘Cfor’ made them realise that their passion for caring for animals and their owners might just be matched with a pet care franchise. Choosing OSCAR was down to plenty of careful research, and the company’s nutritional reputation and exceptional head office support stood out.

“There’s no way around the fact that it’s been difficult with Covid. Unable to attend shows, set up trade stands or enter people’s homes for taste trials means marketing opportunities have been restricted. We’re definitely having to ‘think outside the box’ – but for us that challenge is part of the enjoyment. So, instead, we ‘re focusing on leaflet drops and lots of conversations. The van is undoubtably a talking point and wherever we’re parked passers-by are always interested to find out about what we do.

“We’ve found that what matters most is that you need the ability to open up a conversation with a potential customer (be that instigated by the van or a chance meeting). Once that door of conversation opens … your opportunity for a sale is there!

“You must also believe in the product you are selling! Nutritional evidence is key to a confident sale and the premium quality of OSCAR Pet Foods goes a long way to reassuring customers of the benefits to be gained. Some of the best times we have enjoyed so far are when slightly sceptical customers see the proof of the product for themselves and are genuinely delighted.

“There is no doubt that giving quality pet food offers pets the best chance of a happy, healthy life. Not to mention what OSCAR does when it comes to transforming the less glamorous job of picking up dog mess (yet another example of how to turn a negative into a positive)!

“We’ve got lots more ‘up our sleeves’ and are currently exploring the possibility of offering socially distanced ‘drop in’ taste trials. Positivity is something we live by and as long as you have excellent communication skills you can build valuable relationships with potential customers from the start.”

Mark & Tracy Round

After a long career in high-tech IT businesses (with too many hours spent working away from home), Mark’s redundancy was tinged with relief. As we paused to take stock, we realised a change in pace would be relished. With many successful years in marketing and statistical analysis behind me, I, too, was ready for more time at home.

As luck would have it our rare breed, Rosie, stopped eating her well-known brand of dog food and we found ourselves searching for something new.

In doing so, we found OSCAR Pet Foods and started thinking about franchising opportunities – and all of the positives that franchising could bring to our lives. Being mortgage free, it would offer us a release from set time constraints, flexibility to plan our own working day and freedom to work as much or as little as we wanted to.

We headed off (on Valentine’s Day!) to an OSCAR Discovery meeting, where we were greeted with such warm enthusiasm and professional expertise we were immediately hooked. Taking home a starter bucket sealed the deal: Rosie loved it! One only has to have experienced a fussy eater to know that the minute you find something they love you can relax!

Finding quality British pet food, 100% honestly labelled, with clear nutritional benefits and obvious palatability was incredibly rewarding. We knew we were giving Rosie something she loved, as well as giving her something to keep her in perfect health. OSCAR’s strong family roots and commitment to honesty felt right. To this day, finding quality products to meet customers’ needs is our top priority – we don’t stock anything that we wouldn’t give to our own dog.

If we were to offer advice to anyone just starting, we’d recommend having a sum of money set aside for the first year. Successfully launching a franchise business is hard work and involves throwing everything at it, so financial back up for the first twelve months is wise. Aside from financial planning, patience and integrity go a long way. Staying true to the OSCAR value of honesty has bought us more sales in the long run. Never underestimate the power of discouraging a sale for the right reasons; gaining customer trust often secures future business.

We’re still growing, in spite of the COVID ‘hiatus’, and we’ve embraced the marketing strength of social media and ‘friend recommendations’ along the way. In the coming months we’re excited about the reopening of local shows and events.

Of course, Rosie does her bit too. Having a lively Coton de Tulear haring around in perfect health draws quite some attention: so much so that ‘Perfectly Pampered’ treats are simply known as ‘Rosie treats’ to our friends and loyal customers: proof that nothing beats quality you can see!


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