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Membership History

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Company Overview

Oven Wizards was established in 2004 and now have over 60 franchisees across the UK. The franchisees provide a domestic oven cleaning service predominantly to householders but also to businesses. Being a van-based franchise, the business can be operated from home, enabling overheads to be kept to a minimum.

Franchise Overview

Oven Wizards is the UK’s fastest growing oven cleaning Franchise. As part of the Oven Wizards community, you will receive the best value for money oven cleaning Franchise package on the market, together with the hands-on support of the successful and experienced business owners from day one.

This van-based Franchise benefits from low overheads and, with a relentless focus on customer service, your successful, profitable business, will be built on a firm foundation.

Oven Wizards have helped people from all sorts of backgrounds to launch and grow their own successful oven cleaning business under the Oven Wizards brand name.

What they are looking for are people with the right attitude. No previous experience is required.

Their aim is to build a nationwide, successful and profitable network of franchisees, based on mutual trust and partnership.


A two-day business builder course in your home, where we show you how to run your business and attract regular clients, is followed by a week in the Cotswolds where you will get hands-on experience of cleaning ovens in real clients’ homes.

Then there’s a further three days with an existing franchisee where you will continue to clean clients’ ovens and also have the opportunity to learn how a successful franchisee runs their business.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Predominately working with individual householders, you will be building new relationships through various marketing methods. Although you will not be ‘cold calling’, a positive attitude towards business development is required.

When fully up and running you will be cleaning approximately three ovens a day. Mostly, these will be in private houses and some small businesses with domestic appliances.

No premises are required as the business can be run from home.

Paul Gilbert

Before deciding to invest in a franchise business, I worked in sales for the best part of 25 years selling mainly business information and telephone equipment. It was the death of my dad in early 2013 that made me take a step back and re-evaluate my life.

I decided I wanted to invest in a business which I could build at my own pace and, over the coming years, would give me several options when I get to retirement age. I also wanted to improve my work/life balance, giving me more time with my family and to pursue the sports I enjoy.

I believe one of the greatest benefits of a franchise is the reduced risk of business failure as there is a proven business concept and trading experience other franchisees have been following and enhancing; ensuring that the risks to the new franchisee are minimised.

To begin with my initial thought was to look for a franchise to do with cars, as nearly everybody has one, and at some time may need body work or paint repairs. But after researching the various options available and assessing my local marketplace I decided against it. I then came across oven cleaning, again nearly everybody has one, and after doing some research a common thread came to light: nearly everybody I spoke to hated cleaning their oven and would willingly pay to have it cleaned. “Result!”

My next step was to find an oven cleaning franchise. After looking through various websites I drew up a shortlist and arranged meetings with the companies.

I chose Oven Wizards because I felt comfortable and knew I could work with the directors of the company, plus the company met my expectations/requirements with regards to training and support.

When I joined Oven Wizards the directors arranged a two-day business builder session covering all aspects of setting up and running your own successful business. Over the past 18 months I have followed and implemented this plan of action. My training was hands-on, as you would expect.

One of the reasons I chose Oven Wizards was the training was all field-based, working supervised with another experienced franchisee on real-life scenarios rather than an in-house facility. My training was very comprehensive and well structured. I spent two weeks with two franchisees getting to understand how the cleaning procedures work but it didn’t end there; there was a comprehensive operations and training manual, for any of those points you may have forgotten, plus we all have access to a franchisee members forum where we can share ideas and best practices and get answers to any issues you may have on running your business from other franchisees who have more experience. Because you are part of a growing network of successful oven cleaners they are all willing to take a call and give advice, especially if you experience any issues when you are on a customer’s site.

The support and advice continues after your initial business launch. The directors are only a phone call away. In the first few months they contacted me on a weekly basis to ensure my business was on track. Now further down the line they regularly contact me, always offering support and advice to help take my business to the next level. As a company there are quarterly regional meetings which are again great opportunities to hear what is working well for other franchisees plus we have an annual conference where new ideas and procedures are introduced.

I am really pleased my earnings are continuing to grow and are now more than what I was earning when I was in sales but, even more importantly, what has improved is my work/life balance. If I want to go on and earn more the opportunity is there to do so.

One of the best bits of running my own business is the customer "wow" factor when they see their newly cleaned sparkly oven. It makes every job worthwhile and ensures total job satisfaction. Regularly, customers comment their oven looks like new and that the family will be eating out from now on as they do not want to get it dirty again!

My business is now going from strength to strength. I have been trading now for just over 18 months and my turnover and profit continues to grow month on month. I now benefit from regular repeat business and get a lot of new business from recommendations from satisfied existing customers.

When I purchased my franchise, I deliberately bought a larger than normal territory with a view to expansion and putting additional vans on the road. Eighteen months down the road, and with the help and guidance from the directors, I am now in the process of recruiting another “Wizard” to work alongside me.

Without a doubt I would recommend Oven Wizards. It is certainly the best move I have ever made and I wish I had done it years ago. To anybody thinking of buying a franchise I would recommend you do your research thoroughly. Draw up a shortlist of three companies from the ones you have researched. Go and meet the directors of these companies, understand their business plans and long term goals, do they meet with your expectations plus, more importantly, could you see yourself working with them. Talk to their franchisees and not just the ones they give you to call. Ask to spend a day with a franchisee, make sure you can do the job physically and you can see yourself and will be happy doing this for the foreseeable future.

Stephen Leaver

I decided to start looking into a franchise business in the spring of 2012 as I had been working in a warehouse for five years and decided it was time for a change and to start a new path in my life. I still felt I needed some support in this so a franchise was the right way forward.

I have been running my Oven Wizards business in the Tamworth area for over three years now.

I looked into three different franchise companies and Oven Wizards was the one which responded with more positive prospects for me. I had numerous telephone conversations with Mark Abbott and then a face-to-face meeting was arranged to discuss matters further with Mark and his business partner, John Graham.

In return for my investment I received a comprehensive package to get me fully up and running. My initial training was for two weeks, the first week with a senior technician and the second week with an established Oven Wizard franchisee. Business planning/development training was provided on a one-to-one basis by the franchisors. Ongoing support includes six monthly meetings, an annual conference, an online forum and regular contact from the business owners/directors.

A recognised brand has helped my business, from the launch to the continued growth I have experienced over the last few years. It is very important as I want people to know they can trust Oven Wizards to do the right job so I get recommended and repeat work comes in.

I’ve got to say I do love the work I do and count myself very lucky I’m in this industry as there’s no better feeling than working for myself. I’m very much customer friendly and I think this shows in every day work. Young or old I feel at ease in everybody’s company, which helps me enjoy my working week. The most satisfying part of the job is being out and about meeting new and old customers and of course turning dirty ovens into sparkly new ones.

My busiest months have been October, November and December so far, but as my business is still growing, I’m becoming busy all year round. At the moment I work every Saturday and I have taken on my sister on a part-time basis.

As I have done in previous years my plan is to continue to double my business each year and to keep growing in what is a massive market.

My recommendation to anyone thinking of coming into this market and joining Oven Wizards is that you will need to motivate yourself, be driven, but most of all love working with the public as this job is all about our customers.

Ian Keddie

Ian Keddie, the owner of Oven Wizards Dartford, joined the network back in July 2005 and he has renewed his franchise agreement for a further five years...for a second time.

He says: “The reason I chose Oven Wizards was that it was a flexible franchise. There is a flat monthly fee and I don’t have to purchase all my products from their suppliers.

When Ian was asked, ‘Why have you renewed your Oven Wizards contract for a further 5 years?’ he said: “I chose to renew my agreement because my business is going so well and I wish to continue to grow my business and provide a stable future for myself and my family.

“When I first started the initial training wasn’t very good. Since that time John and Mark, owners of Oven Wizards, have improved the training significantly. I have personally trained a large number of the new starters myself. Ongoing support is excellent now, a mix of face-to-face, phone and email.

“The biggest challenge I had, back in 2005, was to build an initial client base. This has now changed with all the new developments John and Mark have brought in which includes press coverage, supermarket launches and a strong internet presence.”

Is he achieving what he expected to?

“Yes, most definitely, I now have two vans on the road and we are normally fully booked each week. I am regularly booked up two weeks in advance.”

Ian’s top tip for anyone thinking about buying his or her first franchise is: “Make sure you research the franchise market, speak to the franchisor and as many franchisees as possible.”

Mark Abbott, managing director and business owner of Oven Wizards, said: “It is great to see that Ian has renewed his agreement for a further five years. He is a valuable member of our franchise community. Whilst building his own successful multi van oven cleaning business, under the Oven Wizards brand name, he has also made a positive contribution by helping other Oven Wizards franchisees, including delivering initial training for them.

“We are really pleased that someone like Ian has chosen to renew, at the end of this term he will have been with us for 15 years. It underlines the great overall package we are delivering to our franchisees, including our hands-on support.”

Ray White

Approximately one year before Ray White joined Oven Wizards, he began to realise the company he was working for could not guarantee him a secure future. Ray decided to look for a business of his own in particular a franchise that would help him set up and offer support, especially in the early months.

After attended a franchise exhibition to assess his options, Ray had already decided on a cleaning type business.

Havinig arranged to meet a couple of domestic cleaning franchisors, Ray felt this would be more of a management type business rather than hands on, and 17 years experience in management, was looking for something different.

Ray decided on Oven Cleaning and started to look into available franchises. He met one company supported by a large infrastructure and felt the majority of, the very high franchise fee, would go towards supporting this infrastructure!

Ray discovered Oven Wizards on a franchise web site. After reading about the company on their site and looking at the opportunities they offered franchisees he made contact and arranged a meeting with John and Mark.

Ray said of the meeting: “As soon as they met I knew we could work together. Both John and Mark were very professional they were there to help me start my own business and the concerns I had about taking this big step were alleviated. They explained the structure of the Oven Wizards brand and the steps, training, costs and timeframe I would be looking at before I could start earning money.

I signed on the dotted line and the process started according to the timelines I requested. I received a weeks on the job training in the Cotswolds followed by 3 day’s training in Dartford with an established Oven Wizards franchisee. There was also 3 days business builder training carried out by John and Mark. This was aimed at teaching me how to run a business which was invaluable.”

After his training Oven Wizards arranged a business launch at a local supermarket and supported Ray in promoting his business and making his first bookings.

Ray has found his business going from strength to strength, he says: “Whenever I have a problem or something I am not sure of John and Mark are always available to discuss and advise on the best course of action. This is also the case with other Oven Wizards franchisees. Everyone helps each other.

“After my first two years things are going really well, the diary is full and I am now considering putting a 2nd van on the road to help with the work load. Once again I will be using John Mark and the other franchisees to help me decide on the best course of action prior to taking this step.

“When it comes to buying a franchise I have made the right decision by joining Oven Wizards. I looked at the market place and spoke to various franchisors; I didn’t jump in without doing the work up front. It took me about eight months to make my final decision and this diligence has paid off as I am now the owner of a successful oven cleaning business.”

David Tomlinson

Hi my name is David Tomlinson and I’m the Oven Wizards franchisee forNorthumberland and Newcastle.

I have nearly completed my third year of trading and it has been very challenging but also very successful. I am ahead of my initial plan, and I have cleaned hundreds of ovens, hobs and extractors.

I started my franchise in November 2011 after being made redundant twice in 12 months. I came to the conclusion along with my wife that we should look at going self-employed. We looked at various franchises and came across Oven Wizards, I contacted Mark Abbott and John Graham who jointly own and run Oven Wizards and the rest as they say is history.

After a phone call a meeting was promptly arranged. We decided to go ahead with one stipulation which was that I wanted to start trading before the end of 2011 to take advantage of the pre- Christmas rush.

Mark and John worked very effectively to get me up & running and by November 21st, I was trading after a successful launch at a local supermarket.

The two weeks hands-on technical training was very in-depth and gave me great confidence to go out on my own. The business training & development was extremely informative and useful. Mark & John are always on hand along with any other members of the Wizards community should you need advice and support.

When you become self-employed you are the boss and you need to work hard to be successful. After much leaflet dropping, local advertising and all the other business development techniques I picked up in the training, the work started coming in.

My franchise gives me the flexibility to work seven days a week or 4-5 days a week and you will soon find the phone never stops ringing.  I am now always busy and because of the great service we provide I get lots of referrals from customer’s family and friends.

Alongside cleaning ovens, I now quote for repairs (ie) door hinges, seals, bulbs etc its all good income and the customer is delighted that you (Oven Wizards) will provide a high level of customer service.

My experience with customers is to treat them with respect, be courteous, friendly and put them at ease, be confident and always, always, always be professional. Do a good job and always clean up after you’ve finished and believe me the word will spread.

James Booker

James joined Oven Wizards in Sept 2006 and renewed his agreement for a further five years in 2011.

James said the following regarding his decision to choose Oven Wizards at the outset: "I looked at many franchises before choosing Oven Wizards and I know without a doubt that I made the right choice. Oven cleaning is going through an exciting period of growth and Oven Wizards is perfectly placed to grow with the industry. My Oven Wizards business has given me the work-life balance that my previous job never did. Working hard reaps its rewards but I still have the flexibility to take time to enjoy life.”

Of renewing his agreement with Oven Wizards, James said: “After eight years building my Oven Wizards business I have been delighted with how well it has developed. I have a three van operation and we are kept busy. I still see massive scope for further development and so the decision to renew was not in question. I look forward to many more years running an Oven Wizards franchise.”

Mark Abbott, managing director said of James: "From the first time I met James I knew he would make a great success of running an Oven Wizards franchise, particularly because of his great passion for customer service.”

He went on to say:  New franchisees have joined us from all sorts of backgrounds, teaching, civil service, retail management, police and those who have been self- employed before. We look for people who are seeking a new challenge, wanting a better work/life balance and those who wish to build a successful profitable business that they can be proud of. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our business ethos with our new franchisees and it is great to see them doing so well in their own territories”

James believes that Oven Wizards is progressing well under the ownership of Mark Abbott and his business partner John Graham.

“The business has gone from strength to strength”, he said, “not only in numbers but also in terms of focus, direction, support and ‘community’.

“My previous employment chiefly taught me customer service and keeping an eagle eye on figures to monitor performance. Customer service in this business is paramount to make sure people keep coming back to you, and closely watching cost targets keeps you on top of your business.”

James has continued to develop his successful business under the Oven Wizards brand and with over 26 million households in the UK, and with each one having at least one oven, the growing domestic oven cleaning market offers great potential, for James and his colleagues, to delight their customers.

Rob Radford

Rob Radford who visited the Franchise Show at the NEC two years ago commented on his reasons for joining Oven Wizards, “I really liked the business model in terms of the flexibility to manage my own diary around family commitments. The size of the territory offers me room for expansion to multi van in the future, without the need for more investment. I like the concept whereby we as franchisees deal directly with John and Mark on a daily basis rather than a team that work for them”.

Eighteen months on and Rob is now putting his second van on the road, he said “The timing is great, I should have my second van fully up and running in time for the busy pre-Christmas period.
Rob went on to say “My experience so far is that what John and Mark described when I first met them is the absolute reality of what you get when you buy an Oven Wizards Franchise. I feel there is plenty of business to be had. I am finding it very satisfying in terms of the customer’s reaction to the results I can achieve on their ovens and challenging in terms of each job being different. I am enjoying being out and about and managing my own time as well as juggling the various aspects of being self- employed”

Mark Abbott summarised by saying “We are now firmly established as the 3rd largest oven cleaning Franchise in the UK, and with an initial Franchise Fee of still just £12500, we believe we still offer the best value for money oven cleaning Franchise in the market.”


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