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Membership History

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Joined 2018

Company Overview

We are an exclusive custom mobile photography studio specialising in newborn, pregnancy, baby, child and family photography. With a unique way of working that is flexible for its franchisees, but offers their clients a memorable experience and provides them with beautiful, stunning images and impressions of their little ones hands and feet, capturing special moments for ever. The impressions are of outstanding quality. All products are produced by Photography for Little People and are unique to us.

Franchise Overview

Photography for Little People are in their twelfth year of trading and have 17 Franchisee’s in the UK and one overseas in Hong Kong


Initial training is held in the North East over a 5 day period covering photography, impressions and business set up. Training is fun, practical and from day one you will be working with families and very young babies. Training will be ongoing via Skype and telephone as well as workshops throughout the year. You will be supported all the way as you develop your business.

Daily Life of a franchisee

You will focus on three things 1) Marketing locally 2) Photographing and taking impressions and working with families in their homes.(You do not need a studio) and 3) you will report back to head office with your orders and everything will be processed and made for your clients.

Simona B

I joined Photography for Little People straight after university back in 2013. It was a big decision for me to buy into the franchise as I had no experience with running a business. After meeting with the franchisor and learning more about PLP I instantly fell in love with the business and decided to follow my gut feeling and jump into this opportunity. Building and growing a business doesn’t happen over night but with all the support and the training I received from the franchise team I was able to quickly establish my new business in my local area.

As Photography for Little People is nationally recognised, it was very helpful with gaining potential client’s trust; especially at the beginning of my journey when no one knew my newborn and family photography business existed.

What I love the most about our custom mobile photography studio business is that we not only capture stunning images for our families, but also the fact that we create beautiful bespoke wall art and photo books for them. We offer a full service experience, meaning that each family receives beautiful tangible memories that they are going to love and treasure for a lifetime and beyond. I cannot be prouder and happier to know that my work lives on the walls in so many homes.    

Another great advantage of the business is the flexibility it offers. I love that I am able to organise my own hours to suit around my personal life. As I am expecting my first baby this year, I am not worried about my job, as I know that I can take the time I need when my little one arrives and can then easily schedule my work around my new bundle of joy.

Like many others, I had to close my business when Covid-19 hit back in March last year during the first lockdown and again now during the subsequent lockdowns. It has been a difficult time for everyone. However, I decided that I would take this time to further improve my skills by undertaking additional business related training courses, most of which are organised and provided by Head Office over zoom. Regular virtual meetings with the Head Office and all Photography for Little People franchisees across the country during this strange time has proven to be very helpful to each one of us to keep our businesses growing. We were able to support each other and I am so grateful to not having to go through this on my own.

Many families have had their babies during the current global pandemic and each story is unique and incredible. I cannot wait to be able to help tell their story by creating timeless memories for them to treasure forever. It might look a little different (or a lot) now when I do my visits, wearing and sweating under a full PPE, but I would always go above and beyond to create a safe environment during my photography sessions for these precious new babies. 

Rebecca D

I started with PLP over four years ago, when I was a young mum.  I was looking for more flexibility in my life as my son started school.  I had always loved photography and was keen to run my own business, where I was the boss and could say ‘yes enjoy sports day’ or not feel guilty calling in when my children were sick.

I love that you have your own business, but the support of others behind you who really ‘get it'.  There is guidance and training from head office from day one as well as ongoing, and emotional support and ideas shared with other franchisees.

With two young children, I could design my business to fit around my family.  It means I don’t have to sacrifice my career or my family - it offers a wonderful balance.

I feel very privileged that my work takes me to that magic moment when children enter the world, and are welcomed in to a new family with love and wonder. Being able to capture that is pure magic.

I really feel that franchises offer that perfect support to women, and men, who want to build a business around their family or other life commitments that they choose.


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2 July 2020
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