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Company Overview

Pirtek has grown to become the number one provider of fluid transfer solutions and on-site repairs. Specialising in hydraulic hoses, pipe fittings & couplings, Pirtek Europe has service centres and on-site teams working in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and the UK. With over 170 hose service and supply centres across Europe supported by over 700 mobile workshops, Pirtek offers a rapid response hose service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “Anytime. Anywhere. ETA – one hour.”

Franchise Overview

With over 170 hose service and supply centres across Europe supported by over 700 mobile workshops, Pirtek has become the number one provider of fluid transfer solutions and on-site repairs.

We currently have a number of franchise resale opportunities in the UK.


Pirtek Training Academy prides itself in delivering quality training packages to assist our customers in their training needs. The Pirtek Training Academy has a portfolio of courses that can be delivered at the Pirtek national training centre, or a venue of your choice. The Pirtek Training Academy specialises in safety awareness programmes relating to hydraulic systems and components. Pirtek is also an appointed trainer for the BFPA foundation course and hose assembly skills course.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Pirtek Hose Centres sell ‘matched’ hose and fittings manufactured to the highest international standards; Pirtek supply hydraulic products to large numbers of the world’s leading manufacturers, ensuring we are at the forefront of world technological innovation. This is a vital factor in a company’s ability to stay ahead of the competition in today’s economic climate. Each Pirtek Hose Centre carries a comprehensive stock of hoses and fittings in order to provide customers with instant ‘over-the-counter’ service.

Daniel Peters

Originally part of the franchise covering Erith, Mitcham and Medway, Ashford in Kent is now run by franchisee Daniel Peters, who took control nine years ago.

Daniel spent 15 years working for Cromwell before being tempted to work for Pirtek as their sales manager. When the original franchisee decided to sell off the Ashford franchise, Daniel jumped at the chance and has never looked back.

"The Ashford Centre has gone from strength to strength," he said, "and I have a really great team working with me, which has been acknowledged recently with our Senior MSST, Steve Barrett, winning the Pirtek MSST of the Year runner-up prize.

"Everyone knows Pirtek in the plant sector, so to grow the Ashford Centre business we have been looking at new business opportunities, particularly in the agricultural fields that surround Ashford.

“With well over half of our territory classified as rural, it made sense to introduce ourselves to the local farming community. That has really produced dividends and we have a lot of new accounts in this sector. Farmers and agricultural contractors have appreciated the fast turnaround using the mobile workshops, which come equipped to deal with most breakdowns, failures and damaged hoses. Especially when they have an expensive piece of hired equipment sitting idle in a field, in the middle of nowhere!

"As a new venture we now offer high and low hose pressure testing and certification, which has proved very popular with the fuel, nuclear power, marine and pharmaceutical sectors."

He concluded: "I don't think taking on the franchise was ever a risk as it was already a successful business, I've just improved and enhanced the business model, best thing I've ever done."

Colin May

Through a mix of hard graft, dedication and commitment, Colin May has risen through the Pirtek ranks from trade counter assistant to owner, much to his own surprise.

“I never set out to own my own business.  But Pirtek gave me that opportunity and I seized the chance.”  So says Colin May, franchisee at Pirtek Basildon who left school “without direction” and who had never even heard of Pirtek before the day he set foot in what would ultimately become his own business premises some 22 years ago.

May recalls that he was working for a Basildon-based company with links to the hydraulic hose world when he first encountered Pirtek.  “A customer mentioned the fact that Pirtek was opening a Centre nearby,” he says.  “I didn’t know the name but I decided to check them out for myself.”  In a move that would make Norman Tebbit immensely proud, a 19-year old Colin May literally got on his bike after work and rode to the location of the as-yet-unopened Pirtek Basildon Centre.  “They were still setting up.  The electricians were fitting the lights and hoses and fittings were still being labelled and stored,” he says.  “I poked my head in and spoke to the then owner – Vic Lane – and offered him my services as a trade counter assistant.  He called me the same night to offer me a job and I started work there a week or so later.  I haven’t looked back since.”

Work Ethic

It was not long before Colin May’s self-taught work ethic started to shine through.  “Even when I was labouring, I wanted to be the fastest or the best,” he says.  “I was never interested in competing with others.  I have always just wanted to be the best at whatever I do, purely for my own satisfaction.”

Vic Lane spotted the potential in his still young protégé very early on and quickly promoted him to Mobile Sales and Service Technician (MSST), handing him the keys to the third van to join the growing Pirtek Basildon operation.  “MSSTs are the public face of Pirtek.  Along with the vans, they are the most recognisable element of the business.  And that brings with it a great deal of responsibility,” May insists.  “I must admit, I struggled as an MSST to begin with.  It was a steep learning curve but with some additional training and the help of Vic and the rest of the team, I started to enjoy it.”

But May’s journey up the Pirtek ladder was far from over.  “In addition to Pirtek Basildon, Vic also owned two other Pirtek Centres (Pirtek Harlow and Pirtek Leytonstone) and he was splitting his time between the three.  He made it clear that he was looking for a Centre Manager to help carry some of the workload at Pirtek Basildon and I wasn’t going to say no,” May continues.  “I became one of the youngest Centre Managers in the whole Pirtek UK network.”

In 2003, Vic Lane sold his Pirtek Harlow business to his Centre Manager Perry Tubb.  Yet even though the sale of Pirtek Harlow provided undeniable proof that a Centre Manager could (and, perhaps, should) be an ideal franchisee, the penny still did not drop with Colin May.  “We had all seen how Perry had stepped up from Centre Manager to become the owner of Pirtek Harlow,” May says.  “But it wasn’t until Vic told me he was thinking about selling Pirtek Basildon that I even considered making a bid for it myself.”

Climbing the Ladder

With the encouragement of Vic Lane and the support of Pirtek UK and an understanding bank manager, that is precisely what happened.  And 22 years after he first walked through the doors at Pirtek Basildon to push a broom, he was walking through the same doors to push the business forward.

May readily admits that his experience as a depot assistant, MSST and Centre Manager has greatly influenced his approach as a franchisee.  “I would not ask any of my team to do anything that I could not or would not do myself,” he says.  “And, if the need arises, I am still willing take one of the vans and carry out an on-site hose replacement myself.  I don’t do it every day but I still enjoy it.”

May’s ability to lead by example forms the foundation of Pirtek Basildon’s success.  Several members of his team have been at Pirtek Basildon almost as long as he has while another left to try his hand at another business only to return to the fold.  And in a case of history repeating, May has also taken on a young and relatively inexperienced trade counter assistant who might one day follow in his footsteps to the very top of the Pirtek career ladder.

“Franchising and the Pirtek business model is not for everyone,” he asserts.  “But it has provided me with a unique opportunity to own my own business and has helped me every step of the way.”

Help & Assistance

That help comes in various forms, and Colin May cites two specific aspects that have helped his Centre better meet the needs of his customers.  “The training regime at Pirtek is second to none.  All of our staff are trained to the highest possible standards and that training is ongoing,” he explains.  “In addition, Pirtek UK’s National Training & Health & Safety Manager Martyn Smart has developed a series of highly detailed ‘black boxes’ of information.  No matter what industry or application our MSSTs find themselves working in, they are armed with all the health and safety information they will need to ensure their own safety, the safety of the customer and the safety of those around them.”

Pirtek Basildon was also one of the pioneers of Pirtek’s recently-introduced Customer Relationship Management software system.  And Colin May is already a believer and a vocal advocate.  “I liken running this business to filling with water a bucket with a hole in the bottom.  You need to be constantly topping up the bucket to replace those that – for one reason or another – have fallen out of the bottom.  The Pirtek CRM system allows us to do just that,” he insists.  “One of the key challenges of running a service-focused business is that you don’t always hear about a dissatisfied customer.  They just move on and you never hear from them again.  Using the Pirtek CRM system, we can follow up all our customers, make sure that we’re speaking to the right people at the right time, and reinforce relationships at all levels within that customer.”

In his 22 years with the Pirtek business, Colin May has seen many changes.  The two-way radios used to keep the Centre in touch with MSSTs have long since been replaced by mobile phones.  More recently, the company has developed a highly sophisticated app that allows customers to contact the Centre directly at the press of a button on a mobile device.  He has also seen Pirtek grow from a company that was best known purely among its customers to a brand that enjoys a huge exposure thanks to its sponsorship of a British Touring Car Championship team.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is his work ethic and his belief in the Pirtek brand.  “When a customer calls us, I want them to receive high-end, top-notch, reliable, professional, trained and safe service,” he asserts.  “That’s what the Pirtek brand means to me and that’s what our customers expect.”

Colin May is too modest to admit it but his drive and enthusiasm – evident when he was a 19-year old trade counter assistant – has helped establish him as another Pirtek success story.  “I am a big part of a small business that’s a small part of a much bigger business, and that’s a nice place to be.  I run a small business in Basildon but my company name is splashed all over a touring car that gets mass exposure on ITV,” he concludes.  “I see nothing but positives from being a part of a franchise.  Pirtek has been good to me.”

Click here to view an exclusive video of Colin May talking about his rise and rise at Pirtek Basildon.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones is the Pirtek franchisee for Edinburgh. Here he discusses his journey into franchising and experiences with Pirtek:

"I became interested in Pirtek after a period of employment as a garage foreman at Edinburgh Airport. I had a friend who became an MSST when the franchise opened in Edinburgh and I was invited to join him, which I did in 1998.

“In 2001, myself and two partners bought the franchise from its original owner, and eventually in 2011 I achieved my goal of owning the company in its entirety through a buyout. This was done purely so I could be my own boss and all the decisions would be my own, rather than as part of a team. The buck stops here as they say!

“I have always believed in the Pirtek brand and what it stands for. The brand awareness is excellent throughout all of the industries we work in, and without it we simply become an also-ran - like so many of our competitors. Our service is 24/7, even in the worse weather Scotland can produce! If a customer has a problem, we provide the solution; this is what customers want to hear.

“I have recently been implementing new working practices, I have increased the staff levels and the number of vans on the road to make sure customer service is even more exceptional. This in turn has increased our customer base, our turnover and our bottom line. We have a good team here who are even happier since their pay has increased through enhanced productivity. If the company makes money, then we all share in it. I believe in rewarding hard work.

“I am still very hands-on and think nothing of taking one of the service vans to help out when things get busy. That's what makes the job so interesting, it doesn't have to be an office-based existence. There is a huge variety in the work and you get to know a massive amount of people. This ultimately leads to a much greater understanding of their industry and its needs. When we charge a fair price for a first-class service and product, we retain our customers. It's a very simple formula, but one that works.

“Pirtek turned out to be the best investment I could have made. Owning the franchise and becoming my own boss is very satisfying.”


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