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Membership History

Provisional Member
Joined 2019

Company Overview

Promedica24 is Europe’s largest provider of specialist live-in care. We offer 24-hour live-in care as a genuine alternative to residential care homes.

Founded over a decade ago, we have dusted off the tired old franchise model and created a bespoke solution fit for today’s market needs.

We currently provide premium care solutions to over 19,000 families. Our expert team have over 20 years’ experience in the franchise industry and an abundance more in the health care sector. Our highly skilled workforce are regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission. We are proud members of the British Franchise Association and are passionate about ethical franchising.

Franchise Overview

The UK franchise opportunity launched in March 2015 and has already appointed eight franchisees. The Promedica24 brand is expanding ambitiously across England and Scotland and due to its unique business concept, which provides an attractive alternative to the traditional domiciliary care model.

Our franchisees operate at the heart of their local communities as ambassadors for care. Their role is to educate and introduce healthcare professionals, and the families of those in need, to the services offered by Promedica24. Franchisees assess, arrange and oversee the client/carer relationship for a truly bespoke solution and exceptional level of care.


We have successfully trained over 100 franchisees in the UK and Europe. As you would expect from a world-class care franchise, our training is meticulous, our trainers are experts and our methods are patient – designed to maximise your potential whilst seamlessly plugging any skills gaps.

In your initial month we will work side-by-side to share our expert knowledge with you. An initial five-day training course takes place at our UK head office in Watford. You will then be flown to our international HQ in Warsaw, Poland, for a further three-day intensive training programme. All of which covers:

  • Care operations
  • Networking
  • Sales support
  • Marketing support
  • Bespoke CRM system
  • Local and national PR
  • Carer recruitment

Daily Life of a franchisee

Initially working from home, you will be marketing a live-in care service on behalf of Promedica24. You have the time and freedom to meet and introduce the live-in care service to potential clients, families and health and social care professionals, without being bound by the day-to-day responsibility of delivering the care service.

You will also enjoy the ongoing contact with family members and clients, ensuring their satisfaction with the service.

Tibor Dusnoki

From dedicated employee to top-performing franchisee

“After working in a care home for over a year, I found myself asking, ‘Is there really no better way to provide these ladies and gentlemen with a more dignified life?’ And then I found Promedica24. I had no idea that my desire to challenge the system would lead me to business ownership! Proud doesn’t even come close.”

As one of the very first UK franchisees, Tibor Dusnoki has been running his Promedica24 business in Surrey since March 2015. In that time, he’s already helped over 40 families in his community, formed a solid working relationship with one of the UK’s largest hospitals and is a highly valued and respected member of the Promedica24 franchise family.

Tibor first joined Promedica24 as a business development manager (BDM). His passion and commitment to empowering the elderly and vulnerable is nothing short of inspiring. And it’s one of the things that make him so successful.

“By profession I’m a secondary school teacher but my career has also seen me take active roles in PR, marketing and communications too. When I first came to the UK I got involved in care. I had various roles which culminated in me working in a residential care home.

“I saw very quickly that care in the UK wasn’t what it could be, both in terms of quality and the options available to people. That’s when I found Promedica24. I applied for a job there immediately! The concept and the values of the business really resonated with me and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.”

Tibor started his BDM role with Promedica24 in April 2014. It didn’t take long for the management team to spot his potential and they soon approached him with the idea of becoming a franchisee. In March 2015, Tibor launched as one of the first two Promedica24 franchisees alongside his colleague Mark Muller who operates his franchise in Bournemouth and Poole.

“When the team at Promedica24 approached me about becoming a franchisee, I was very flattered! I was already bought into the company’s values and culture – it’s exactly what I’d been looking for as a solution to the problems I saw in the care homes. I truly believe in the service we provide, it offers the dignity and care that the elderly and the vulnerable deserve.

“My research was more into the concept of franchising and what it would be like to operate my own business, how I would be supported etc. It’s fair to say that I thought about it a lot but in the end I decided that it was a good opportunity for me. It was a good decision, I’m happy I did it!”

Like many people, Tibor thought that he simply couldn’t afford his own care business but minimal investment and working from home make the Promedica24 franchise opportunity a low-risk model with potentially good ROI.

“I didn’t really know much about franchising prior to becoming a Promedica24 franchisee. At first I didn’t even know franchises existed in the care industry and when I found out that they did, I thought the franchise fee for any care business would be at least £40k and double that for working capital which just wasn’t viable for me. Obviously I know now that Promedica24 is very different!”

Desperate to make a difference and challenge the system, Tibor looked to his wife, a dental nurse, and his two sons for their approval before taking the plunge: “My wife was very supportive of the decision to start Promedica24. She’s actually worked as a domiciliary care worker in the past as well so was really pro live-in care. As for my two boys, they’re just proud that we have what is now a family business and that what we do makes a real difference in people’s lives.”

As one of the first two UK franchisees, Tibor remembers his initial training fondly. Both he and Mark were pioneers of the existing system. “The training was very different back then, it wasn’t as structured as it is now but that’s what you would expect. I like to think that thanks to our input since day one, we’ve helped shape the training it into the comprehensive programme it is today.

“Now that I’m well established I tend to take care of myself on a day-to-day basis. But when I started, I just didn’t know anything about running a business and Promedica24 really helped me and supported me to the point that I’m self-sufficient. They still organise regular training sessions on things like PR and using the CRM system and if I ever I do reach out with any questions or need any support then I get it, no problem. Everyone at head office and in operations in Poland are always happy to help.”

Tibor considers himself every inch the local businessman. And, just like every business owner he has grand ambitions for growth. This means employing more staff and taking on premises locally. “Just like everyone I want to have more and more clients. My target for next year is 40 live contracts and to increase by 10 each year after that. I’ll consider employing someone when I reach 50 or 60 contracts because I want to retain the good work-life balance that I have now.”

When he’s not busy changing people’s lives, Tibor enjoys travelling, listening to music, reading and spending time with his family. And the best thing about being a Promedica24 franchisee?

“Being independent, working from home, being my own boss and having a good income; there are so many benefits! I think owning a business that improves people’s lives and means they don’t have to go into care is pretty special. I love what I’m doing now so I plan to stay in the business until retirement when I hope to hand the reins to my youngest son.

“I’m not just building a business that serves my community, I’m building a legacy for my family too.”

Rish Amod

Former teacher Rish Amod has dedicated his life to helping children achieve their dreams. Now, after almost 30 years in education, he’s traded the classroom for a live-in care business dedicated to the elderly. His mission? To provide dignity, compassion and the very best in at-home care.

He said: “I truly believe in what we at Promedica24 offer. What we do is tailor-made; it’s about companionship, friendship, support and care. Everyone deserves dignity and the chance to maintain their independence by staying in their own homes wherever possible. It’s no exaggeration to say that my mission in life now is to educate my community to ensure that the elderly, and those in need, have access to this amazing service.”

Born in Durban in South Africa, Rish’s career has seen him travel the globe as his skills and charisma opened up opportunities in schools all over the world. From South Africa to New Zealand, Rish finally arrived in the UK in December 2003. Prior to joining Promedica24, his final role saw him as head of English at Larchfield primary and nursery school in Maidenhead.

However, despite his lifelong passion for education, the red tape and politics eventually wore him down.

“I left teaching after years of frustration in the education system. I originally went into the profession to help nurture a child’s potential and help them to be better people. But in the end bureaucracy took away the joy of teaching.”

Rish realised he couldn’t continue to teach but knew that he still wanted to do something that benefitted others. That’s when he found Promedica24 and began to think seriously about the concept of business ownership. Here was the opportunity to not only improve the lives of others but to build a successful future for his own family in the process.

“When I heard about Promedica24, I really loved the concept. I remember thinking, ‘You know what, I’ve spent 26 years helping young children and now I want to help the elderly’. The culture and the values of the business along with what they were trying to achieve really resonated with me.”

Promedica24With no former business experience to draw on, Rish was keen to introduce the business concept to his partner Suzanna, a qualified NHS nurse. She too fell in love with Promedica24’s offering as her own first-hand experiences of care homes had left a bitter taste.

“Before Suzanna became a nurse, she worked in two different care homes. She used to recall how the owners of the care homes were, for the most part, financially orientated and felt that the system was about money more than the provision of care. It would really upset me to hear how she was expected to take care of 20-30 residents at any one time – that’s not care, it’s incarceration. It’s not right.

“We all want to provide the absolute best for our parents and grandparents don’t we? But you know we can’t, and in fact shouldn’t, always do that personally. Promedica24 stood out for me as the shining beacon of hope – here was the compassionate, personal and dignified care we all want for our loved ones. It’s what they deserve and I wanted to be a part of providing it.”

From first contact to signing his all-important franchise agreement and becoming part of the Promedica24 franchise family took a little over four months. During that time Rish and his family met several times with the head office team. Rish spoke to existing franchisees and researched the local market before building a business plan to reflect his ambitions for his new business.

Signed up and raring to go, Rish undertook Promedica24’s specialist training course, designed to successfully launch our new franchisees with maximum impact.

“The training was outstanding. It was intensive and thorough because the team just have so much experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better induction into the business. We covered everything from networking and sales techniques to marketing, PR and the bespoke CRM system. Yes it was a lot to take in but it’s structured in such a way that you retain the majority of it and for anything you need to recap you have a wealth of resource in the form of your operations manual and the no doubt masses of notes you made on the training course!

“It basically gave me the confidence to know that I will grow and adapt and from day one I would have the support of the team at head office and my fellow franchisees.”

When you join the Promedica24 network, you join an expert team with over 20 years’ combined experience in the franchise industry and yet more in the healthcare sector. This includes our founding partner who remains active within the business. We have a highly skilled workforce of over 5,000 care staff and those within the UK are regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission. We are proud members of the British Franchise Association and are passionate about ethical franchising.

“For me the best thing about being a franchisee is that I get all the benefits of business ownership with far less risk. I’m from a teaching background, I’ve never owned a business before but here I’m supported by experts and surrounded by likeminded colleagues who are all concerned with each other’s success.”

Rish adds: “Looking to the future I want Promedica24 to be the household name for care in Windsor and Maidenhead. I plan to grow my business and take on staff to manage the day-to-day operations whilst I remain the face of the company as brand ambassador in the community. I want to live life to the fullest so this is as much about job satisfaction and personal rewards as it is about the money for me.”

When Rish says that he wants to live life to the fullest, he isn’t joking! A busy family man, he enjoys sports, acting and travel and imparts his enthusiasm for life onto his stepson Adam who, at the age of 13, is already beginning to dream of following in Rish’s footsteps as a business owner! On top of all this, there is another small matter that Rish would like to address…

“A personal aspiration for the future is to get my private pilot’s licence; has there ever been a more literal interpretation of freedom and high-flying?!”

Rish concludes: “Owning a business that can make you good money whilst genuinely improving the lives of your clients is very special. Not all profits have such a feel-good factor to them but I don’t ever have to choose between morals and money again – do you?”


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