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Membership History

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Company Overview

Build a successful coffee shop business in a growing retail sector as part of the Puccino’s family. Take advantage of our tried and tested approach.

Founded in 1995, Puccino’s is part of the fifth largest coffee company in the world, the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. Our franchise partners manage a network of coffee shops in high-footfall, travel retail locations such as commuter train stations.


Franchise Overview

The UK coffee market has delivered 20 years of consecutive sales and outlet growth, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a solid franchise opportunity with a brilliant potential for success.

Puccino’s has achieved an annual average of 9.47% like-for-like revenue growth over the last seven years and we are now seeking new franchisees across the UK and Ireland. It’s an exciting opportunity, whether you’re looking to invest in your first business or want to take on a whole territory, opening across multiple locations.


Franchise partners get a thorough induction plus ongoing support and advice from our team. Our tried and tested franchise management processes ensure we all achieve our goals, meet our customer expectations and fully apply our brand standards.

You’ll receive lots of training and set-up support from an experienced and knowledgeable team including:

  • full induction
  • barista workshops
  • onsite training
  • site opening team
  • full set up of new store.


The Puccino’s Central Support Team is available to advise and provide a support network for partners – and you’ll have access to a Finance Consultant.

Daily Life of a franchisee

As a franchisee your primary role is to own and direct all daily aspects of running the coffee shop. This covers everything from staffing and stock management to product quality and customer service, to make sure your shop delivers in line with brand standards. Some franchisees are very hands-on, taking customer orders and preparing hot drinks, while others prefer to empower a manager to run their site, taking more of an overseeing role themselves. You will also work closely with head office on promotion and marketing for your Puccino’s coffee shop.


Asad Razvi has been a Puccino’s franchise partner for 14 years. He runs four shops in the Surrey and West Sussex area. Here he tells us how he became one of our longest serving franchisees.

Why franchising?

I set out to have a business in the coffee industry as I wanted a fast-paced, customer-facing and high revenue earning retail unit. Simple!

Well, not quite. I didn’t know anything about the coffee industry and neither did I have any great experience of running a business. What I did have was a natural inclination towards customer service and, of course, an appetite to build a healthy revenue stream.

A franchise operation became the obvious choice, especially as I learned more about the significant benefits of teaming up with an organisation with a demonstrable, proven, successful business model. 

...So why Puccinos?

For me, it was important to define what a “successful business” actually means. When I started looking into opportunities, I discovered that Franchisors have their own view about success. In Puccino’s terms, it is a recognition that, for the partnership to be successful, both the Franchisee and Franchisor have a part to play in building a business and enjoying the financial rewards.

There are a host of reasons why, in spite of having enough knowledge and experience to move on, I choose to stay, and grow, my business with Puccino’s. Here it is in a nutshell:

  • They offer the full breadth of systems and operational (including training) support... and it’s not hidden away in an ivory tower, it is readily accessible
  • They operate within a clear market profile and have established themselves as one of the preferred Franchisors for commercial agents offering new locations and renewals of existing sites
  • They recognise that standing still is not an option. New products – developed in conjunction with a trusted supplier base – keeps the offering fresh and relevant
  • ... and the humour! ... seriously, the humour in the marketing has its own following, it’s a cut above everything and everyone else in this market

My journey with Puccino’s

I joined a few years ago with the intention of staying a short while before moving on. Well, that plan went to the wall as I’m still here, enjoying the challenge and continuing to grow my business. My biggest frustration is that I can’t get another unit quickly enough! Although that’s actually another really positive feature for anyone considering a Puccino’s franchise. They don’t open units simply for a presence – they only take on new sites where there’s an excellent chance to build a thriving, successful business.

So, finally, if you are considering a coffee shop / kiosk business, why would I recommend Puccino’s?

As you would expect of any well-established Franchisor, they have comprehensive processes and procedures in place, so there’s no need to worry about organisation. But what makes Puccino’s different?

For me it comes down to the fact that they operate in a defined niche market, have strong and long-standing supplier relationships, are established and respected within the coffee industry yet they are small enough to work with the individual. Through this they have built a loyal customer following. Add to that a great product offering and fantastic branding, and you’ve got a business which continues to grow. It really is a no-brainer!


Nadeem Khokhar has been a Puccino’s franchise partner for 15 years. He runs three shops in South West London. He shares the story of how he became one of our franchise partners and subsequently one of our most committed brand ambassadors.

Why I chose to invest in a Puccino’s Coffee Shop

I learned about Puccino’s through a friend who worked in one of the cafés. I quickly realised that this was a brand that stood for something a bit different. It seemed fun, everyone was smiling; the humour of Puccino’s came through really strongly in store. Even the art on the walls was inspiring and modern, making it stand out against the competitors. I decided to go for it and take on my first franchise.

What I’ve learned from my partnership with Puccino’s

I realised quickly the importance of being in my shop regularly, getting hands on and supporting my staff. My team members are providing the brand consistency which makes Puccino’s so successful, so I make sure they get the training they need and I help keep them motivated with regular one-to-one catch ups.


Building rapport and giving customers recognition as they walk in makes them feel valued and important. Something as simple as remembering their name or their favourite drink – it’s about individual recognition. These are the kind of things which build loyalty; they surprise and delight our customers every day and help us to beat the competition. I’m sure that it’s our attitude behind the till and our smiles that are the main reason for customers coming back every day.

How Puccino’s supports me and my team

The head office at Puccino’s is always very supportive – nothing is too much trouble for them. I really feel that their heart is totally behind the brand – they’re here to support me and I know they’ll do everything they can to help me grow my business. It’s not “them and us”.

Puccino’s provide essential guidance and practical tools, such as marketing collateral, to ensure brand consistency – that’s really one of the main benefits of franchising. Having a skilled and experienced central team to take care of everything from supplier management to marketing, means I can concentrate on supporting my own staff to deliver top level customer service.

My top tips for franchisees

  • Ongoing staff training so they are fully equipped to deliver the high level of customer satisfaction associated with the Puccino’s brand.
  • Provide staff recognition schemes, look for ways to instil healthy in-house competition and run team bonding activities.
  • Make sure employees feel they are part of the business to enhance their loyalty and commitment.
  • Anticipate regular customers’ needs to build loyalty.
  • Visit other Puccino’s or competitor brand shops to pick up new ideas.
  • Build a strong local social media presence for your own store.
  • You really must keep on top of your paperwork. I also recommend budget forecasting for at least 12 months and to always have a goal in mind.

A match made in coffee heaven

We have one customer, an older gentleman, who regularly comes into the shop early in the morning just after we’ve opened; the team have built a great relationship with him. Also, he acts as kind of mystery shopper, giving me feedback on the quality of service and products. It says a lot about my brilliant staff and the role they play in brightening our customers’ days.

It was a big investment for me but when I see not only the great financial return, but the positive impact that we have on people like this regular customer, I know opening a Puccino’s coffee shop was worth every penny.


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