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UK Developer
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Membership History

UK Developer
Joined 2021

Company Overview

Having been established as a franchise in Europe for over 21 years we are now expanding internationally and growing in the UK. We offer a complete turnkey package to enable both experienced and non-industry franchisees with an opportunity to create a profitable business with a great deal of flexibility operating from home.

The objectives for the UK are to expand to 50 franchisees within 5 years.

We have an extremely experienced team in the UK and within the international division to assist in all aspects of establishing a successful franchise both initially and also giving full support in the future.

Over 70% of sales come from recommendations and over 90% of existing customers would be happy to recommend us. This is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates the quality of the training and service given by our franchisees.

Franchise Overview

Our franchise package includes all necessary tools to manage your business on a day to day business using our own CRM system and market leading design software. All necessary samples and brochures/stationery are also included. We also train and manage all aspects of marketing to ensure you have adequate leads to service.

We have fantastic quality suppliers in place who are fully referenced and give an extremely competitive pricing structure to enable you to enjoy a high level of sales margin along with a great back up service.

We give access to finance facilities for customers who need to fund their projects.

Our ambition is to revolutionise the kitchen and interior design market by eliminating the costs of running a store to allow our customers to obtain the room of their dream, tailor-made and adapted to their way of life. This difference enables us to share unique moments of life in our customers’ home, to understand their way of life, their constraints and their chosen design styles, which means we give a promise of trust and requires us to give 101% satisfaction and to go beyond their expectations.

To maintain this trust, we remain the only single point of contact to work WITH our customers throughout the whole project, from the first meeting, through the co-designing right up until completion of their dream. This closeness ensures that we exceed the customer’s needs and thanks to all of our certified suppliers, which enable us to adapt perfectly to their requirements, even the most demanding.

We also have a fantastic opportunity for a management franchise opportunity whereby you can manage a team of designers whilst running the business on a day to day basis.



A full training plan is set up for all aspects of running a successful franchise with Raison Home UK> We cover everything from setting up the business to designing kitchens, ordering products, managing installations and our unique sales process.

Partially carried out online and partially face to face we also include supplier visits to familiarise franchisees with all technical aspects of our offering. Ongoing training will also include suppliers visiting our regular meetings to update franchisees on new products and any range changes etc. Training is carried out by extremely experienced staff and external suppliers to maximise the learning opportunity

Daily Life of a franchisee

All aspects of running a business are carried out by the franchisee, from prospection, dealing with new enquiries through to ordering products and arranging installations.

No two days will ever be the same but by managing your own diary you can build a level of flexibility in to your working life.


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