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Company Overview

Really Awesome Coffee is the UK’s leading mobile coffee franchise, serving gourmet hot drinks and quality foodstuffs to customers at local businesses and events from our unique mobile cafes. With over 1.7bn cups of coffee sold each year in the UK, the coffee market is currently one of the most lucrative industries to be a part of. Enjoy the benefits of a booming market without the limitations of being tied to a physical location.

Franchise Overview

Really Awesome Coffee has a large nationwide network of mobile coffee franchises covering the UK, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

We currently have availability in most regions up and down the country.


Our Fast-Track Training & Launch Program is typically spread over 4-6 weeks and is designed to accelerate your business growth and provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge and information to ensure your franchise gets off the best possible start. Backed up with an assisted business launch, your dedicated Franchise Development Manager will cover everything from professional barista training to bookkeeping, sales & customer service to general business management. There is no need to have prior experience running a business or in the hospitality industry as our training and ongoing support will provide you with all the skills and knowledge required to run a successful mobile coffee business.

Assisted business launch – Your launch will be based in your area with your Franchise Development Manager plus an extra member of our specialised launch team who will supervise and assist the start-up and development of your daily coffee route. They will be on hand to help fast-track your franchise by guiding and offering expert knowledge on how to best conduct your business for success. With a wealth of experience our launch team will ensure that you have all the necessary information, skills and knowledge to hit-the-ground-running.

Your training package will also include:

– Dedicated franchise development manager (FDM)

– Franchise start-up pack worth over £5,000

– Assisted business launch with FDM

– Access to national suppliers

– Personal webpage, business email and social media profile with full training

– Fortnight and monthly follow up visits

Really Awesome Coffee

Daily Life of a franchisee

Really Awesome Coffee franchisees enjoy a healthywork-life balance typically working Monday to Friday. Franchisees are able given the flexibility to build a daily coffee round around their lifestyle.

Along with a daily coffee round, franchisees are able to gain additional income from optional weekend work. You can look forward using your Really Awesome Coffee van at a variety of occasions from festivals, community & sporting events, fetes, charity events and corporate bookings.

Philip Short

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you were doing prior to buying a franchise business? 

I’ve always worked in the hospitality industry from working in bars to managing coffee shops and pubs. Although I had that little bit of experience, the mobile coffee market was completely new to me.

Why did you go down the franchise route?  What made you choose the coffee industry? And why Really Awesome Coffee?

I chose the franchise route because of the support and knowledge Really Awesome Coffee bring to the table. I always wanted to run my own business but I wanted to hit the ground running instead of building completely from scratch, and in 8 weeks of trading I think I have. I chose the coffee industry because I’ve ran coffee shops in the past so I have that little bit of experience. I knew there was good margin in coffee plus I love to drink it myself.

How was the training and support that you received initially and ongoing?

The training was very good and the ongoing support is excellent. I worked with my Franchise Develop Manager who saw my through the whole process.

The training is tailored to your needs. For example, when I had my training I was still managing at the pub I was working at so I had to break my training up. I was also doing some night shifts after a full day of training at Head Office. It was a long week but all worth it in hindsight.

What is a typical day for you as a franchisee?

When I first get up I have to hook my van up to the mains and get set. I then cook my hot food in the pie heater. I check to make sure I have water, coffee and LPG gas, once sorted I set off to my first stop in Quinton.

I like to do my little ‘stay away’ rain dance. It makes my life a lot easier if it’s a dry day but even if it does decide to rain, the rear awning on the pull pulls out in seconds keeping me and my customers

What challenges have you faced?

It’s been ok actually, I would say maybe working out what stops are not working and cutting off stops. But the team at head office assist with this because the ePOS system tracks data so it can tell you exactly which ones are not worth your time, it’s fantastic and I’m learning to read the data myself.

Of course the training was a challenge for me only because I was still working while going through it. The guys were flexible and understood my situation and adapted to help me.

Has becoming a franchisee changed your life, if so how?

Yes, it most certainly. I have a lot more time at home now. Before I was working most weekends and most nights which weren’t great, especially when my girlfriend is a teacher so we were working opposite shifts. I now have a better work-life balance. Also working for your self is a big motivator.

What are your new customers like?

I have a lot of regular customers now. It always makes them feel special when you start making their drink before they have even got to the van. They say “how do you remember?” and most of the time I say “lucky guess”, it always gets a laugh!

What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise? 

Make sure you do your research and ask as many questions as you can think of. I went to the Really Awesome Coffee discovery day evening so I was open to meet the team and get all the details in full in a non formal environment as such. I would recommend going to one 100%.

Also be prepared to work hard, it’s your own business so you have to but the rewards are there. It’s satisfying being your own boss.

In your opinion, what makes a successful Really Awesome Coffee franchisee? 

Firstly, hard work. Don’t let the quiet days get you down because that’s just the way any business goes, it always balances itself out. You also need to be good with people and have good personable skills because you’re dealing with the customers all day long.

What are your plans for the future with your business?

I am planning to develop the round and build it up with more sites. I also want to do more big events so I am currently applying for them. Who knows this time next year I’ll be a coffee millionaire (laughs).

Lisa Hughes

Before setting up my Really Awesome Coffee franchise I was an analytical chemist. I became bored of this and sought a change that would give me more of a work/life balance.

I felt fully equipped to 'hit the ground running' after my initial franchise set-up and training. The guys at head office have always been available to offer help and support to me when needed.

My working week consists of about 25 hours on the coffee van serving customers on my daily route and about the same at home running and managing other parts of the business. I really enjoy the rapport I have with my customers; I think that is the best part of the job for me - I love chatting to them!

The van always gets admiring glances and comments - people love the coffee van! The EPoS till system looks very professional and the rear awning is functional and encourages people to come out in all weathers.

It always makes me smile when people say my coffee is amazing - for me that is a real 'stand out' moment every time!

You need to do your research and put in hard work as with any business but it is all worthwhile.

Javed Zaidi

My professional background prior to setting up Really Awesome Coffee was marketing and sales within the food industry.

Getting started with Really Awesome Coffee was easy due to a proper execution of the franchise plan. Training was very comprehensive which included professional barista training and complete van operation. The team at head office are always available and very flexible and adaptable with the support, they are always just one phone call away.

My daily trade consists of 5‐7 hours and 1‐2 hours at home for preparation. I love that customers wait for you instead of you waiting for customers. I receive quick feedback from my products and services so I can make improvements on daily basis. My customers are like my business partners, they are suggestive, interactive, supportive and genuinely want my business to grow unlike high street businesses.

The response to my service is always encouraging especially in my area, people appreciate the idea and its presentation. The van features such as the EPoS and the awning certainly makes a lot difference to help provide a good service comfortably.

I am working on further expansion and developing more routes for my coffee round and with the support from Really Awesome Coffee I will be able to achieve this in the near future.

Ian, Hemel Hempstead

Really Awesome Coffee, the UK’s leading mobile cafe franchise has arrived in the wonderful town of Hemel Hempstead. Ian joined the franchise network in August after attending one of the franchise discovery days held at the Coventry headquarters.

“I wanted to run my own business, but with the support of a successful business model and the expertise to help make it possible. After doing my research, Really Awesome Coffee had all of the qualities I was looking for.  The discovery day clearly explained the daily life of a Really Awesome Coffee franchisee, gave in depth details and gave me the chance to meet an existing franchisee as well as the head office team.”

Prior to the launch, Ian when through the Fast-Track Training & Launch Program which ensured he was equipped with all of the knowledge, skills and information able to successfully run his franchise. The program is designed to get franchisees off to a flying start, which includes professional barista training, assisted business launch plus much more.

“The training covered everything required in terms of the practical and theoretical. The set up support and ongoing support ensured the business launch was successful. I felt at ease throughout the process.”

In the second week of September, Ian and the franchise development team launched his franchise to the people of Hemel Hempstead. His business received a warm welcome and glowing review from his customers who he visits every day on his daily coffee round.

“My customers are fantastic; there is great mixture of personalities, interests and experiences within my customer base. They all like to share different things with me which always keeps the day interesting!”

“I am looking forward to working with them so they can help my business grow. I enjoy hearing more and more compliments about the coffee I serve and the service I provide.  Both give me the job satisfaction I wanted”.

Ian is currently outperforming his initial set goals with his franchise and on track to smash his annual targets. His focus and determination backed with the support of Really Awesome Coffee has created a great recipe for success.

Elvis Carvalho

Before setting up my Really Awesome Coffee franchise I served in the Royal Navy for 27 years and left as a Warrant Officer.

Getting started with my franchise was relatively straight forward. The hands on experience on the head quarters van was essential and very good. Also getting hold of someone at head office for support is very easy.

I trade from 07.50am – 2.00pm which is approximately 30hrs per week. I enjoy talking to customers, developing new products, being outside getting fresh air and the natural exercise the franchise brings. I have a great relationship with my regular customers especially the first two/three hours of my round, these are mainly office and industrial stops.

The feedback I have received has been very positive for the drinks and sandwiches. The van design is great and the awning is invaluable. I love the EPoS Touch Screen Till System, I would have definitely upgraded even if it was not standard.

My future plans for my business are to further develop my daily route to maximise Monday to Friday profit and then conduct small community events.

Andy Baxter

My employment background lies within pensions management and previously to setting up with Really Awesome Coffee I didn't even know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino!

The support and training provided to me during set-up of my franchise was excellent. Every time I needed to contact head office for help the response was (and still continues to be) 'awesome'.

I trade for approximately 7 hours a day on my daily route and between April and November I attend local car boot sales where I trade for about 5 hours a day at the weekend. I love working for myself and take great satisfaction from hearing customer compliments on both my van and the coffee that I serve. There are also plenty of laughs to be had with my customers!

It was the best feeling the first day I hit my profit target and also it is great knowing that after the initial hard work I now have lots of frequently busy coffee stops on my round!

If you think it might be for you then I would say be prepared to work hard and keep at it. By continually evolving your business and putting in the hours you will see the fruits of your labour. I have recently increased my profits significanlty by actively seeking to make positive changes.

A massive thanks has to go to the Really Awesome Coffee team, any initial doubts I had about being able to earn a living from this are no more. I am really pleased with how the business has developed and can honestly say I feel like I have built a successful business using this already successful model.


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