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Membership History

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Joined 2002
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Company Overview

Revive! operates in both a business to business environment and directly with the general public. Our franchisees run large territories and manage their own team of skilled technicians who repair damage to car paintwork including bumper scuffs, minor chips and the refurbishment of alloy wheels.

We work closely with national and local dealership groups; fleet, lease and insurance companies, as well as offering great service to the general public, demonstrated by our excellent 5* Trustpilot rating.

With more than 50% of UK cars having damage to bodywork or alloys, demand for our service is considerable – and rising

Franchise Overview

Our MD founded the business back in 1994 and we’ve been franchising since 2004. We have 60 franchisees, as well as operating our own company owned team of technicians. We have more than 180 Revive! vans on the road.

Guidance and support throughout your business journey is provided by our passionate ‘dream team’, assembled over the years from the best in the franchise industry. We help you attract, train and retain the best technicians and build a core base of regular local work, supplemented by our rapidly growing national accounts programme.

Our bespoke business management system helps you run your business effectively and drive profitability while driving sales. In 2018, we won the bfa HSBC Franchise Support award, demonstrating the quality of our support.


Initial training for new franchisees takes place at Head Office, covering all aspects of the business.  Induction and training for the first members of the new franchisee’s team is also included.

Our extensive ongoing training programme includes a wide range of business training workshops and masterclasses including sales, financials, leadership and people-management, as well as on-going courses for technicians at our IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) accredited training centre.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Our franchisees manage teams of skilled technicians, providing repairs to trade dealerships, the general public and our extensive national accounts programme which includes fleet, insurance and national dealer work.

You won’t be painting cars yourself, nor do you need experience in the auto industry; it’s your people skills, ambition and drive that are all-important. We’ll help you attract high-quality technicians, with accredited training programmes that help you retain them too.

Nathan Holmes

Owners of Revive!  East Anglia Nathan Holmes, Adam Holmes and Andrew Blackhurst beat off stiff competition from over 20 other finalists including McDonald’s and O2 to win the Customer Service of the Year Award and be named Franchisee of the Year 2016 at the prestigious bfa HSBC Franchisee Awards. The overall winner is chosen from the finalists of the six award categories.

Nathan Holmes started Revive! Cambridge in 2007. He’d been working as a utility meter reader and was ready for a change. It was time for him to be his own boss and as a car enthusiast the Revive! opportunity seemed to be the perfect choice. After training at head office he took to the road and picked up dealership business in the very first week.

Looking to expand Revive! Cambridge further in 2012, ambitious Nathan offered Andy and Adam the opportunity to buy into the business.

Andy was his first employee and Adam Holmes a long-time friend. Although Adam and Nathan share the same surname and live in the same village they aren’t actually related, but they enjoy the fun when new customers and suppliers who haven’t yet met them in person try to work out their relationship. “I’ve even been asked if Adam is my son!” laughed Nathan.

Said Andy: “Working in the business I believed in what we were doing and could see for myself there was huge potential for growth. I knew Nathan very well and was confident in his ambition to expand the business. I didn’t have to think very long before deciding to take up the chance to own part of this exciting franchise.

“I was fortunate in being able to borrow the necessary finance from my Mum and Dad and become a business owner at just 26.”

For Adam it was a choice between climbing the promotion ladder at British Gas or taking advantage of the redundancy scheme on offer at the company.

He explained: “Although I was enjoying working at British Gas, the option of redundancy was on the table so I took it.

“I started as an apprentice and had worked my way up to being a technical manager. I am sure my own future with British Gas would have been good, but I decided I didn’t want to work under the constant threat of redundancy,” he said.

“The opportunity to be part of Revive! Cambridge and help grow a business in which we were in charge of our own destiny really appealed.”

Unlike many other mobile automotive franchises, the Revive! model is designed to help franchisees build a multi-van business working on the business not in it. With their sights set firmly on expansion over the trio went on to buy a further four neighbouring Revive! territories to create Revive! East Anglia and opened a static workshop within the EMG Group dealership’s Cambridge site in 2015.

Today the business that general manager Nathan Holmes set up as one man and van employs 19 people and operates 11 mobile vans. The directors have clearly defined roles and work together to plan future growth. Andy is technical director whilst Adam looks after business development and the mobile operation.

Standing still isn’t an option – they have ambitious plans to double the size of the business by 2020.

Said Nathan: “When I first set up the franchise I had ambitions to build a bigger business and now all those years later I am very proud of the successful, award winning business we have become.  We have built a great team here and the fact that we won the bfa HSBC Customer Service award is all down to teamwork. We all share a commitment to striving for excellence and as a result our customer retention rate is 95%.

“The support we have received from Revive! head office and the quality of training we have been able to access as part of the network have played a big part in helping us get to where we are now. Revive! is a fantastic brand and we’re proud to be part of it.”

Steve Thatcher

Revive! Portsmouth

For Steve Thatcher owner of Revive! Portsmouth, being in the position to offer employment and make a real difference to people’s lives has been an unexpected benefit of running his own business.
Steve Thatcher set up Revive! Portsmouth in 2004. He’d been working behind a desk in an IT role and at the time was looking for an opportunity to learn a new skill and get stuck into a hands-on business.
But as his workload increased, by 2010 Steve realised he had to add more vans and take on additional technicians to meet demand – and that was the point at which everything changed.

“We now have four mobile units with plans for more in the immediate future. We continue to strive to be the best mobile car body repairer in the area in terms of quality and customer service. Part of our ongoing success is down to the fantastic support given by all Head Office staff at Revive UK.”

“My lightbulb moment came after I closed a deal with a local dealership. I came out of the meeting buzzing and realised that winning business and growing my company was all I wanted to do.

“I discovered that I got a huge amount of pleasure from being able to change a person’s life for the better. All of my guys came to me with no skills and I have trained them from scratch. They now earn a lot more money and have better life as a result and that gives me a real sense of wellbeing.”

His aim is to double the size of the business within the next five years and is taking advantage of the business mentoring provided as part of the ongoing training and support provided by Revive!

Michal & Irmina Lepiarz

Revive! Basingstoke

Michal Lepiarz and his partner Irmina Kowalska opened Revive! Basingstoke in 2013. When he left Poland in 2006 to put his car painting skills to good use, he had no idea that in just a few short years he would be reunited with his childhood sweetheart and owning their own profitable business.

He explained: “I was surprised to learn that Irmina had also moved to the UK through a Polish social media website. The romance was rekindled and we realised that our goals and ambitions were very similar. We both wanted to make a success of our careers and after being together for a year or so we decided to set up in business together. Being so young, we had very little experience of how to run a business. Painting cars is my passion and all that I knew so we researched the options and Revive! stood out a mile.

We went down the franchise route as we were both under 30 with very little business experience it made sense to buy into a proven business modeI.  In our first month, our sales set a new record for Revive! that has yet to be beaten. Our turnover has trebled since we first started.’’

Revive! Basingstoke has a workshop in Knight Park Road and they also run a mobile repair service from its specialist vans. Irmina manages the administrative and sales side whereas Michal looks after the operational aspects and their two employees.

Continued Michal: “Whilst being my own boss wasn't something I ever considered in the early days, I have always had a drive to be the best at everything I do.’’

The couple’s aim is to build a bigger business. Their five-year plan shows Revive! Basingstoke having a total of three to four vans on the road and opening another workshop in Fleet to expand its services within that area.
At the Revive! 2019 Annual Conference, Michal and Irmina were presented with the Developer Gold Award as the best in their group of similar size franchisee businesses and they continue to head up the Revive! quarterly league tables for their category.

Anthony Wilcock

Revive! Sussex Coast

Anthony Wilcock owner of Revive Sussex Coast gave up a career in the city in 2012 to become his own boss. Now the former stockbroker has six vans on the road in his Revive! Sussex Coast territory and runs his own static site that he opened in 2018.

‘’One of the things that attracted me to the Revive! franchise was the quality of training and support provided by head office. Revive! has its own Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) accredited training centre and helped set the standards for the IMI qualification in SMART repair.’’

‘’I am committed to ensuring that all my technicians have the best possible training and attain the IMI. This qualification is still very rare within our industry and being able to tell customers that we are trained to such a high level definitely helps boost levels of customer confidence.’’

‘’Running a mobile vehicle repair business is a complete step-change from wealth management. From a physical point of view, it is certainly more demanding than stockbroking. But at the end of the day I get real satisfaction from seeing the results that our team here achieve. There is nothing like the independence of working for yourself.’’

Mike & Liz Haselden

Award Winning Husband and Wife Team at Revive! Chester

Running your own business with your partner is something many couples dream of but few can achieve.

For Mike and Liz Haselden,  Revive! has provided the opportunity to do just that.  Mike (41) bought Revive! Chester in 2005. He’d heard about the franchise’s business potential from a friend  who was already a Revive! franchisee and was looking for an opportunity to become his own boss and take control of his family’s future. In the early days Liz (40) worked part time in a marketing role helping Mike out in their home office with admin.

Very quickly Mike’s SMART repair service was in great demand from car dealerships and the general public and soon there weren’t enough hours in the day. Buoyed by his success, Mike realised that the way to go was to get more vans on the road and start employing technicians. That was when Liz really stepped up her involvement.

She explained: “My role with Revive! Chester had always been in a minor admin capacity, until Mike started to grow the company and ‘think big’. I’ve been able to act as a ‘sounding board’ and play devil’s advocate quite often.
“Although the admin role is still required of me, there are now more demands from an accounting point of view as well as purchasing, specifically where budget planning and strategic thinking is required. “

As a team Mike and Liz share the task of making big financial decisions and setting goals. Said Mike: “We find that discussing important things like the three-year plan and staffing requirements makes the task more manageable and meaningful. We work well together and there’s a huge sense of satisfaction looking back on how far we’ve come.”

The couple have won the Revive!  franchisee of the year award two years running.  They employ six technicians and run a fleet of six vans and are looking to expand their business even further by taking on the neighbouring territory of Wrexham and employing two more technicians.

With growth comes new challenges which is why Revive!’s head office business support team works closely with each franchisee on an ongoing basis to provide training, advice and mentoring.  Revive!’s comprehensive training programme is designed to meet the needs of the individual and the business at each stage from start up right the way up to running a million-pound business.

Stuart Brierley

Revive! Swindon

After 23 years as chef in the Royal Logistics Corps, Stuart was ready for a change and a new challenge.

From day one, he knew he wanted to build a business and now, not only does the owner of Revive! Swindon have a fleet of mobile vans; he has a workshop and has expanded his business into the Chippenham territory.

“Having the opportunity to grow a business was one of the main reasons I chose Revive! They actively encourage and train you to expand and transition to become a business leader.’’

As his business grew, in 2018, Stuart decided the time was right to open a workshop to meet the increasing demand for Revive! Swindon’s services from national account, dealership and retail customers. Now his technicians can work under cover in all weathers and carry out slightly larger repairs in a unit located in a thriving industrial estate in West Swindon.

It’s important to Stuart that his staff share his commitment to quality of work and customer service. His management style is all about leading by example and he is happy to roll up his sleeves and help during busy times.

“Celebrating our success but also learning from our errors has made us stronger. The team at Revive! Swindon are a competitive bunch and are driven to exceed the previous months’ results not only because they can achieve bonus, but they can also see the opportunity growth provides in terms of investment.”

There’s no limit to Stuart’s ambition. He plans to increase the range of services offered to dealership customers with the addition of a specialist wheel van.

Looking longer term he is looking to grow his business in his newly purchased territory, Chippenham and provide career development opportunities for his team members.

“We’ve got a brilliant Revive! team both here and at head office and I believe that there is nothing we can’t achieve together.”

Jonny Pearson

Revive! Edinburgh

Fatherhood and fate led Jonny Pearson to Revive!

No stranger to franchising, the 47-year-old was previously group sales manager for the énergie Group fitness franchise and set up the company’s first club in Poland before co-founding another successful polish fitness brand, Vitality Boutique Fitness.

But then his daughter was born and he realised that he was spending so much time commuting to Poland he was missing her growing up. And with a second child on the way he decided that it was time to take control of his own destiny, return to Scotland full time and look for a franchise opportunity where he could be his own boss.

Working within the franchise industry he had been aware of Revive! for several years, and one day was sitting in his brother’s house flicking through a franchise magazine when he saw a Revive! van parked right outside on a neighbour’s drive!

Soon after he happened to see Revive!’s high ranking in the Elite league table of franchises and decided that the coincidences were too great – he had to find out how to own a Revive! territory.

Said Jonny: “As I went through the interview process my opinion of Revive! just got higher and higher.  I gave up my operational role in Vitality Boutique Fitness as I realised that to be a Revive! franchisee you have to be 100% focussed.  I was delighted to be offered the Edinburgh franchise and I have continued to be impressed by the franchisor’s head office team ever since.

“In my opinion the training and support Revive! offers are unique to the franchising industry.  I had four weeks of intensive training that was tailored specifically to me and my own level of learning. But it didn’t stop there. Most franchisors leave you very much alone when you get into your territory but not Revive!  Whenever I need advice my telephone call is returned almost immediately, and my head office operations support manager keeps in regular touch to mentor me and make sure everything is OK. There’s a real family feel to Revive! and I’m really enjoying being part of it.”

Graham Cunningham

Revive! Leeds

Revive!’s newest franchisee is embarking on his fourth major career change at an age when many people are looking forward to retirement!

Graham Cunningham began his working life as a policeman in Derbyshire before leaving the force to take on the Lada and Proton dealership in Halifax.  When the manufacturer pulled out of the UK Graham re-trained to be a naturopath therapist specialising in NLP, Hypnotherapy and reflexology.

But after ten years he missed the buzz of the motor trade and returned to his first love, car sales taking on senior roles at dealerships in Yorkshire.
Looking ahead at retirement and facing a pension shortfall, Graham decided the time was right to set up his own business to secure his longer term financial future.  He knew exactly what he wanted to do – go into smart repair – so he began looking into the options.

Explained Graham: “In theory I knew enough people in the bodyshop business to go it alone by spending a few months learning how to do smart repairs, buy a van and get on the road myself. But I wouldn’t be getting a proven business model nor the kudos of a well-respected UK – wide brand backed up by award winning head office business support.

“Whilst I was training at the Revive! academy, the Revive! telemarketing team was busy setting up appointments for me with dealerships in my territory, so as soon as I begin trading I can hit the ground running. No way would I have had that if I had decided to go down the diy route.”

Choosing the right franchise was easy too. He continued: “Revive! just stood out head and shoulders above everybody else. I liked the one to one approach and that personalised attention has continued throughout every aspect of my recruitment and training,” he continued. “The training was tailored to suit my own learning styles and whilst I found it challenging and felt pushed at one point, I realised just how much I had learned and how far I had come.”

“Like so many people of my generation I was a victim of the financial services crash of the 1990s when my pension fund failed.  I have to keep working to maintain the lifestyle I enjoy and building a successful and profitable Revive!  business means that I can build a stable financial future for me and my family beyond retirement. “


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