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Membership History

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Joined 2010

Company Overview

Rosemary Bookkeeping offer bookkeeping services to ALL small businesses and accountants.

As an accredited member of the bfa and having recently been acquired by well-known franchisor and fellow bfa member, ServiceMaster – who have almost 60 years’ experience in franchising, Rosemary Bookkeeping are a franchise opportunity to be seriously considered when looking for a franchisor to partner up with.

Did you know that by law, all businesses in the UK are required to keep records of their transactions which are later used by an accountant to file for tax and often VAT?

Our bookkeeping solution gives business owners their precious time back to focus on growing their business, rather than doing their books.

Rosemary can work with businesses in all sectors and from a sole trader to a ltd company. We can help all businesses relieve some pressure and time by offering our intelligent bookkeeping service to them.

Based on our average client value across the network, just 34 clients can generate a Rosemary business owner a turnover of £100,000.

Why Choose Rosemary Bookkeeping?

We understand that it can be difficult when choosing a franchisor to work with. You may have already chosen an industry, a trade or a solution and be looking for a franchisor for a ‘best fit’. Interestingly, many of our franchisees didn’t actually choose bookkeeping before their franchise journey, they chose us as a franchisor to work with.

We like to fill our prospective business owners with confidence when making this decision as ServiceMaster have been franchising for almost 60 years and have over 700 franchised units across the UK.

As a Rosemary franchisee you can benefit from the following:

  • No experience is necessary! Full training is provided (read more below)
  • Flexibility – you can work from home and choose the hours to suit you
  • Enjoy up to 50% profit margins and recurring income
  • Low set up costs
  • Proven money-making model – Rosemary’s unique and methodical process of bookkeeping
  • Recognised brand and unique Rosemary territory
  • Support from a team of qualified franchise professionals – Operations, Marketing, HR, IT…
  • Established franchise network for advice & support
  • Website, Marketing & PR launch
  • Franchise Support Centre – a team of over 50 individuals dedicated to supporting all of our franchised businesses and national customers

Franchise Overview

The Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise is based on a successful bookkeeping business which was established in 2002. There is a growing national network of established Rosemary Bookkeeping franchisees in the UK, delivering an intelligent bookkeeping service to SMEs and accountants ensuring a consistency of delivery and high-quality work.


We are proud to offer unrivalled training to share with our newest franchisees the unique methodical process of Rosemary Bookkeeping but also the more practical business tools needed when starting your own franchised business.

Comprehensive training:

– How to set up and run your business

– How to find and keep clients

– Tailored marketing and business launch programme

– Business development and sales techniques

– Induction into Rosemary’s buddy system

– Compliance and legislation

Comprehensive launch programme:

– Marketing and sales

– Operations

– Business development

– Bookkeeping

1:1 training

The Rosemary System:

– Marketing launch campaign

– Concise operations manuals

– Professional designed marketing collateral

Our franchisees are never alone. With a dedicated support team of over 50 individuals at the ServiceMaster Franchise Support Centre, there is always help at hand. Not to mention our existing Rosemary Franchisees who are always pleased to provide support, advice and guidance to their peers.

Daily Life of a franchisee

Dependent on whether you are running the franchise management-style or as a single operator, you will be dealing with a mixture of internal and external marketing, meeting clients, networking and bookkeeping to deliver an excellent service to your clients.

Steve Brown and TJ Sutherland

After retiring in August 2009 and project managing his daughter TJ’s wedding in June 2010, Steve was looking for something else to do to fill his time. Steve has worked for blue-chip IT companies for a number of years and TJ is an experienced senior IT recruitment consultant. She also has bookkeeping qualifications and experience in customer service. Steve and TJ decided to combine their skills in order to run their own Rosemary franchise and offer their customers the best possible service.

How Steve and TJ got involved with Rosemary Bookkeeping:
“I attended a franchise exhibition where I met Lisa and Claire, who represented Rosemary. I was impressed by their enthusiasm and I mentioned to TJ that I had come across a franchise opportunity that would suit both of us,” explains Steve.

Steve and TJ decided to join Rosemary together because it fulfilled the criteria that they were looking for. “We are able to work part-time, work from home and we discovered early on that we could achieve repeat business,” Steve adds.

Steve and TJ’s secrets to success...
“Two years on and we’ve built the business to cover TWO franchise territories! We love the challenge of building this business in a market place that continues to grow. We currently have 17 clients and are flat-out busy with 2 bookkeepers working with us to undertake some of the client work,” explains TJ.

What Joanna Dennis, franchise development director of Rosemary Bookkeeping, says:
“Steve and TJ bring commercial acumen to their bookkeeping business. Both highly experienced and totally proficient, Steve, TJ and their team intelligently process the work, undertake regular networking events to attract new clients and seem to act as a magnet for new business enquiries!”

UPDATE: March 2015

TJ and Steve have achieved big things: for four consecutive months the pair saw a healthy 15% growth. TJ and Steve have been running their Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise for over four years now and to be achieving growth as they are is a testament to the hard work that they put into their business on a daily basis.

It is important to acknowledge that TJ and Steve have managed to sustain this growth under difficult family circumstances. Steve’s wife, TJ’s mother, has been seriously ill over the last few months and Steve has had to take over the running of the house, care for his wife and run the business – they even took on four new clients in this time. That makes their success even more astonishing!

The pair have been flat-out busy for the last couple of months but their hard work is really starting to pay off for them. Their client acquisition is growing month-on-month and they don’t have any plans to slow down yet.

“In November last year, we took on two new members of staff, Bianca and Adam. Adam is a graduate and in the beginning we had to put a lot of time and effort into training them both up. However, that time and effort is starting to pay off now and it has freed up my time so that I can concentrate on going out and bringing in new business,” explains TJ.

“We all work really hard as a team and we’ve been getting a lot of enquiries through our website. We’re also starting to promote our business on Twitter and Facebook to really get our name out there. We’ve been running for four and a half years now so we’re starting to take on bigger clients and getting much more recognition in the marketplace because of this,” adds Steve.

“This growth is really exciting for us and we want to carry on growing in the same way. We’ve got no reason to stop! We can just keep on taking on more members of staff and we want to eventually double our turnover,” adds TJ.

Goska Dabrowski

Why I joined Rosemary Bookkeeping
My husband was visiting the UK from South Africa, in early 2015, looking for a business opportunity and saw an article featuring Rosemary Bookkeeping in a franchise magazine. As I have a background as a bookkeeper and we were looking to relocate our young family to the UK, Rosemary was an ideal business opportunity that I could build to support my family.

Being a bookkeeper my dream was always to have my own business and now it’s a reality. Once I had read the article I knew that this was the perfect opportunity for me and although it took time for us to relocate to the UK as soon as I was able I began researching Rosemary Bookkeeping and undertaking my due diligence.

My secrets to success...
Having 14 years’ bookkeeping experience, I hope to be able to impart this knowledge onto my clients to support them to focus on their running their business. The feedback I received from the Rosemary franchisees has extended my confidence to face any challenge I meet whilst launching my business.

Joanna Dennis, franchise development director of Rosemary Bookkeeping, says:
“We are delighted that Goska has joined the Rosemary family of Franchise Partners. As a very experienced bookkeeper, her friendly approach will be something clients will really appreciate. We are looking forward to support her achieving her business goals.”

Caroline O'Brien

After studying modern languages at Leeds University, Caroline trained as a chartered accountant. She has had experience of having lived, studied and worked in many European countries over the last 30 years. Caroline had reached such a point in her career that she was looking for her next challenge and decided that working for herself was the answer as she wanted something that she was in complete control of.

Caroline lives in Coventry with her partner and is looking forward to delivering exceptional bookkeeping services to her clients, forming strong relationships with accountancy practices and networking within the community.

How Caroline got involved in Rosemary Bookkeeping
When visiting the National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC in October 2012, and having already heard of Rosemary Bookkeeping, she met with members of the Rosemary team on the stand. The prospectus provided and the credentials of the management team made her realise that this was something she needed to pursue further.After attending a Founders Meeting at Rosemary HQ she spoke to some existing franchisees who provided positive feedback - affirming to Caroline that Rosemary was for her.

Caroline’s secrets to success:
“If you are looking to buy into the franchise, take the leap as you may look back and regret not making that decision. The experiences I have had with Rosemary so far have been very positive and professional and therefore I recommend that you explore this option.

“Thank you for being extremely welcoming and positive towards me at my recent training week and I am so much looking forward to getting stuck in and building up a successful business.”

What Joanna Dennis, franchise development director of Rosemary Bookkeeping, says:
“We are delighted that Caroline has joined the Rosemary family of franchise partners. Already we can see that she is an extremely conscientious bookkeeper and her friendly approach will be something clients will really appreciate. We are looking forward to support her achieving her business goals.”

Carol Bridgman, Cirencester

Carol Bridgman has found her niche as a Rosemary Bookkeeping franchisee after many years working as management accountant.

Carol had always worked with numbers but found that her current, inflexible, working structure was hindering her work/life balance and began searching for alternatives.  “Working for myself excites me, I want to be in charge of my own destiny so that the rewards I receive will be linked exactly to the amount of effort I put in”.

How Carol got involved with Rosemary Bookkeeping
Having decided to begin searching for other working options to the normal 9-5 routine, I found Rosemary Bookkeeping.  I had never realised that this option was available and with my accounts background this seemed ideal.  I attended a Discovery Day and met the Rosemary team all my questions were answered and after discussions with my husband decided that this was the right options for me”.

Carol’s secrets to success...
I love meeting new people, finding out about them and their circumstances so I can’t wait to get out there.  I fully understand the benefit of offering bookkeeping services to free up business owners time so that they can concentrate on their business and I can provide them with an organised and efficient bookkeeping service”.

Joanna Dennis, franchise development director of Rosemary Bookkeeping says:
We are delighted that Carol has become a franchisee – she is diligent, trustworthy and we are confident that with the support of the whole Rosemary team and Carol’s fantastic work ethic that she will achieve her goals”.


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