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Company Overview

Shuttercraft is a management franchise, specialising in installing high-quality shutters and blinds which add class and practical beauty to customers’ homes. With the most extensive range currently available on the market, Shuttercraft prides itself on a high level of customer service from start to finish – a combination which has led to its exceptionally high level of 5 star ratings on Trustpilot.

Franchise Overview

Franchised in 2012, but based on a business model established in 2002, the Shuttercraft franchise is a market leader in an industry worth an estimated £1.52billion in 2019, and shows every sign of continuing to grow. Our proven business model is based on a foundation of trust and expertise, and our goal is to help passionate and dedicated individuals, like you, build a business to be proud of.

Shuttercraft’s franchisees continue to grow from success to success, with an impressive 35% growth per annum for the last eight years. This is an attractive investment for anyone wanting to start their own successful and rewarding business in a booming UK market.


If you’re thinking of joining us, you do not need any experience in the industry to benefit from our franchise opportunity.

Because we understand the market like no one else, we deliver a through and a comprehensive training programme which will give you all the skills and tools you’ll need to launch your own business. This includes full sales and customer service training, a complete grounding in how to use all our in-house CRM and POS systems, and a detailed sales analysis and plan for your new territory.

You’ll become part of a successful network of franchise partners, benefiting from all the expertise and support our Head Office team offers, including a dedicated business manager and franchisee mentor.

Daily Life of a franchisee

This is a management franchise, so you’ll have the option to work as part of an installation team, or hire more experienced personnel to carry out the work for you, whilst you manage customer relationships and grow your business. Franchisees are be responsible for the day-to-day management of their business operations, as well as recruiting a team.

A typical day involves interacting directly with customers, helping them to find the right solution for their home. When you join the network, not only will you receive samples of the products you’ll sell, but we’ll give you the confidence to talk to customers, as you travel around your territory to carry out site surveys and fittings.


Next Step

If you’re ready to build the future you’ve always aspired to, and a business you’ll be proud of, please contact us for further information.

From Royal Navy Diver to Business Driver...


After 11 years in the Royal Navy - Nigel was ready to own something for himself where he could maximise his own potential and enjoy being his own boss around his young family.

“I felt very comfortable at the outset. I believe the shutter market has a huge potential and is still very much in its infancy within the UK, so plenty of room for growth.”

“Training has been really good. Shuttercraft are well organised and the much-needed support is there for me to utilise, as and when I need to. Starting any new business is a huge challenge and, in all honesty, all of it has been a challenge. I’m still in the throes of establishing elements of the business, but the right support is always available.

“I raised the finances via my own personal savings and a bank loan, but I’ve also secured an overdraft facility with NatWest to ensure a very healthy, and positive, cash flow.”

Like any business you will experience highs and lows: “Just seeing all of the elements starting to come together, from the initial setup, to where I am now has been incredible. We still have a way to go, but the initial signs are good - plus I have already hit my half-year sales forecast within four months!”

“I would like to expand on what’s been initially achieved and drive my part of this business forward.” If you are considering buying a franchise, Nigel suggests you do thorough research “Do what I did and research, research, research. Most people have transferable skills so you don’t necessarily have to look within your comfort zone/background.”

From Franchise Marketeer to Shutter Pioneer...


After 19 years spent in a variety of Sales & Marketing roles and having held Board level positions at two large franchise organisations, Charlie joined the franchising world as Shuttercraft Nottingham.

“Franchising offered me a fast-track back into self-employment, accelerating my learning as I entered a new sector and providing an established brand to build on.”

“The meetings with Shuttercraft head office gave me confidence that the market was there to build a successful business and that the support network would ensure I could deliver market-leading levels of service and value in my area. I was also going to be part of Shuttercraft’s pioneering management franchise model which is a first in this sector. This appealed greatly as it offered me the ability to scale the business quickly and efficiently.”

“I had the funds to finance the franchise personally, but I chose to use a business loan for approximately 40% of the initial set-up costs and cash-flow requirements so that my personal finances remained in good shape. This approach has been a good one as it reduces the financial stress levels knowing that there is a safety fund there if needed.”

You can be your own boss with the support of an established franchisor like Charlie has discovered: “My biggest ‘highs’ are definitely on the day of fitting when the customer sees the shutters in place for the first time – I have already had several customers shed tears of joy! I have fitters working for me, but the plan is to employ additional salespeople and surveyors too so that we can grow the business and give the people of Nottingham the beautiful shutters they deserve.”

If you are considering buying a franchise, Charlie suggests you do thorough research: “Research, motivation, dedication and more research. There are free resources to help you understand more about your options and to match your skill sets to different opportunities. Take your time to make the right decision as it is an important one.”


Northampton/Kettering Areas

Active since 2013, the Northampton/Kettering territory area is well established with over half its household demographics in the ABC1 social grade*, the most suitable for shutter sales. From Oakham through to Brackley, and covering the popular Market Harborough area, the territory is based on household volume to allow for growth and development within the territory via building a strong team to cover the key areas.

Price given upon enquiry (**recently reduced**).

Contact us to find out more >> https://www.shuttercraft-franchise.co.uk/contact-us/

*Correct at time of publishing

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